Party Favor - Scrape Lyrics

Say you wanna face me
Tell 'em come and scrape me

Say you wanna face me
Tell 'em come and scrape me
Say you wanna face me
Tell 'em come and scrape me

She know a nigga screech, been casin' for a week
We sexin' on the beach and I ain't talkin' 'bout the drink
Open doors for her when I take her out to eat
I'm rollin' up a Sweet while she massage a nigga feet
That shawty so fine, I got a cig and wine
I tell her I don't cheat but she be knowin' a nigga lyin'
Friends can't stand me, they don't understand me
While they hoe hoppin', I got a shotgun in my Aston
Everything is [?]
Her bag a couple grand, and it compliments from me
See, I can be the king and she can be my queen
And we can be a scene at the field these others dream
Love the way she talk, love the way she walk
I'm always on her mind and she always in my thoughts
I got her at the house, we blowin' on an ounce
I'm drinkin' down a fourth, tonight we ain't goin' out

Say you wanna face me
Tell 'em come and scrape me

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Party Favor Scrape Comments
  1. Candy Crab

    This is dop

  2. Maxwell Zamora

    It was very nice of Gucci Mane to help this white with their music career.

  3. Samwise

    It's really a shame you look like Adult Beiber because if I had a chance I'd love to see you work in the studio

  4. Соɾу ℛ.

    This song is how cavemen discovered fyre.

  5. Zeph'

    The art remind me of this one

  6. Nindhita Andhini


  7. Ash tUnes

    Party favor the trap king

  8. JayRodriguez

    for some reason i feel this should be blasted at ultra

    Joni 32

    JayRodriguez was at Ultra 2016


    Just don't feel like you guys are MEGA Ultra.


    meh its okay :D

  10. Bennie Adrong

    i didnt know ugandan knuckles had a feature on this

  11. Meimei Wang

    Everytime the beat drops I get an epileptic seizure.


    Meimei Wang 😂😂

  12. Martin Nordström

    Re-visit this song , Dat doorbell touch is so beatiful!


    Mad decent is the house of most underrated songs

  14. MNMNT

    now that's what I'm talking about

  15. Artiym Aleynikov

    кто может кинуть текст на яме?

  16. Kevin Garcia

    WaWaaaa 🔥

  17. Martin Nguyen

    sounds like how deep is your love (DJ Snake Remix)

  18. Sagiv Niv


  19. Raoul G

    that picture is too high res

  20. StracFILMS

    1:40 holy fucking god


    sounds like a guitar going completely wild :D

  21. Yoga Mokalu

    I play this song every time workouts


    I read this statement every time; grammar

  22. Eat & Fit

    super cooollll

  23. Alexander Bourquin

    how I get out of bed right here

  24. Faza Panjol

    GWK is waiting

  25. Ярослав Якимов


  26. Ronny J


  27. B3RROR Official


  28. KingNairobi

    Pandora brought me here

  29. Jose Garcia

    strippers really get to it with this one 😀

  30. FORTIx GB

    why this track isn't on soundcloud?

  31. pjphaz

    that break at 2min is very good!

  32. FORTIx GB


  33. Ariel garcia

    oh man this is shit. Gucci would be mad

  34. Jake B.

    Boaz Van de beatz much


    Jake B. And Bad royale

  35. Razy Sebastian Kiehl

    Finallly releases hahah i've been waiting for

  36. FaseN

    Best song on the EP!

  37. Sleepless Man

    My Favourite Track! ♡

  38. Sleepless Man

    ♡ Party Favor ♡

  39. Skurt Reynolds

    Boost bass :3

  40. dode leadi

    Anyone know what mad decent is ? Is it a label recording ? Or a dj name ? Or else ?

    cho! x cha!

    recording label led by Diplo


    this is a promoter

    Trey Dyer

    bunch of narcs

    Ronny J

    Diplo's label.

    Martin Nordström

    Trey Dyer Hahaha u hatin on mad decent ? gtfo brah u dont stand a chance

  41. M4C

    Finally Release this Song, i heard this before from UMF 2016 Set.

  42. MTM WTW

    Fuck yes, gonna hear this live at MDBP soon

  43. ReuphTop

    Do you know where I can find the transgender bathtubs?..

  44. Wally Yung

    Cold War mix tape, give that a try🙌

  45. Weabe

    Holy damn that's good!

  46. Sinan Şahin

    Very Nice!!

  47. Adjie Endjo

    come to jakarta indonesia 🙏

  48. Romazho

    x1.5 speed

  49. Angel Padilla Vazquez

    The Best Men lml

  50. Nanlaos

    worth for wait

  51. memba memba memba

    best song on the ep and the calvin harris collab

    Gilson Vladmir

    calvin harris?


    He means Dillon Francis cuz of the thing that happened with Vevo you can check it in Dillon's facebook

    Martin Nordström

    Indeed , totally agree.

  52. Dedinho


    GabrielZando ™



    fuckn Brazil . Brazil my egg

  53. Alberto Paniagua

    Púdrete 🖕🏼😂😂

    Kyle Degrees

    ja denunciado papu ;v

    Alberto Paniagua

    +David Carrillo jajaja que doriloco te sientes 😂😂😂

    Kyle Degrees

    Uff men te gane uwu

    Alberto Paniagua

    +David Carrillo jaja 🖕🏼😎oye que linda es tu amiga bro 😂😂

  54. Kyle Degrees

    primer comentario :v