Pastor Troy - WWW? (Who Wants War) Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Some gold glock started as Castor (Castor)
Naw nigga its the motherfuckin' Pastor (Pastor)
Ready to rapcha
Hittin' my slap shift
Sumin' of the fifth
Let's burn another splif
Pussy rowling, ass end of the weed
Lick the barel of my motherfuckin' Desert Ease'
And they ain't believe I'm on top of shit, straight rock ya shit
Ok fuck the props and shit
'Cause when it all falls down
I'm shooting everybody around
You better get down
You better take cover
It's Pastor Troy I'mma killa motherfucker
I just brought the Ferrari, fire red of the lot
Damn what kinda money y'all got?
And then I heard yo new cd it sound soft
Fuck witcha boy PT and Face Off (Face Off nigga)

Arrrre (who want war) you reaaaady? (who want war) we ready
Arrrre (who want war) you reaaaady? (who want war) we ready
Arrrre (who want war) you reaaaady? (who want war) we ready
Arrrre (who want war) you reaaaady? (who want war) we ready

[Verse 2]
Verse 2 nigga, yeah
Even when I sin catch the first stone
Cross the line and get motherfuckin' rolled on
(blow) It's full blown, like motherfuckin' 'nades
Hand grenades
Mistakes you shouldn't made
But you did as a kid, the gun slagga
Mom and pops knew I would be a gang banga
But I ain't had to rock the red or rock the bluuue
I had a mil' before I hit twenty two
But look at you, you still workin' all fronts
You might as well sell blunts
Why don't you go post up in magic city
Sale cigars, while I'm tippin' me some tities
Naw you can go to LA and [?]
You can be the one who parks my Benz
If that's even what I'm driving
I got so many cars, don't know what to ride (again)


[Verse 3]
I gotta lesson that y'all need to learn
Smith and Western, this court is adjourned
A bad perm and a seven page rap sheet
I came up out the fuckin' suite, now lets see
Fifty thousand, in the club wildin'
Everythangs free on ya boy PT
Ya' see, some out here just have to wait
GOD already prepared yo' plate
When circumstance, sealed like your last chance
Pray to the Lord and help you advance
And you can, and you can, and you can
And you can, until he comes again
To win don't always mean to always come first
Don't wanna be first ridin' in a hurst
I rather live life, chill with the wife
This is my sacrifice (sacrifice)


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Pastor Troy WWW? (Who Wants War) Comments
  1. Tom Brady

    We still here pt

  2. Alexander Cage

    It is how you slave a crossword puzzle. Seven swear words and seven still stand.

  3. Alexander Cage

    keep the drums going

  4. Donovan White

    Still bumping this

  5. Alexander Cage

    Drums bring the beast out

  6. Danny Floyd


  7. Maine Johnson

    r u ready we ready

  8. Radical RIGHT

    This beat tho!

  9. Mike Purp

    War ready war

  10. Roger Ceasar

    If I have ever did, god forgive me, this would be the soundtrack 01

  11. westside i.g. gang bang kiddkidd

    I've been knowing dude since the 90's when he was really hustling and hungry that's why he be going so hard this is an opportunity for him

  12. kevin harrison

    Troy started that gangsta shit in the atl. act like u know.

  13. Andrele Williams

    Pastor Troy make muthafuckas forget they aint got arsenal... listening to him u just automatically think u thumpt up

  14. Reginald Jones

    i luv dat beat

  15. Jason Burns

    pt one of the realest MC out there

  16. Ms. Lady Diamondz

    Still my shit.

    Tederick Webb

    Ms. Lady Diamondz Lol. Now if I came over there you would stamp me and make me all yours😂

    Ms. Lady Diamondz

    @Tederick Webb Lol! Is that so? Hmmmm... How old are you Tederick? Tell the truth.

    Tederick Webb

    @Ms. Lady Diamondz and yourself

    Ms. Lady Diamondz

    Tederick Webb I'm 30. I'll be 31 in August.

  17. Tha_SilverBlack_16

    We all want war

  18. Autochthonous Being

    I Declare War, Face Off, Universal Soldier, Face Off 2, and Tool Muzic are his best albums.

    Krucial K

    I agree with Universal Soldier being #1,then Faceoff, then By Any Means Necessary.

  19. Autochthonous Being

    I Declare War, Face Off, Universal Soldier, Face Off 2, and Tool Muzic are his best albums.

  20. Phil G

    Very strong version by pastor troy 

    Darryl Almond

    revenge against the terrorists

  21. DollarBillTV

    Are u ready

  22. Tederick Webb

    This makes me want to go fuck up 2 big ass grizzly bears in the woods. Pastor troy always has me crunk

    Candace Poe

    Tederick Webb lol lol damn right!!!

  23. Todd K. Bitchhh. Bthecrewboyy

    Todd Cullers Bthecrewboyy. hahaha

  24. yungtundra

    Da PASTA speakzzzzz

  25. Jeremy Dixon

    this shit ready

  26. voycioo

    Polska już tu jest!!!

  27. jermaine

    Real shit nigga

  28. Marcus Saxton

    Dis shit ol as hell but still killin shit till dis day

  29. BlackMagic25


  30. iKingTrap

    My nigga p.t.

  31. Critical_Rose

    @tankcolt09 LOL and your why america is hated, im from the US and this place is straight garbage because of trash like you.

  32. Travis Mickie


  33. Mr13allin

    this been my shit since i was middle school... rockin wit PT since "We Ready, I declare War".. alot of yall dont know nunn bout that..

  34. dazjah00

    who eva voted down must be a die heart gucci mane fan lol they dont no a true story if they told it lol pastor needs more radio play

  35. Joshua Lane

    this that shit face off pt 2 was his best and b-ezy use to ride and smoke to this like everyday

  36. Tom Solty

    na nigga its the motherfuckin paster!!

  37. splashmins

    is there and instrumental?

  38. Antone Johnson

    i used 2 had dis cd n 2005 ya digg.......

  39. CLiP8907

    best song on the album mane.. i might have to make a call of duty montage with this bitch..

  40. kendrick berry

    real shit