Pat Green - I Love This Bar Lyrics

We got winners.
We got losers.
Chain smokers and boozers.
We got yuppies, we got bikers
We got..thirsty hitch-hikers.
And the girls next door dress up like movie stars.
Mmmhmmmhmmmhmm I love this bar.

We got cowboys, we got truckers.
Broken hearted fools and suckers.
N' we got hustlers, we got fighters.
Early birds and all nighters.
And the veterans talk about their battle scars.
Mmmhmmmhmmmhmm I love this bar.

I love this bar. It's my kind-a place.
Just walk through the front door puts a smile on my face.
It ain't too far, come as you are.
Mmmhmmmhmmmhmm I love this bar.

I've seen short skirts, we got high-techs.
Blue collared boys and rednecks.
N' we got lovers, lots-a lookers.
I've even seen dancin' girls and hookers.
And we like to drink our beer from a mason jar.
Mmmhmmmhmmmhmm I love this bar.

Yes I do.

I like my truck, I like my girlfriend.
I like to take her out to dinner.
I like a movie now and then.
But I loooove this bar, it's my kind-a place.
Just toein' round the dance floor puts a big smile on my face.
No cover charge.
Come as you are.
Mmmhmmmhmmmhmm I love this bar.

Mmmhmmmhmmmhmm I just love this ole' bar.

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Pat Green I Love This Bar Comments
  1. Toni House

    Doesn’t get any better thenToby.

  2. Jefg Lemonds


  3. jaka mele

    December 17, 2019

  4. H M

    I could listen to the part where he hums right before saying I love this bar 5,000 times consecutively.


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  6. 6 rings to rule them all

    RIP Uncle Dick

  7. Sean Douglas

    Wtf is this recommendation

  8. Gabriella Gaby

    December 14, 2019

  9. Hobott

    3:07 - "l like my truck"... Coming soon: "l like my Cybertruck".

  10. Lisa Sweeney

    I love this bar ( my house ) ;) <3

  11. jafet suh

    Veo a muchos pendejos

  12. Chris Brown

    Reminds me of my bar in Scotland Glasgow except there is people getting shot and stabbed and wee still live that bar 😂

  13. nhlombardi

    you know this is a music video cuz the yuppy isn't yelling my dad lawsuit lawsuit

  14. edibleg

    Come as you are better late than never.

  15. Jessie Blanton


  16. jason jlas

    This is why they emphasize the importance of a high school education

  17. Shea Polk

    Crazy how this song came out 13 or 14 yrs ago..I was living in Southport, Fl at the time remembering watching this video on time flies..

  18. olga bridgewater

    Came across the clip of you, Toby singing on the, Touched by an Angel" tv show. I've got that whole episode on VHS & about 50 other VHS tapes, l recorded of you during the first 10 yrs. of your career. 1993-2003. Tks for all the memories & all your good music. I love, "my Toby," May God bless you always and you keep writing those good songs.

  19. OGYG

    I wonder how many bar fights Toby has gotten into like serious i'm curious how many people he has put in the hospital lol

    T Toes McGee

    I Love Toby 👍❣️😎💨 CHEER'S 🍺 🍻 ✌️🤠 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🗽

  20. alex ramos

    My anthem 😜🥳

  21. jeremiah hale

    what the cluck is the bar he talking about guess I need to get out of idaho

    Voo Doo

    The bar Toby is in is the 'Cowboy Palace Saloon' in California.

  22. dan 03sv

    I love this bar!!!! Arizona denim and diamonds!!!

  23. Boris Carrasco

    Хорошая песня. Но у нас таких баров нет.

  24. Justin matthews martin

    Guys we need more people start being drunk at a bar but not when you're driving

  25. Benjamin Trif

    Give a like if your at your local favorite bat tonight!

  26. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    A Classic Theme Song"" for every Bar "" a Legend Toby is "" 💘💘😄😄

  27. Jarod Farrant

    I’ll work hard to not become “that guy” I’ll beat myself up if I ever dressed like that

  28. Jacob Wagner

    toby keith 2009: I love drinking from a mason jar
    toby keith 2011:U dont have testicles if u drink from glass red solo cup

    Dale Sajdak

    Jacob Wagner i was just about to say that. Ah, screw it, mine is different enough. Good post.

  29. ปรีชา ศรีบัวโรย

    Linken park and jay z 99 reasons

  30. Doug Raddi

    2:31 real hillbilly

  31. Timothy Peck

    The first thing I did when me and my "girl", we been dating for 45 years, married 41 of em, bought our peice of The Good Lord's Earth, I built a bar in our basement! "The Broken Oak Pub" ! I work hard at what I do! She does too! At the end of the week, it's a great place to have a beer and say, "Thank God for our jobs, thank God for our home, our land and family! "Thank God for The USA!" I love my bar!!!!!!

  32. shannon Burke

    your liberal ads keep me from hitting the subscribe button

  33. C S

    Who else watching in 2060

  34. Christian Trostle

    Im not into country but toby keith will always be my favorite😂

  35. Ascetic One

    Country Music Sucks

  36. Stephen Lighty

    See you Saturday 1000an

  37. Stephen Lighty

    Tomorrow's meeting

    Stephen Lighty

    Tomorrow's meeting 880

  38. Jeramie Oakley

    Ole just in ole jim jack jolly trolley huh 🌲👁️🌲👁️🌲👁️🏍️🚧🏍️

  39. Jeramie Tripp

    Its alcohol an deer inspection day👾🌲📐📜👾🌲📐📜📫🌲🎃🚜🚚🚛🚛🚛🚂🌲👾📐🖍📜📫🎈🎶🚩🎇🗽🎆

  40. burgerboy does some shit

    And I hate that bar

  41. Jeramie Tripp

    Oh thaz steven charred👾🌲📐🖍🚜🚛🚛🚛🌲📜📫👾🌲

  42. Allysa W

    Love this song!!!

  43. La familia Guzmán

    I’m a rap type and Mexican oldies but yoo this shit her home boyyy this here goes hard love it hahah love this fucking only and one of kind mf

  44. Henelyne Mossilet

    no one can beat country music..

  45. Left Field Farm

    Heroes get remembered *cough luke bryan* but Legends Never Die

  46. Gleydson Grisi

    Why do they throw bottles all the time?

  47. Jeramie Tripp

    All these refugees 1942 to vietnam

  48. G dash

    Seriously since i leave culture duplicate from japn,,​use hakama and karate and kendo style nobody look even weird wearing outside japan,,,​when i decide​ change​ cowboy culture and style,,​wow it's amazing many people speak with me,,​hey cowboyyyy hahaha

  49. *&* Frisk *&*

    My sister was born on june 16, 2009. And this Music Video was made in june 16, 2009

  50. cobra Southard

    This was back when country music was country music still

    Andrej Jerman

    >he thinks anything after Nashville sound took over is "real country" yeah keep telling yourself that bud. Real country died with Johnny Horton. This is pop-country at best. Good pop-country but still.

    cobra Southard

    @Andrej Jerman that's your opinion opinions are like testicles if you kick them no matter how many you got

  51. i69whitey

    That Ain't No Gol Dang Hank William Song!!!!

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  53. Vogelfrau 242

    Reminds me to the film 'Coyote ugly'.

  54. Jake Zywek

    Was the guy in the start supposed to be a Yankee, acting arrogant in a Southern Bar? He sounded like he had a Boston accent.

  55. Gavin Urie

    The big man himself Toby 'Chief Chieftan' Keith!!!..... When's his next album comin' out???.... Great classic song.... Shelf life should last as long as the Canon itself lasts - Western Canon....Music shouldn't change so much that for the grandsons ears this would be like unto great albums to there ears. The music is comin' from one of the coolest men out there.... Patriarch of Texas!!!!!!

  56. معتز بحراوي

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  57. Debrah Hartmann

    You looked like you were having fun doing this song. Hilarious. Great song

  58. Jeramie Tripp

    Buy my pony tail at lonna kays salon $420k locks of love

  59. Linda Berg

    This is my fave Toby Keith song & video, bar none!

  60. Itegi Naff

    I love this bar, end of 2019

  61. اسية كلياني

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  62. JackLovesTSs

    I love the brunette in the cow-print top to whom the hitch-hiker shows the head.

  63. Tyler Robinson

    Currently drunk listening to this lamp

  64. الحب القاتل

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  65. OWS Crazy1

    He looks a lot like Ed bassmaster

  66. Brandon Gower

    Nobody will believe me when I say how I first found/heard this song, and no it wasn't from Youtube

    Peter Fellner

    Brandon Gower Tell us :-)

    Brandon Gower

    @Peter Fellner I played an Amnesia custom story that had a phonograph in a 1800s Hotel Bar that you wind up to play this song

  67. andyzanzibar

    Anyone else notice the guy trying to impress the hot girl with a severed head in a bag or did I imagine that? 2:42.

    CriZmiX storm

    andyzanzibar yes sir

  68. Bradley Blegen

    Listening 10-17-19, been at his bar n grill in las Vegas

    Strident Beef48

    No you haven't

  69. Harold Wagner

    Listen, I'm a rock and roll fan through and through, but this song is too good not to like! Just an innocent country & western song about a guy's favorite place to drink, very catchy, and the music video's funny too.

  70. Kaden Hunt

    Hi Toby wanna wear whiskey glasses hahaha Morgan wallen

  71. Natasha Mariscal

    Beautiful song

  72. Tyson Hoch

    This my favorite songs for me

  73. reynaldo carratala

    Jennifer no

  74. reynaldo carratala

    Jackie no

  75. reynaldo carratala

    Jay ver jennifer

  76. reynaldo carratala

    Iphone me

  77. Jeramie Tripp

    536 so back up before fema gives ya a label 4 breach of restricted area

  78. Steve Hill

    Thirsty Turtle, Huntsville, BAMA! YEAH!

  79. Ryan T

    Pretty serious bikers with some rad tattoos..🙄.

  80. Y N G D M N D

    I remember this song as a kid my dad loves singing it

  81. Newton alomar

    Kris Kristofferson says hello to all the fans of this douche.

  82. Tibor Tibi


  83. BLACK face Hardon

    I like to SMASH her now and again.😂😂😂😂

  84. Bluto Mosc

    minute 3.45. Thats DOLLEY PARTON on the right.

  85. Hope Wallace

    Love this guy and all he stands for!

  86. Carlos Augsuto

    I love this song !

  87. Chris Taylor

    This song sucks balls .

  88. Clever name here

    damn, the confederate flags really don't hold up in 2019 huh


    they hold up more than ever, cuckold!

    -a northerner

    Clever name here

    @boxing2012 you seem like a nice guy, totally not a racist or anything


    Listen to the song and not fucking argue


    @Clever name here thank you! someone gets it :)

  89. Alejandro Reyes

    2020 anyone

  90. Ernesto Vazquez

    Damn this mexican loves this bar 🌋

  91. RICK MAN

    Raulito Navaira @ :33, 😂

  92. Al B Sure

    Imagine the insanity if Garth sang Low places and Toby sang this back to back. World peace would ensue...

  93. Brett Unger

    Apparently California is the fifth biggest economy in the world....something I read...don’t really believe....

  94. nigel

    Who's the sexy ass girlfriend


    I love OUR Bars

  96. Elena Velasquez

    Te amooo elena velasquez

  97. Ronan Lagathu

    This is Americana 😀