Parry Gripp - The Ballad Of Melvin The Magic Hotdog Lyrics

Melvin the magical hot dog
Was lying in his bun
Just waiting for a friend to come along
Little Billy bought him
From a vender in the street
And now our epic story has begun

Melvin the magical hot dog
He's a genie weenie

He's gonna fight for you and for me
Melvin the magical hot dog
You will stay approved
Yeah, he does it for me and for you

Yeah he's a hot dog!

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Parry Gripp The Ballad Of Melvin The Magic Hotdog Comments

    Ok, this is Epic

  2. Landon Hedrick

    Ginenny wheinny

  3. Jade Sway

    Go commit not stuck in head

  4. The Epic Notebook Animator

    This gives me the Baby Looney Tunes vibe

  5. delamore25

    time phone hack

  6. Neet

    I got a condom as on this video

  7. Emily Barnes

    stuck in my head aaa

  8. SadBoyDaddE

    I know this song isn't much, but you should make a cartoon network series about him, him and billy go on adventures and having fun, and after that they learn something at the end of some episodes, in others they just have fun at the end. :)

  9. p.eugene gallarde

    Its a peice of crap!

  10. p.eugene gallarde

    everyone hates this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Amiya Moore

    p.eugene gallarde i dont hate it

  11. Mack Bigby

    this song helped me quit heroin

  12. DobbyLovesCookies237

    This is probably my favorite song ever!

    Vanilla Serenity

    DobbyLovesCookies237 but why——

  13. Cherry

    Someone should make a show about this.

  14. Tina Repetto

    I don't like hotdogs but this song rocks

  15. Tina Repetto

    Lol hot dog

  16. creeperface2001

    parry grip is the best

  17. James H.


  18. Izzy Hallam


  19. judy

    Comment no longer exists..... FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  20. Emily Mj

    ts like his other song neon Pegasus :P

  21. Claire Post

    i have a dumb friend who is convinced that it is TEENY weenie

  22. Colton Patak

    He's a genie weenie

  23. Emma Roman

    lol this is the best song ever my whole family loves it especialy me

  24. James Whitley

    This shitcame on my Pandora when I was on Mad World radio... wtf?! I LOVE IT!

  25. Tyrannosaurus Rex

    Did anyone else notice that Melvin looks just like the hotdog eating another hotdog in parry gripp's song "Midnight Snack"? I'm just saying...

  26. TheGoonDude

    Thanks for the awesome songs

  27. ileidia13

    @greyfox98100 Even though it only cost $1.98. ;)

  28. Gamegeeko

    epic story yeah hotdog tacos and cats

  29. AwesomeMoj

    is it just my computer... or are there like 15 seconds of silence at the end???

  30. Tarmour

    Hes gona fight for u and for me/ ya hes a hotdog

  31. poopfacelol

    sadly 4 people just got eaten by melvin the magical hot dog ;(

  32. Avi Shaw

    Um... I swear I am a Nancy Drew FOLLOWER and now I say.. EAT PARRY GRIPP SONGS DREW :D


    I just lost your virginity :O

  34. ForgottenRoar

    melvin is being sold for 3.99 now XD!

  35. rebecca zangora

    he has a pony tail :D

  36. FLAKE6004

    that sausage is a spy!

  37. abryanmon

    l this song was made 1 day before my birth day ):< come on scribble out the 5 and make it a six it wont hurt!

  38. TheArtistofdoom

    @shaboopyification i kno that it was lust a joke

  39. chunkiebob

    @TheArtistofdoom Its a vendor...... not a vending machine.

  40. James Mackey

    @AdvertisePlay my teacher plays the guitar and loves puff the magic dragon!!!!!!

  41. DJBBOY3000

    2 people are burgers

  42. TheArtistofdoom

    @ChimamireNoNeko iv got one word for ya SARCASYM

  43. TheArtistofdoom

    who puts hawt dawgz in a vending machines? 0:23

  44. Jenna Leister

    hot dog

  45. xisweeteserenity

    Poor Melvin. :[[[[[[[[

  46. Katie Peach Kiwi

    He's a geeeenie weenie XD

  47. KittyandMimmy11

    The kid with the glasses looks like one of my friends :/

    Melvin the Magical Hotdog XD Lel.

  48. Baconizeme

    i have the cd that this is on

  49. Nelon THA Melon


  50. super9714

    1. I am dead
    2. You are next
    3. Someone will kill you in the next 5 hours
    4. Post to 6 other videos or youll die

  51. Lilian Quach

    hahaha love it

  52. Michael Van Zanten

    awesome. sorry i ate you for supper last night melvin... :(

  53. rollert2

    Love it, This is sooooooo catchy


    Genie weenie! Ha!

  55. The Fur Monsters

    hahaha loved it :3