Pat Green - Everclear Lyrics

Every day in lunch in high school and all my senior year
I'd drink my coca cola with a touch of Everclear
I never had to study math, science, or history
I'd have a chemical flash back to jog my memory

My junior year I swore I loved sweet Miss Sherri Ann
One night I put some Everclear in her Dr. Pepper can
Well I thought it'd make her easy
She took it pretty hard
I took her home and rang her doorbell left her lying in the yard

Tequila dries me out
Beer just makes me fat
Whiskey makes me nauseous
Now tell me who the hell needs that
So if youєre thinking about drinking
Well the answers crystal clear
It's the invisible, intoxicant
It's called Everclear

I remember my church picnic
In the spring of '89
Yeah they had four fresh watermelons
Sliced right off the vine
When they bowed their heads giving grace for the food
Hey I pulled out my bottle and I soaked them melons good
Well they never knew what hit em
When that potion went to work
They had grandmas doing back flips
Grandpas looking up their skirts
They were singing hallelujah and Willie Nelson songs
Preacher said it was the best dang picnic
That the Baptists had ever thrown

Tequila dries me out
Beer just makes me fat
Whiskey makes me nauseous
Now tell me who the hell needs that
So if youєre thinking about drinking
Well the answers crystal clear
It's the invisible, intoxicant
It's called Everclear

When I'm drinking Everclear
I think I'm king of this whole world
I'm bigger and badder than John Wayne
Cooler than Steve Earl
Until I wake up and I'm face down in the hall
Hey I'm completely naked for a reason I can't recall
Well I'm kinda sorta thinking that maybe I met chick
Cause there's perfume in the air
And there's lipstick on my neck
Well I hope that she was pretty
And I hope that she was kind
Enough to leave my clothes somewhere
They're easy to find

Tequila dries me out
Beer just makes me fat
Whiskey makes me nauseous
Now tell me who the hell needs that
So if youєre thinking about drinking
Well the answers crystal clear
It's the invisible, intoxicant
It's called Everclear

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Pat Green Everclear Comments

    reminds me when i mix tequila and diet coke 50/50 and drink it at school could not walk up the stairs but i havent got caught yet damn i love high school

  2. Jana Johnson

    Love to hear Roger Creager. He is awesome.

  3. Wyatt McQueen

    Lipstick on my (neck) = (dick)

  4. Turkey killer

    Panty puller drink

  5. John Sink

    Ever clear makes ya do some crazy shit.

  6. Cody Dossey

    Anybody experience glitches


    Oh. So your saying. You have drank Everclear? LOL

  7. gui yi

    Good for pickling squirells.....Me included.

  8. Murkwood


  9. Tom Thomas

    my diesel shit i am using for a plant extraction ghost plant is only 153 proof , i feel like a bitch, the everclear here wasnt as strong, why is that?

  10. skeets

    Damned stuff will make you take back stuff you never stole

  11. Alex Isaacs

    Takes me back to high school when I'd put tequila in a water bottle. Couldn't make it up the stairs one morning and the school officer booked me. Did 5 days in the can for it lol

  12. MochaCookie _Playz

    so dang catchy

  13. BrandyWine271

    Love it

  14. Casey Hawkins

    This is creager not Robert earl .... just so we understand... I don't care who you think it sounds like ... if we are going by who it sounds like it could be pat green... jeez


    Casey Hawkins I always thought it was pat green. It gets confusing because red dirt guys used to play each others songs.

    Patrick Broderick

    Always thought it was pat green because of limewire. Wild Wild West those days.

    Hey Zeus Wept

    Casey Hawkins I always thought it was pat green

  15. Kayley Thomas

    everclear is moonshine ???

    Kimberly Jennings

    Yes, Everclear Brand is a pure grain alcohol, that has the lowest calorie-to-alcohol ratio. White dog, New Make, Unaged Whiskey, Straight from the Still, White Whiskey, Likker, Moonshine, Mountain Dew, or as I like to call it - White Lighting! Yet, technical, moonshine etc has never been taxed by the man.

    Kimberly Jennings

    Adam Alford

    Most moonshine is made with corn or potatoes. This is made from grain.

    Blue Shard

    Adam Alford Corn is grain.... Theres a picture of a corncob on the bottle. As to original commenter, I believe the main difference is its properly filtered

    Adam Alford

    Blue Shard right below the corn in HUGE LETTERS it says grain alcohol

  16. garan price

    dude, great song thanks for posting

  17. Ian Ian

    and banditman: I appreciate your sentiments but you might want to reconsider your handle as the connotations are rather unpleasant and surely not what you intended to communicate to the rest of the English-speaking world.

  18. Ian Ian

    Juice them melons good Kimberly! love your fresh fruit/BMI dosing guide - who knew? see over here in Western Europe (and in Britain very particularly) it seems we have long disapproved of cheap strong liquor (even our precious whiskies were until quite recently rarely above 40% vol for tax reasons) and of course we champion the metric system. Well, your fresh fruit only, aspartame-free, body-mass mixing method not only shows the folly of banning good strength alcohol but also the benefit of retaining the English system of measure for everyday use in parallel to the metric system so convenient for science. We are going fully metric now with today's kids even giving their own weights and heights in kilogrammes and metres - as inconvenient and unintelligible as that is to the rest of us: mph and mpg are the last vanguard of a system that made anthropometric sense to the common man as your simple mixer/body mass ratios show. Your handy 1flOz per 100lb is both easy to remember and easy to measure. In metric it's two thirds of a mil per kilo or a fifteenth of a litre per 100kgs - if you can persuade your guests to stay while you measure out their drinks with your chemistry set and a calculator. There's another song by powerfunk called the metric system that expresses this point. We pay a fortune for under proof spirits and cannot use our own units in our own country - another reason we went Brexit on those Euro-m*f*krs.....

    Kimberly Jennings

    1fl oz 80 proof (40% alcohol) booze = 12 fl oz beer = 5 fl oz wine
    Everclear = 190 proof = 95% alcohol

    .63 fl oz Everclear = 1.5 fl oz booze = 12 fl oz beer = 5 fl oz wine

    Kimberly Jennings

    If you like some ill send it.

    Kimberly Jennings

    I add your song list to my party list for my friends, thank you, sir!

  19. banditman0000

    I love everclear fuck yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. BFVgnr

    Meanwhile I'm over here thinking the live version of this song uses a different word than 'neck' to rhyme with 'chick'.

    Danielle Hardin

    same here!

    Anarchist Gaming

    Wonder what ;)

  21. Rob Wayne

    Sorry but that ain't roger creager. That is Robert Earl Keen, the guy who wrote the song.


    Why on earth? Cause he's the ONLY Texas singer they ever heard of or something?

    Erk T

    Sounds like Robert Earl. Fooled the shit out of me! Cool song!

    Michael Stout

    That sounds nothing like Robert Earl Keen. Keen's voice is way more full sounding and a bit older sounding too.

    C Conroy

    Even if sung by someone else, now I understand why I was so strongly reminded of Robert Earl Keen. Classic stuff.

    the stinky wombat

    Rob, it is roger singing it and it was written by robert. Roger was a big fan of his when he was at A&M.

  22. teutonic terror

    i hear the lead singer was barney.

  23. river godwin

    Straight up rocket fuel bitches, that shit will fuck u up. Lol


    I once gave a shot of everclear to a friend of mine who had been a hardcore daily drinker for 30 years. He drank one shot, his eyes rolled up in his head as he gasped for air.  He just could't handle the stuff.

    Mark Armstrong

    +inkey2 I used to drink this for breakfast..I like it straight ! it's great to slip a little in your wife's glass of wine !!


    @Mark Armstrong on corn flakes?

  24. Antoniuscaliber

    Hell yea e.c rox

  25. Kevin Ayres

    love tha song like tha drink