Parton, Dolly - Barbara Allen Lyrics

In London town where I was born
There lived a fair maid dwellin'
Made every youth cry well away
And her name was Barbara Allen

I sent a servant to your town
Where Barbara she was dwellin'
My master sent and he sent for you
If your name is Barbara Allen

T'was in the merry month of May
When all the flowers were a-bloomin'
A young man on his death bed lay
For the love of Barbara Allen

Oh Nellie Mae on her way home
Were the words so sweet love singin'
And as they sang they seemed to say
Hard hearted Barbara Allen

Oh the more she ran oh the more she mourned
'Till she could not stop her cyin'
Oh pick me up and take me home
For I am surely a-dyin'

Oh father my father go dig my grave
Go dig it long and narrow
Sweet William died for me today
So I'll die for him tomorrow

Oh they buried her in the old churchyard
Buried sweet William down beside her
On William's grave grew a red red rose
On Barbara's grew a great briar

Oh it grew to the top of the old churchyard
It grew till It could not grow no higher
And there they tied in a true love's knot
The red red rose 'round the briar

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Parton, Dolly Barbara Allen Comments
  1. YEET PF

    this sounds like fuckin gibberish

  2. Robin Wright

    Dolly is my favorite female singer, I very much like the way she sings this, but I like Crystal Gayle's versions even more.

  3. 442 Hz


  4. Victor TalkingMachine

    Who is singing at the beginning?

    Brian Allen

    Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh

  5. Laura Mills-Alcott

    For those who haven't read it, there is a Regency Era Historical Romance novel based on Dolly's version of Barbara Allen available at Amazon

  6. Tonya Hancock

    Anyone have a link to the Gaelic lyrics?

    Laura Mills-Alcott

    There is a copy of the Gaeilge lyrics in the book THE BRIAR AND THE ROSE by Laura Mills-Alcott, which is based on Dolly's version of this ballad. Ebook is available on Amazon.

  7. Juan Pedro Gutierrez

    Momma used to sing me to sleep with her version of this song, it is very similar to what Dolly sang here!

  8. Louis Martinez Jr

    one of my grandma's favorites and mine too. Dolly was her favorite singer. always brings tears to my eyes.

    Nikki Marie

    This song has brought tears to my eyes as well. The whole cassette tape was great, but this particular song holds a special place in my heart. It's perfect in every way.

  9. Mandy Macomber

    Dolly's voice is perfect for the song!!

  10. Mandy Macomber

    Dolly's voice is perfect for the song!!