Parton, Dolly - What A Heartache Lyrics

I thought I saw the promise of forever in your eyes
I thought that I was sure of what I saw
You led me to believe that I was special in your life
So I left my heart wide open for the fall
What a heartache you turned out to be

What a heartache, what a heartache
Love ain't always what it appears to be
What a heartache you turned out to be

I thought I'd found a safe and lovin' place inside your heart
And I was warm and willing anytime
The same soft lips that kissed me sweet
Were lyin' from the start
But I swear I thought your love was genuine
What a heartache you turned out to be

What a heartache, what a heartache:
Like a switchblade that cuts quick and deep
Ooo, what a heartache you turned out to be

It just goes to show that you never can tell
I really thought that I knew you well
I still can't believe I could be deceived so easily
Are all these wishes I'm wishin' to myself
Like rusty coins in a wishin' well
Wishes come true, they come false as well
It's too late for you and me
Oh, what a heartache, ooo, what a heart break
Love is two-faced and easy to believe

What a heartache, ooo, what a heartache
What a mistake to think I could believe
Ooo, what a heartache you turned out to be
Oh, what a heartache you turned out to be

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Parton, Dolly What A Heartache Comments
  1. Ever C.

    Who could ever hurt such a pretty lady like Ms. Dolly with that sweet voice?! ❤

  2. Shannon Moseley

    dedicate this song to Las Vegas Nevada

  3. joseph nyamu

    It's good song it happened to me but i love god

  4. Amanda Brainard

    can't believe my ex broke up with me the night before our 10 year anniversary.still hurts and can't wait for our lease to be up so can get my own place and move on with my life.

    Leslie Sandage

    @Amanda Brainard That sucks. I know how you feel, trust me. Just keep on breathing, I know it is hard.

    Bongumenzi Jigster

    It's been a year,I hope you're okay now.

    Linda Maxwell

    So sorry!  I hope Dolly's words put things in perspective for you>  Let us know how you are thriving!

  5. Lemon Juice

    i love u proud of u.

  6. Scott Saye

    Isn't this on the album "Halos & Horns", too?

  7. mandy Miller

    love this song because it said everything so prefectly to how i am feel right now.

  8. Jill Andersson

    OMG! I did not know 'bout this song. It touched my heart pretty hard.
    I just got out from a horrible realtionship.
    I wanted to change me and he succed and bad.
    I allmost lost my friends on the way. But now I'm doing fine.

  9. patcharisma

    Please post also the great "It's such a heartache" from 1985 from Dolly!
    Thanks so much, Pat (Switzerland)

  10. patcharisma

    Can you also post "It's such a hertache" from 1985? Thank you, Pat Switzerland

  11. patcharisma

    Oh can you also post Dolly's "It's such a heartache" from 1985? I would do it myself if I knew how... xD (Pat, Switzerland)

  12. Michelle Ivey

    Hell its good song anytime when you've realized someone done ya wrong. A best friend, an Idol, anyone.

  13. katie loope

    a good break up song