Parton, Dolly - Who Lyrics

Looking in the mirror not likin' what I see
Wishin' I was surer about insecurities
Tell me I will never be the fairest of them all
Always feel like I'm not quite good enough

Who, who
Who's gonna love and hold me sacred
Who, who
Gonna wanna hold me close
Who, who
Who's gonna wanna see me naked
Cherish and give to me
What I need the most

I swear when he looks at me
He's likin' what he sees
He says he wants to kiss me
It's too much to believe
I shy away 'cause I'm afraid
I just might mess it up
Self-conscious and a bit afraid of love

Who, who
Well who would've thought I'd be that special
Who knew
I would find my place at last
Who, who
Who's now standin' at the dresser
Dancin', prancin' at my image in that
Same lookin' glass

Who, who
Well I'm soarin' like an eagle
Who, who
Now that I have spread my wings
Who knew
I'd be feelin' proud and regal
Like a storybook princess, who knew

Who, who
Whoever knows what's gonna happen
Who, who
Has made my dreams come true
Who, who
I've been feelin' proud and regal
Like a storybook princess, who knew

Who, who
Whoever knows what's gonna happen
Who, who
Has made my dreams come true
Who, who
Well, it's someone else there clappin'
It's the very one I always knew, who knew

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Parton, Dolly Who Comments
  1. Video Cosmos

    What do you think? Who is better? Dolly parton or Miley.s ?

  2. Stan BTS, Cowards

    I’ve been OBSESSED with this song lately. I feel like I kind of relate to this song in a way. I have really low self-confidence and self-esteem.

  3. Love Svartek

    The song makes me happy every day ween i litsen to it

  4. s a

    GTA brought me here!

  5. Ya boi Jared

    This is a true story
    Dolly jumped on jolene but dolly lost the fight dolly claimes she got the fire beat out of her

    He is dreaming and saying jolene while he sleeps and dolly decribes jolene

  6. Randy Love

    Who came here because of Dolly Parton , and Not JoJo !

  7. Rocket Birb

    Part 6 announced and confirmed from araki, now we wait

  8. 못난이 버섯

    GUESS likes this song

  9. livid worm

    y’all want to fight a gay priest who is about to destroy the world for heaven with
    pink hair stripper
    weird hat
    11 y/o boy
    lesbian 1
    -lesbian 2-
    and your dad?

  10. Rocatex

    this song makes me want to fight a gay priest

  11. Vaso Seitanidou

    Am i the only person who believes that dolly has a crush on jolene?😉

  12. 3anona __

    Me: no
    My Brain: do it
    Me: please don't
    My Brain: *already doing it* oops
    Me: *typing*

    Literally Nobody:
    Jolene: I can take your man if I want to, but lucky for you I don't want to

    Me: happy?
    My Brain: immensely


    yare yare dawa

  14. Rash Elbo

    Do Ri Fa

  15. Military Slinger

    Your happiness does not depend on anyone.

  16. john john

    Jolene jolene jolene jolene jolene jolene eline eline eline eline 🌬💋

  17. Caroline & Charlotte

    Has anyone heard Miley Cyrus sing this????? 👍If u have

  18. Leather Hitman

    Alone in a Amish life, living in a day's disguise, I know how much she means to Jolyne,
    But if I cannot compare, live the life like Orsen Wells I know how much she means to you Jolyne.
    Jolyne, Jolyne, Jolyne-Jolyyynne, Lord I beg you please don't take my girl,

  19. Justin Rodriguez

    this what pucci thought of as he

    sike thunder cross split attack


  20. TheFunnyguy9000

    I don’t get this challenge, why did they name this meme Dolly parton


    Daniel Salley but how is it challenging

    Daniel Salley

    @TheFunnyguy9000 its kind of another word for trend. havent you been on yt for the last 10 years?


    @Daniel Salley Since 2011 yes

    Daniel Salley

    @TheFunnyguy9000 tide pod challenge, fire challenge, etc not necessarily challenging as much as they are stupid but they call it a challenge bc...idk


    @Daniel Salley Yes but the dolly parton meme isn't a challenge

  21. what a nerd

    Here before all the jojo fans start rollin' in

    The Major

    We're already here

  22. Louise Campos


  23. I’m tired of my continued existence.

    _Your teeth are sharp, your mouth agape_
    _Your claws rend flesh, there’s no escape_
    _From the judgement of the Eldritch One, Jolene_
    _He screams about you in his sleep_
    _And when he wakes, does naught but weep_
    _In terror, of the one they call Jolene_
    _Blackening the summer skies_
    _With burning wings and countless eyes_
    _We tremble at the sight of you, Jolene_
    _We cower here beneath your gaze_
    _That sets the earth and sky ablaze_
    _Have mercy at the end of days, Jolene_

    God I love Tumblr shitposts

  24. Isaac SaGe

    Roger Smith brought me here.

  25. Odetuber

    Stone ocean is just coming closer and closer. Beware my non Jojo fans.

  26. •HᥱᥣᥱᥒXD TNT•

    Jolene Jolene Jolene Joleneee

  27. Quetzalcoatl

    This song always evokes the memory of a married woman beating the living hell out of her husband younger mistress at the bus stop. First time I witnessed how vicious a woman could get.

  28. 970403dorka

    Who's here after the #DollyPartonchallenge :D

  29. Mc George Guillermo

    Came here because of dolly parton challenge

  30. Leo G

    If Jolene wants em she can have em if hes talking in his sleep about her smdh.

  31. _janu

    * waits patiently for Stone Ocean to get animated *


    I want my plankton child

  32. Francisco Ferreira Neves


  33. Skunktoons18

    Play it 0.75x

  34. anjetto1

    Jolene and I will always love you were written in the same day. 99% of us will never accomplish something like that.

  35. Deco behang

    9 till 5 Dolly Parton ! Also a power woman !

  36. Ian Aldridge

    She's 5 foot tall and with those boobs it,s amazing how she dosn,t fall over.

  37. HeroValy

    When daddy picks you up from jail

  38. wonderwoman49264

    Hi Dolly! I love you so much! You have been my favorite singer since I was 11 years old. I have every album you ever put out on CD or transferred to CD. I'm hoping in 2020 you will be able to put out a brand new album with new material. I lost the love of my life 3 years ago to suicide and it's so hard. I'm so depressed all the time and I would like a new album of yours full of love songs, sad songs & heartbreaking songs. I know it sounds weird to want to listen that kind of thing but it feels good to get it out and cry! Your music is the soundtrack to my life and I will always love you. ! <3

  39. jennifur sun

    does anyone know who played on Dollys recordings? thanks

  40. Tim Jones


  41. KarlLovellMusic

    Is it wrong to write a male version and call it Joe Dean? Asking for a friend....

  42. Derek Gómez

    Why suddenly i want to fight against a gay black priests who wants to reset the universe?

  43. melissa john

    Me: i hate country music😒
    Dolly: jolene jolene jolene

  44. ALESSIO ACCARDI cantautore

    this song makes me a chipmunk

  45. Drewsel

    El jojo referencia

  46. Maria Khan

    Hit the like button if you hate all the Jolenes

  47. Miss Techno

    Your voice Dolly is beyond compare!

  48. Preston Jensen

    Who will be sad when she passes 🙏🏽

  49. DDC - Diamond Dance Center

    Still a great song. Added it to our Quickstepp Playists. Kind regards - DDC

  50. Sandra Lucia De Oliveira

    So Beautiful Song!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  51. Nix Magistra

    When part 6 gets animated the number of views of this video will be doubled

  52. Raj Iv

    Miley or Dolly?
    Miley: Like
    Dolly: Comment

  53. Callum Jones

    I think we should get some help

  54. jean black

    god i need stone ocean to get confirmed

  55. Super duper Surprises

    Happy birthday dolly

  56. Beyonce Vevovu

    My ex was messing with a girl this description 💔 only thing is she’s a 15 year old kid

  57. Shaylee Burnham

    Let the ritual commence.

  58. LightningVolt127

    I wonder if Jolene was Dolly’s friend. She described her so well

  59. Samantha Marino

    Dolly is classic country at its finest she was the first county singer I liked and still do

  60. Hank Fournier

    Happy birthday Dolly we love you

  61. Rebekah Faith

    Such a good song!! I also love to sing country, bluegrass, folk and appalachian music! I have posted several videos on my channel of myself singing if anyone would like to check it out.

  62. D D

    Happy birthday Dolly!! <3

  63. Dawson Vlogs

    Happy birthday Dolly!

  64. gamewizard I

    Jolene: exists


  65. Carmem Silvia

    Someone: Who's the protagonist of part 6?
    Me: 0:09

  66. Carmem Silvia

    Part 5: Fine

  67. Jett Carlburg

    "Wynonna Earp" brought me here.

    Jolene is important the WE fandom because so many of us deal with mental health issues.

    In the Wynonna Earp fandom "dealing with Jolene" literally means confronting our mental health pain.

  68. Dean Henry

    Jolene is a slut and u can do better than him dolly

  69. Sam Sly

    Slayer played this at the last show I saw on the PA when they were setting up 😢

  70. ɐpuɐԀ bb

    This made me cry. Her voice is so beautiful

  71. Karolina Malecha


  72. Gustav Thorpe

    Just waiting for part 6 to come out and the comments being flooded

  73. KattyKat Girl

    Sounds like Dolly is a lesbian for Jolene

  74. Sugar Galaxy

    When I search Jojo in texas

  75. It’s your girl_ Damaris

    I came her from the movie dumpling

  76. John Irvin

    Check out Dolly's "Heartstrings" on Netflix.

  77. Lynn

    My name is Jolène....... I'm French

  78. Chance Webster

    Happy 74th birthday, Dolly Parton

  79. panos vasiliou

    music angel

  80. Jimmy John Joe Jr.

    3 more months

  81. woman 23.

    Do not take my love only because you can..

  82. Renato Espinoza

    Jolene starts playing
    I feel like a cowboy is coming

  83. WNEL

    Amo tanto.

  84. Beatrice Almonte

    This is such a good song for all girls to know. Because we will be in either Dolly or Jolene’s position someday...

  85. Nightmelody777

    I ship her with Jolene
    Let us take a look on that lyrics...
    ..nooow let us look on her cover.. what stands there?
    Song name Jolene
    Her name
    under her picture
    featuring "I wll always love you" 👀

  86. Jimmy Perez

    in a couple of months, the comment section will filled with part 6 and will spell "Jolyne" instead of "Jolene"


    so true my friend

  87. olly khan

    and the sad part is jolene probably took him too

  88. Asnáte Gw

    No one can truly compare to Jolyne,I mean she pulls off green lipstick, come on

  89. Mr Castellanos

    Beware of JoJo

  90. keti keti

    Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene
    I'm begging of you please don't take my man
    Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene
    Please don't take him just because you can
    Your beauty is beyond compare
    With flaming locks of auburn hair
    With ivory skin and eyes of emerald green

    Your smile is like a breath of spring
    Your voice is soft like summer rain
    And I cannot compete with you, Jolene

    He talks about you in his sleep
    There's nothing I can do to keep
    From crying when he calls your name, Jolene

    And I can easily understand
    How you could easily take my man
    But you don't know what he means to me, Jolene

    Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene
    I'm begging of you please don't take my man
    Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene
    Please don't take him just because you can

    You could have your choice of men
    But I could never love again
    He's the only one for me, Jolene

    I had to have this talk with you
    My happiness depends on you
    And whatever you decide to do, Jolene

    Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene
    I'm begging of you please don't take my man
    Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene
    Please don't take him even though you can
    Jolene, Jolene

  91. cedric julio

    I've heard a cover of this song on an episode of the Blacklist that why I am here

  92. mortalkombat991

    Roger brought me here the first time and now Jojo brings me back in.

  93. T's tea

    When she describes jolene I immediately think of Ginny weasley

  94. Smile Monster

    Your Voice more Sweet than (Dolly) 🤣😃

  95. Alex sandro Leite

    I LOVE YOU FOREVER Dolly parton

  96. Marcio Sales

    I already could see a tsunami of JoJofans in this Stone Ocean

  97. Kari Pelz