Parquet Courts - Square States Lyrics

"How are you, how have you been?"
We redeem ourselves in checkpoints, not in true moments of life
Now I wander through the awkward pauses that became our new benchmarks of time
Oh, there's no name for this feeling that your absence has defined

Upon your bedside table lies the graveyard of romance
An empty wrapper weighted by a jar of rocks from France
A necklace used to magnify your eyes, and I made the first advance
Oh, I did it just to break the ice, they needn't be enhanced

"How are you, how have you been?"
I practiced on the drive across the square states in between us to see you alive
I imagine that the first glance there would say if there was something to revive
Oh, I got a room in Bozeman, I had three days to arrive

One more time!

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Parquet Courts Square States Comments
  1. aaron arguello

    Why isn’t this on Spotify

  2. Brian Torres

    The way they cut the carrots on the album cover gives me massive ptsd about this really shitty restaurant that used to be in my town where literally everybody got diarrhea from

  3. MoKone5

    I was a late bloomer as far as being a Parquet Courts fan, i've always had a few tracks from American Specialties lingering on my ipod, but never cared for much else of their work. Been going through a tough break up, and this came up on shuffle. Really hits home, I love this song so much. Not sure if it's even relevant to that subject matter, but I interpret it as such, and it helps. I don't give a fuck.

    Going to see them tommorow in concert now. Perfect timing.

  4. jackbaradog

    This artwork is so dope

  5. ktl ktl


  6. MardyAss

    Thank you