Pastor Troy - Vice Versa Lyrics

[Pastor Troy - talking]
Yeah (yeah)
This song is called Goddamn, Vica Versa
(I'm doin' my best to save my people)
It's like, (The people & I will rely in God)
Picture everything that you thought was good, was really bad
Everything bad, was really good
(What if Heaven was on Earth nigga)
The whole world, vica versa
(Good is bad)
Vica versa (Bad is good)
(Dear Lord am I the only one?)
This shit here, Goddamn, gon'
Go'n get you a fat blunt of that 'dro
Smoke that shit
(It's all vica versa)
Look up in the air nigga
(We rich nigga)
(This is what we doin', it's vica versa)
I know all these real niggas gone feel this shit
Vica Versa, Pastor Troy
(Vica Versa)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
What if Heaven was Hell and vica versa
If I told you go to Hell, would you tell I cursed ya?
I reimbursed ya with the truth so you know my fate
And pray I die, I'm that nigga that they love to hate
I wanna make you use yo mind, God has sent a sign
And when you listen to these rhymes, nigga take your time
Again I ask, Heaven was hell and vica versa
Would you start doin' evil in order to nurture--the spirit man?
Do you understand that there's a war?
It's ragin' on and the devil got some ammo too
Don't get me wrong, but I put my trust off in the Lord
It's too corrupt, know that God gon' help me blow 'em up
I give a fuck, Heaven was hell and vica versa, I have no fear
I done witnessed too much Hell right here, lend me your ear
Recall the beer we had to po'
For all our niggaz hit the Devil with the .44
Payback nigga
My liquor keep my from tryin' to enter, battle alone
And to deal with all this wickedness, I smoke a zone
Know I'm grown, but I'm still a baby
It's vica versa so I guess I'll beg Satan to save me
God I'm confused, the fuse of all these motherfuckers, makin' me sick
{*Virgin Mary never fucked nobody, but she suck dick*}
With a clique of nasty concubines, and vice-a versa
So she'll probably do the whole nine, that nasty ho
I don't know where I'ma go this Christmas, it's Satan's birth
I'ma try to smoke a pound of weed, and ease the Earth
While Jesus equiped with angels, the Devil's equiped with fire
For God so love the world that he blessed the thug with rocks
Won't stop until they feel me
Protect me Devil, think the Lord is tryin' to kill me
It's vica versa
Heaven is below, while this dozier keep me high
To see the Lord almighty nigga, I'm ready to die
My reply for any questions asked, "The Devil made me do it"
Who's the Devil may I ask?, It's so polluted
Up-rooted from all this stupid shit
See me cremated, my adaption to the climate
So glad I made it
Elated that they gon' go to Heaven
But do they know Heaven may not be th place to go
Again I ask, Heaven was Hell and vica versa
The devil's in me and I'll be damned if I'm gon let god hurt ya
Follow me...

[Peter the Disciple]
If it was vica versa, I'd be and angel, 'cause I'm a devil
A Down South Georgia Rebel, a whole 'nother fuckin' level
Remenisin' on all the good and the bad that I did
Bustin' caps and splittin' wigs
And servin' nicks and talkin' shit
This is vica versa no fuckin' commercial
Heaven or Hell, where do we go?
When we die, eternal fire or the street of gold
Only God knows, vica versa

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Pastor Troy Vice Versa Comments
  1. Shavon Wise

    2020 this still my fav

  2. Ace B.

    Bringin this fye into 2020 and beyond!🤗👿💙💜💙

  3. Amazing Amy

    Lol you have lies sex and drug stories shit if you were there you know foh

  4. Tristan Chislom

    & 2020🆑

  5. chekers7

    In 2020. This shit still hard. Better than lil nas x

  6. Sherie Freeman

    2020 yea yea

  7. Mr. M A J E S T I C XIII . Blackstruggle77

    Pastor Troy - Vica Versa (2020 Georgia Pride Remix) feat. Shawn Jay, Khujo, Ghetto Mafia(Gangsta Nino & Wicked) and Hitman Sammy Sam.

  8. 007mile Foelife


  9. Andrew Asante

    Anyone here after the controversy? Pastor Troy has my respect for standing up to the LGBTQ agenda!

  10. Lucas Blake

    Fuck Applebees!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. dennis grady


  12. PakkMann DaGoat

    2020? 😤🔥🔥🔥

  13. jutt 82

    Sounds kinda like Mystikal's beat still smoking Bud.

  14. Antoinette Johnson

    This song go so hard.. Definitely a song in a soundtrack to my life.

  15. James Burks

    The lyrics are so deep, he’s so physiological on this track, pure genius🔥🔥🔥

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    Nigga.. heroes will one of that up they devily foo ass.💯🥞🚶🌾🥞

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    This used to light the club up in the city!!!

  19. Sons of guns Cliburn

    He use to go to school with my dad

  20. Daniel Sferdian

    not sure if I have an interest in joining this church.

  21. GetRich Followme

    Every gym, field, pep rally in Sc from 1998-2003 was chanting We ready We ready

  22. Str8Chillin

    iv been here b4 I stopped countin long time ago. - #goodmusiconly #NP 5:03AM ON EASTERN TIME ZONE. R.I.P GRADE UNK I HOPE U KNO HEAVEN MIGHT NOT BE THE PLACE TOO GO!

  23. david dib

    Pastor Troy you are a piece of shit. You and your fucked up son.

    nathan price

    david dib grow some balls son

    Sly Sleeper

    Gtfo dumbass

    That Dude

    shut yo gay ass up!


    Fuck out of here lame

  24. LogoAttitude

    The line about the Virgin Mary was censored on even explicit copies because it was considered too blasphemous

  25. ChaingunCassidy

    Shitty DMX impersonator.

  26. acole1974

    Classic!!!!! 2020!!!!

  27. Brother Thawmah


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    the fuckshit going on with him and lil x reminded me of this classic

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    Still vibin in 2020💪

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    he trash y’all only him bc y’all christians

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    2020 and still banging

  33. 662chillin

    This song is better than Lil Nas X's entire existence


    Charles Brown



    @Charles Brown Fuck your "homophobe", "transphobe" and any other label yall fucking clwons wanna give you fucking clown

    P.S. Did I tell you to go "Fuck yourself"? Well go go fuck yourself clown

  34. Eve Support Zone

    Track bumps, shame Pastor Troy is such a fucking homophobe.

  35. Joe Saint

    Fuck lil nasx! 💯💯🔥🔥


    why lol

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    this song deserves a grammy...

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    Someone not mumble rapping for once and tells a story. Im down with this.

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    2020 I still love this song

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  60. [[Rube Cube]]

    Damn I never heard this version. I always hated when they cut out lyrics like this. The part bout the virgin Mary I always assumed he said "and Mary never fucked nobody but she's a slut" lol

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    Still bumpin this shit 13 years later💪🔥

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    Wave Bye To Abyss Btch

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    1/19/2020 I needed this today. Yes!!! Pastor damn Troy is the truth ❤️

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    I did all predictive text LOL

  74. Raymond Ware

    I ABSOLUTELY love This song from the FIRST TIME i heard it 16 YEARS AGO!!! I had no idea this many people has heard of this song..... WOW the meaning of the message is REAL ...he didnt sign his soul ..... We are waking up all over the earth just like the most high said... Its so great and and amazing how fast its taking place....

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