Parton, Dolly - Kentucky Gambler Lyrics

He wanted more from like
Than four kids and a wife
And a job in the dark Kentucky mines
A twenty-acre farm
With a shacky house and barn
That's all he had
And all he left behind
At gambling he was lucky
So he left Kentucky
Left behind his woman and his kids
Into the gay casino
In Nevada's town of Reno
Kentucky gambler planned to get rich quick

Kentucky gambler, who's gonna love your woman in Kentucky
Who's gonna be the one to give her what she needs
Kentucky gambler, who's gonna raise your children in Kentucky
Who's gonna keep them fed and keep shoes on their feet

At the gamblers' paradise
Lady luck was on his side
Kentucky gambler played his cards just right
He won at everything he played
Kentucky gambler had it made
And he should have quit and gone on home that night

But when you love the greenback dollar
Sorrow's always bound to follow
Reno dreams fade into neon amber
And lady luck, she'll leave you on
She'll saty awhile, and then she's gone
You'd better go on home Kentucky gambler

But a gambler never seems to stop
Til he loses all he's got
And so, Kentucky gambler, he played on
He played til he lost all he won
He was right back where he started from
Then he started wanting to go home

Kentucky gambler, there ain't nobody waiting in Kentucky
When you walked out, somebody else walked in
Kentucky gambler, looks like you ain't really very lucky
Seems to me a gambler looses much more than he wins

So you think about it
Kentucky gambler

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Parton, Dolly Kentucky Gambler Comments
  1. Kevin & Vanessa Butler

    Toby just put life into this great song.

    David Spears

    Toby Kieth did a boring and lifeless version,he can't sing worth a damn and he will never write a song that could hold a candle to anything by Dolly Parton or Merle Haggard(or anyone with any talent).

  2. Damo Hanson

    First listened to this in 1979. Haggard did it also but Dolly wrote it. Another example of the musical geniuses we listened to on our am radio. Iconic and as Americana as they come !

  3. Paul Gavin

    True - to - life story song. Why can't Country songs be like this today?

  4. Max Hamilton

    Fantastic song, thanks for uploading!