Parton, Dolly - Crimson And Clover Lyrics

Now I don't hardly know her
But I think I could love her
Crimson and clover

Well if she come walkin' over
Now I been waitin' to show her
Crimson and clover
Over and over

My mind's such a sweet thing
I wanna do everything
What a beautiful feeling
Crimson and clover
Over and over

[Instrumental break]

Crimson and clover, over and over
[Repeat to fade]

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Parton, Dolly Crimson And Clover Comments
  1. Yaveet Casper

    More people need to listen to this big chested verison of this song wemt to dolly land wen i was 11 im 22 now

  2. Timothy Bessemer

    I never knew until tonight that Dolly did a cover of this Tommy James classic.

  3. Gary Steely

    Ya all know that's Tommy James singin' with Dolly at 1:03

    brian may

    is it really???😯

    Gary Steely

    @brian may Yes, the CD this is from, Dolly did duets with a number of well known artists

  4. OAKIE9531

    saw her live, she is a beautiful woman, inside and out

  5. Picolas Cage

    Dolly is funny like that aunt you know you were always going to get in trouble with but had fun and your mom blamed her instead of you

  6. lilyvampwolf

    Her voice always gives me chills. My regular choice of music is metal, but I like banjos and I love Dolly.

  7. Laugh Home Komedy

    I love this song. reminds of someone I loved that left

  8. Sophia Irungu

    Dolly Parton your amazing, your songs move me and cant stop listening to them.  Love you more

  9. Allan Samuel

    I just love this woman, such a classy lady....muah!!