Parton, Dolly - To Daddy Lyrics

Momma never seemed to miss the finer things in life
If she did, she never did say so to daddy
She never wanted to be more than mother and a wife
If she did, she never did say so to daddy

The only things that seemed to be important in her life
Was to make our house a home and make us happy
Momma never wanted anymore than what she had
If she did, she never did say so to daddy

He often left her all alone
She didn't mind the stayin' home
If she did, she never did say so to daddy
And she never missed the flowers
And the gifts he never gave her
If she did, she never did say so to daddy

Being took for granted was a thing that she accepted
And she didn't need those things to make her happy
She didn't even seem to notice
That he didn't kiss and hold her
If she did, she never did say so to daddy

One morning we awoke
Just to find the note
That momma carefully wrote
And left to daddy
And as he began to read it
Our ears could not believe it
The words that she had written there to daddy

She said our kids are old enough
And they don't need me very much
So I've gone in search for love I need so badly
I have needed you so long
But I just can't keep holdin' on
She never meant to come back home
If she did, she never did say so to daddy

Momma's gone
Good-bye to daddy

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Parton, Dolly To Daddy Comments
  1. quickstanger

    guys like her cause of her boobs. women envy her cause there boobs aren't as big.

  2. Adora Honey yes I'm you

    I'm here 1.1.2020.

  3. b22licious

    This song is so emotional! Tears!!!

  4. Nalunkuma Jackie

    This song speaks so much about m

  5. thethirstymoose

    Dolly, is an American icon! Never one to get attention. Just a true icon

  6. Maria Angela Soares

    Amo dolly parton

  7. Richard Lubano

    Real situations even now 2019.Thanks a lot.

  8. Nosiku Hardley

    So my kids said they have the best music and I came here and played this for them...they are in Awe! We have had the Best music over the years! Much love dolly

  9. Team Toyota

    When will Dolly Parton be honored with triple platinum awards???? When she's dead???

  10. Donneita Fullmer

    I love Dolly s voice.even 2019

  11. nancy nosiku sikuka

    2/10/19..Dolly's songs remind me of one special man who loved father..daddy I love are such a blessing

  12. Celane Jaha Dube

    30 September 2019 I'm still watching

  13. Cathleen P.Shikongo

    Yes. I'm here too

  14. watitwa isaac

    This song changed my life....

  15. Mr Moon

    Who is in 2019 like it

  16. John Hoener

    I enjoy your music

  17. David Hudson

    Dolly was a and still is a good song writer.  After she left Porter she was successful as a solo artiest and she worked well with several other country stars.  Her music was really kept pretty simple and plain.  To me that shows the sign of true country music artiest.

  18. Donneita Fullmer

    Love this song

  19. Holly Patricia

    I've never heard this song before today. It's so beautiful and sad. Dolly Parton is a great songwriter.

  20. Francess Massaquoi

    a song for all virtuous and dedicated house wives like my mum to my dad. I pray u continue being humble. RIP

    Remilo Lucas


  21. Jimmy TwoToes

    Dang you just roasted your dad

  22. Kamta Fomekong

    The greatest song ever sung

  23. Adjoa Ofosua

    Can’t stop listening to this song

  24. melody chikono

    beautiful song

  25. Alice D

    Beautiful...the words are amazing !!

  26. Lydia Ndhlovu

    Yuck l don't like. Her. Music 🎶

  27. Kimmy Gray

    Kimmy mengela Namibia iam sorry my kids

  28. Kimmy Gray

    Nitah mengela iam sory my kids forgive me

  29. Sylivia Namakula

    Jan 31 2019

  30. Andrew Zorema

    My Hero dolly I love you so much

  31. Hana Jones

    Anybody From 2019 Here🙆🏾‍♀️

    Fridah Chimupeni

    Am here love💋❤💙❤💋❤💙

    Fridah Chimupeni

    Am here love❤💋💙❤💋💙❤💋


    Hxna Jones here I am!! And in 2030!! I’ll be here!!

    Ah Em

    May 13 here, beautiful lady ..inside and out

  32. Diana Capo

    God bless sweet sincere Dolly Parton. One day I will see her in Tennessee where I live now. Great actress and great voice. Humble and down to earth.

  33. Kimmy Gray

    Iam sorry my poor kids i miss u a lot this song reminds me when I broke up with the father of my two boys 2015 15 june

  34. Benedict Anselem

    I really love this song ,Dolly is one of the greatest singer of all time ..It's heart touched song

  35. Anna.. T

    just losses my dad 2 week 😭😭 this song got me 😍😍

  36. Banele Musa

    i can relate with this song .

  37. Diane Hudson

    i love the song she is a great singer

  38. Ruth Korir

    I love you song bird I love your every song

  39. Loveness Chigoche


    KC therapmachine

    😍 😍 😍 😍

  40. Marie France Glowacki

    Dolly m'a accompagnée pendant toutes mes années de spectacles. Elle m'insuflait la force et la gaitée ! ♡♡♡

  41. Diana Nunez

    Beatiful voice true words from a Country song Dolly parton

  42. Rina M


  43. sharon shoba

    can't get enough of this song.

  44. Ben Craft

    2018. Don’t know when she did this song, but it’s so beautiful. Like Dolly is!

    Eva Lehde

    Ben Craft when she first wrote it, Emmy Lou Harris recorded it. She recorded it later. Dolly once said,” when Emmy Lou Harris recorded, “ To Daddy” I laughed all the way to the bank. When Whitney Houston recorded,” I Will Always Love
    You” (which of course Dolly also wrote) I bought the bank”

  45. onipede olawale

    Please how do I download dolly parton songs?

    KC therapmachine

  46. Wallas Mont Santos

    Beautiful song, i liked

  47. Daryl Tournier

    best song ever i lost my dad 3 years ago still brings a tear to my eye

  48. Charles Okikechi

    You know how much I love you, sweet dolly

  49. Ben Craft

    Love this song .never heard Dolly do it, but...of course she is wonderful! It’s 2018

  50. Rina M

    Dolly hat eine super schöne Stimme.

  51. Paula Morgan

    Some men take there wives for granted. Don’t know why they marry . Women are not to be treated like furniture or maids in the home. Feel sorry for those who treat women unloving and disrespectful .

  52. Dallas Texas

    I agree with you Maria Mutale.

  53. Ali Awomi

    i love this and i realy miss my daddy... stl miss still very special

  54. Remo Bandini

    After all these years of hearing great voices, i come to discover that this one is pretty much it, as a female vocalist.

  55. Journey Calder

    Dolly is definitely an angel.

  56. Evie Biby

    A woman's woman ...

  57. Evie Biby

    We never knew it until it was all over ... kids came first , then , it was all over , we went after what we needed so badly ...

  58. Donna Mccarron

    This was my life but my kids got me through and then God took my baby girl away and so I listen to the songs she loved to keep her close she was only 23 years old miss her so much and she sang this song for me

    Loretta Loree

    I hope you are okay and I wish you happiness. God loves you and He will take good care odlf you.

  59. Milly Floor

    Loved dolly singing all my life still do this is me fav song 😸😸😸😹😹😹

  60. Charles Munyua

    Country music is my best songs and above all Dolly parton

  61. Michael Mwaba

    Lovely song i love you Dolly Parton

  62. janet chepkor

    love this song

  63. I love English

    2017 still in love

  64. jacobs

    O jeeez!! If you're not happy, don't pretend to not care; communicate and save a cowboy some trouble.

    Sharon McBride

    jacobs sometimes our communication falls on deaf ears and we give up trying.

    Paula Morgan

    Some men are just unloving and cold hearted😐

  65. Katie Stilson

    and then your friends fucked it up

  66. Davidus

    What a shame: 42 users dislike this beautiful voice, a voice of an Angel. This shows that you have no taste in music!

    Erna Bajric

    ALIFIHAFID They are morons.

    Edna Twumwaa Frimpong

    it even climbed to 70. Such a big shame

    Jessy Persaud

    This song reaches my hart

    Marvin Thayer

    42 people have no taste and are stupid. Just sayin.

    Tala Garments

    Some think its a download icon

  67. Mei Nguah

    dolly is a gifted singer,

  68. Mei Nguah


  69. Pauline Rolle

    +Pauline Rolle ,I love Dolly Parton music, it's a classic. October 29,2016.

  70. Zush

    Sounds a lot like "Me and Bobby McGee".. wonder which one was written first

    Marvin Thayer

    Bobby McGee was first. This one was written by Dolly, about her mother. only her mother did not leave. It was written sometime in the mid 1970's. Sometime around 1976. Emmylou did it first, and is the best version of this song. This version is the best version not sung by Emmylou. Dolly her entire career has been a an exceptional song writer. The best woman writer ever, and one of the 5 best country songwriters ever. The same song at #1 in three different decades, and two different genres, denotes the timelessness of a song, and that is badass.

  71. Cheryl Taylor

    beautiful song.

  72. Seline Akinyi

    waw. I can relate to this song. I keep playing again and again.

    Naomi Crasto

    +Seline Akinyi Me too!

    Marks Makgasane

    Seline Akinyi too

  73. Fransina 0812585012

    oh dolly your song is really touch my heart!

  74. project planning

    the power of resilience. i love this song i dedicate it to my mother Nancy Bett

    Charlotte Biegon


    Jacinta Moki

    I dedicate to mom too....
    It's sad,it pains

  75. innocent banda

    i love it this song it's really touch me

  76. ezlp

    uwielbiam Ciebie , Dolly.

  77. Grace Asuquo

    You'll remain my very best female singer Dear Dolly.  Where you are today, May God keep you in good health.

  78. Chyane Wocknitz

    Whats the song about a little girl and he puppy by dolly parton ???

    kingsley Perez

    me and little Andy

    Judy Duschka

    Me and little Andy

    kingsley Perez

    @Judy Duschka yes

  79. yu3p2x1

    I'm sure Lisa Mchugh is a great singer. But don't forget Dolly Parton wrote it and instead of recording it with Porter Wagoner all those years ago, gave it to Emmy Lou Harris, who had her only number one with it. Emily had heard Dolly sing it and asked her for it.Dolly felt,as Emily Lou's friend, that she should give it to her. But Porter, as her producer, didn't want that. But Dolly thought a friend is a friend, as Emmy Lou was for her, and gave it to Emmy Lou, and history was made. Emmy Lou did it justice and got to number one with it. Dolly did it justice, and as her own song, did a wonderful version on it. I'm sure Lisa Mchugh would understand that.

  80. bdlb100

    Good song but Lisa McHugh sings it so much better

  81. conan debomber

    beautiful song

    phiwa ngema

    God was giving you nice voice d

  82. solomon oyewale

    dis is thr real song mommy 

  83. christine sheerin

    oh wow love this song. first time hearing it. Gosh it just fabulous.  love you dollyx x a truely great artist

  84. Maria Mutale

    We sometimes dont value what we are holding until its gone for good. so sweet a song.

    solo muyundo

    very true mariah

    Richard Loyd

    Maria Mutale iiii

    renof_ rumfabe

    Maria Mutale gggghy

  85. Jack Adams

    Just love this ladies singing..thank you for the share

  86. DillonStation

    I so understand this is song

  87. Emma Johnson

    im 39 weeks pregeant and everytime i play this song she kicks me

  88. Emma Dan

    Poor woman. I Can only imagine the loneliness, emptiness and sadness that filled her heart daily as she sat, waiting in vain for the man she loved to love her in return. My heart bleeds for every woman who has to go through this emotional pain. And shame to the men who make it happen!

    Jessica Victoria Carrillo

    I feel underappreciated by my friends, I just want to feel appreciated by them and like they are enthusiastic to see me. I am trying to ask for what I want and be vocal but I'm afraid they will be angry at me. Sometimes I want to "disappear" from social media or whatever for a while, but I'm afraid of hurting them and never like going without them. *crying* This song means so much to me and I heard before this song, that the woman would die and it was then that he'd appreciated her, so happy she made that brave decision.

    John Peter

    Emma Dan Love without expecting love in return.

    Jacinta Moki

    You know..
    It's such a pain...spending 3/4 of your life ....with someone who cares not..
    I feel it

  89. merevaik555

    Beautiful sad song.

  90. ursula soutter

    brings back mwmories ,but my mum never left ,she loved my dad until he died and she died 10 years later .miss you both rip xxxx

  91. ursula soutter

    god this brings back memories ,only my never left ,she loved my dad till the day he died and she died 10 years later rip xxx

  92. Miranda Pocock

    luv ya dolly and now my daughter does too u will always be the best in our family
    ironic thing is my daughters fav country singing is dollys god daughter Miley Cirus

  93. denzel demario

    i feel like this song was writen for my mother. so sad

    Evie Biby

    Bless her heart ... I have grown kids , from 36 to 51 and only one knows the truth ... I'm catching hell .

  94. inci ocal

    [email protected]

  95. Ed Camp

    Hehe ..I'm gay too but this Dolly sings like a beautiful angel and when Dollys sings she can make you dance or get on your knees to pray and cry with her sad sonds but guy Dolly is a legend and a beautiful singer!

  96. Dom Dom

    Good for you man. weldone! :-)

  97. Diana Prince

    i hope when your pain is less,this takes a lot of time but maybe on two years or three ,this can be a very comforting song that has reasonce in your life x my condolences

  98. Pamela Dunford


    Chido Mashazhike

    She is the best and greatest of all time love you Dolly you know how to sing living legend

  99. Pamela Dunford


  100. teresa haynes

    this is a song written for my mum and I hope one day she to finds the courage to leave