Pastor Troy - I Wanna Taste You Lyrics

I Wanna Taste You
Cuz You Look So Good To Me(So Good Baby)
I Wanna Taste You(I Wanna Taste You Babe)
Cuz You Look So Good To Me
Ooo Baby

[Verse 1:]
Pt Baby Now Im Just Sittin Here Watchin My Baby In Her Lingerie
Im Kissin Her Holdin Her Listning To Twelve Play
Im Smoking One Hopin One Day She Could Be Wifey Lucked Up From The Floor Up But Hell That's Why
She Likes Me

So Politely I Asked Her Why Does She Love The Pastor Did She Love My Convo Or Was It Just My Convey
She Answerd Me Pronto Why Don't U Believe Me If U Don't Believe Me Then Mutha Fuckin Leave Me
I Loved It Her Answer It Killed Me Like A Cancer

All I Could Do Was Smile She Knew It The Whole While I Could See U With My Child Look Me In My Face Boo How Can I Replace You Baby I Wana Taste You


[Verse 2:]
Verse 2 Baby Ok Very Few Site's Like A Light's How You Light Em Up Love How We Fuck Love When I Get My Dick Sucked

Windows Up Lay Back Down You Know Im Gonna Hold You Down Got That Thing All Nice And Shaved Im Bout At Let My Toung Play

Lickin Her Neck Licken Her Ear Girl Don't Run Bring Your Ass Here Lickin Her Spine Makin Her Cringe Then I Suck Her Titties Then Lick Around The Belly Ring Im About To Do The Thang

Kissin On The Thigh As I Listen To R.Kelly Sing Twelve Plays Soft In The Background Its Goin Down I Just Feel Her Finger Tips Every Time I Lick Her Lips

She Grabin On My Dreads Im Cumming Out That Head And Go On Give Her Breakfast In Bed That's My Baby

I Wanna Taste You(I Wanna Take You Babe Yeeaa)
Cuz You Look So Good To Me(Said U Look So Good Babe)
I Wanna Taste You(I Wanna Taste You Babe)
(Ya Whoo)
Cuz You Look So Good To Me(When Eva U Want It Babe)
Hey Hey Ooo...
Said I Wanna Taste U Babe(I Wanna Taste U Babe)
(Heey Ayyy)
Said I Wanna Taste U Baby
I Wanna Taste U Babe
(Tatse You)
When Eva U Wnt Me 2
Im Gonna Taste You Babe
0o0o0 Whooahh-(Fades)-Im Gonna Taste You
Im Gonna Taste You Babe Cuz U Look So Gud 2 Me

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Pastor Troy I Wanna Taste You Comments
  1. Phyllis Verges

    2019 and I'm still here!!!! #COMETHRUPASTOR

  2. jbeez

    That hook something viscous

  3. Brittney Dicker

    Still bumping this!

  4. RocYaHeadHard Gang

    Still bumping in 2019 that way 💪💪💪

  5. Bigdickchaney Tripp

    Me and my wife song

  6. Trice Squad

    My shit

  7. Megan Simmons

    Verse 2 baby

  8. Stephanie Solomon

    This will always be my favorite lovesong as he is from Atlanta GA and so am I I moved to Syracuse new York and I still find myself downloading and playing this song always love u and I will always listen to u

  9. Ricardo Millan-cepero

    He's also the one on lying bout her crib...

  10. Ricardo Millan-cepero

    The dude singing...I worked with him at Subway back in 2007-2008

  11. Brinton Whitfield


  12. shenekanorman


  13. niesha pitts

    I literally listen to this song everyday😊😊

  14. Lanee Thomas

    any fuck action mix tape i had. had to have this song yes 😍😍😍😍

  15. Rissa and Peter


  16. Paula Minor

    i love this songs

  17. KEMIYA Maxwell

    yes I did a dance off this one. that's why I'm going down now damn 👶

  18. Morganwilkeson2490 Wilkerson

    my favorite mannnn I got so many memories.

  19. Morganwilkeson2490 Wilkerson

    my favorite mannnn I got so many memories.

  20. Jay Walkland

    did pastor troy make a song off that prince song? that do me baby song

  21. syrettabe

    Still one of my favorite slow songs 😜

  22. Anthony Jamar

    yooooooo the dude that did the hook on this song name is gary crayton. he has a song on youtube called baseball.... its going in!!!!!!!!!

  23. Reece Robinson

    My G shit

  24. Brenda Adams

    This my muthafucking SHITT!!!!!..... Pastor Troy gotdamn it!!!!!..

  25. James Sorrell

    Still a hit after so many years... Much love PT

  26. JayMike Florida

    LmAo queen u gotta tip toe into the bedroom when this come on ... #SupremeSunday #EyeWanna #DSGB #LoverBoy ... Peace family

  27. Toshiba Watson


  28. Eighth Street


  29. TriceDa Mua

    Yesssss!!! DSGB

    Real Talk True Story

    if you like that smooth sexxy vibe boo check out Wayne Marshall - Ooh Aah G Spot. or str8 slick shit like Johnny P - "Birthday Lady" &  "Bed time story"
    . turn up & enjoy.

  30. Real Talk True Story

    this nigga can do any kinda song BiG. this & georgia peach, classics.

  31. Pint Minor

    still listening to this in 2013!

  32. TampaTony86

    This use to go hard for me

  33. lori white


  34. Natalie Meadows

    Dis is one of my favorite songs ever!

  35. Tiana Shepherd

    That nikka singing just puts the mood on

  36. clay townsend

    i wanna taste u

  37. Rasheed Haneef

    I can dig this on some want crave shhhhh

  38. Natalie Meadows

    Luv dis shit


    Mane this shit RIDE

  40. Todd Groomes

    If this song don't get you some...I hate to tell you, but your gay. Lol


    Got plenty off this joint! Its Double!

  42. natalie green


  43. chettah24

    Man I love this song damn P.Troy did his thang

  44. Daneeya holman


  45. lσνє мє кιѕѕ мє

    i was on my why to the movies when my boyfriend play this song
    i didn't make it to the movies that night.



  46. blacKdontE2

    2 people dont know the feeling

  47. Daneeya holman

    This my shitttttttttttttt<3

  48. muchswagg0093

    My shyt damn dis my shyt

  49. Tiana Shepherd


  50. mattfarus1

    I like the title lol

  51. dazjah00

    @n0turdreadz - do you talk to your mother like that ??? im somebodies mother so if you cant reply to me with some since dont reply cause i wasnt talking to you ..

  52. tys asia

    This Is my Song.....And He aint get Not ONE DISLIKE.! Mane What.!

  53. Sasha Worthy

    Love this song.

  54. Travella Williams

    he wanna taste me cuz i look so gud to him!

  55. A Nicole

    you can taste me if you really wanna!! :)

  56. kayla sherrill

    i know nobody better dislike dis song... im on na... n i dont c no dislikes! i could make a baby to this song or his song wit gangsta boo called wanting you... check it out! And i agree... he is VERY UNDER RAT3D! I LOVE U PASTA!!!!! MUCH LOVE!! XOXO. MMMMWAH!

  57. DeeGreat Lloyd

    toooooo many memories from this one mmmmm mmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

  58. jermata23

    Pastor Troy will make you fell like he will love you all night and beat you up in the morning! He is one of those sexy bad boys your mother warned you about LOL!

  59. montero wyche


  60. rarebreed00

    Does anybody know where the instrumental of this is located?

  61. Jay Row


  62. IMaHARDhabit2break

    Aww man the memories that come with this song! Great song

  63. dazjah00

    @wavvymassta lol lol

  64. dazjah00

    i love this F$%king song he is so underated

  65. wandawood87

    THIS MY SHIT!!!!