Parton, Dolly - Dreams Do Come True Lyrics

Like the morning sun
His love moved across every inch of my body

And the heat from the fire burned me up with desire
I thought I'd died and gone to heaven for sure

This morning when I opened my eyes
There to my surprise
Lay that angel I thought had been only a dream
And so I said a little prayer
And thanked God, that he was there
Oh, this is a dream come true

Dream do come true
I know 'cause I found you
I never thought they did
But now I do
Dreams do come true

It was love at first sight
And it was love all night

And the way he made love to me
Fulfilled all my fantasies
Ooo, this is a dream come true

Yes, dreams do come true
I know 'cause I found you
I never thought they did
But you're living proof
That dreams do come true

Dreams do come true
And I am so in love with you

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Parton, Dolly Dreams Do Come True Comments
  1. Jackie Blanchard

    Beauifal song of all

  2. cege sl45

    Agnes my dealing and the my one and only true love, l loved this song for so many years but you made it come true l love you so much

    A c

    My Love for you is unconditional and eternal, dreams do come true

  3. Jackie Blanchard

    She the best and dreams do come true

  4. Lily Bell

    has dolly died yet

    Amanda Chinner

    Lily Bell no she hasn’t she’s 73 now and still going strong

  5. Robert Brown

    DM forever...❤️

  6. Charlotte Biegon

    I hope my dreams come true.

    Charlotte Biegon

    Still my prayer

  7. Linda Smith

    this go out two my. big sister charilne. Cox I love u sis love your baby sister. Linda cox

  8. Linda Smith

    I love this song if I fine a guy will marry me this song I have two play

    Sydney Michelle

    Linda Smith this song along with a few choice others was played at my wedding ..all hand picked so to speak by the two of us....this song of course was played a few moments before the wedding march.

  9. Linda Smith

    Same day I. wish some guy will marry. me love linda

  10. Linda Smith

    I love this song its true love linda

  11. tasia ceasar

    yes dreams come true.. dolly I love you

  12. Robin Frye

    This is a dream come true love you dolly

  13. GriNga Briesmaster

    this song tho hahahahaha the girl just wanted some good sex ahahhaha

  14. tintraa200

    its so sad and happy at the same time ur the best dolly parton

  15. Paul Jones

    miss parton you bring tear to my eye lord bless you

  16. Dark Shidira

    My girlfriend requested me to hear to this song, when her woke up from her surgery. She said she's going to sing that song for me when she gets back home. I going to play this song over and over again, till my girlfriend comes home. =)

  17. wuzupraphy

    beautiful song.