Parov Stelar - Gringo Lyrics

It tried if ourselves
Don't what nobody else knows
So called, don't play games, don't want much at all
This is sunshine, shakin' their bodies
Make sure they heard that, you say so and got it

Yo los no que
Avec I te a los si se
Avec ti ai a los si se
Avec ti ai a vos no que
A poco te yo los no que
A ver ti te a los si se
A ver ti te a los si se
A ver ti ai a vos no que...

It tried if ourselves
Don't what nobody else knows
So called, don't play games, don't want much at all
This is sunshine, shakin' their bodies
Make sure they heard that, you say so and got it

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Parov Stelar Gringo Comments
  1. Qannter Melikov

    I love you Paris stellar ! Warm greetings from the 20’s thanks for evolving our Roaaring music 😛

  2. Franco Quintanilla

    WTF! Same as two steps from hell - one million voices :O

  3. Andrea Price

    where has this song been all my life?

  4. Mikołaj Solik

    Can we get a Parov Stelar x Caro Emerald collab?!

  5. Bazimga!

    nosferatu vibes, cool

  6. Christomir Rackov

    Love the Balkan vibe in this one. :)

  7. Tatiana C.

    Thanks for authenticity, this is just amazing!👌👌👌

  8. stefan sauvageon

    Why Batman though

  9. Thales


  10. Jetrick Gordo

    That trumpet just takes me away...

  11. knights tamplar

    Damn this is Catchy asf lmao.
    Is this Spanish and English?

    Tor Dragøy


  12. KillZone7911

    Man even the horse dances better than me

  13. blanca navmont

    Caravan Palace is coming to México next Saturday. When will the day parov come too? I am eager to see you live

  14. ashagon

    Love You. Will you be in Mexico?

  15. janka kami

    Úžasnééé tral la la

  16. Pug EDM

    Shazam me estado pero esta cool

  17. Alizu

    Is this part of ,, One million voices"?


    Both tracks used a Bulgarian folk song called "Lele Yano". Interestingly both were uploaded on the same day.

  18. Sliver

    November 30 ... Warsaw ... Torwar ... I will :)

  19. William Gonzalez Jimenez

    Parov stelar x Caravan palace plis ;-;

  20. paul cartlidge

    You are so talented. I love this song.

  21. Marco Di Brigida

    I have set the loop...

  22. Edward Korbel

    Znów wymiata, znakomite, wykurwiste

  23. Sergo Tashini

    Давненько такого ритма не было слышно и вот

  24. kabaide

    Gorgeous Music !!!

  25. francesca russo


  26. francesca russo

    Vai così sei il migliore

  27. oleg tleuzhanov

    Breath a fresh air!!!

  28. Franccesco Navokov

    You should come to California, USA

  29. wivwiva dato


  30. Нурик Абдылдаев

    🖐️👍👍👍👍👍 классный Ди Джей

  31. lalocaelbarrio soy

    One thing is I don't know why always people mix flamenco with Mexican culture.....


    The Best 🤗🤗🤗

  33. homayoon qotbeddini


  34. urszula ko.

    Great video! Greetings from Poland !

  35. zura svan

    parov + bregovic 💜

  36. stefan mircea draghicescu

    come to bucharest motha' fucker !

  37. ash7700

    Diggin it!

  38. junafan1

    Good job,Parov i love you music -Poland

  39. JubySmartVideo

    Big comeback

  40. Romy T

    Amazing art😍

  41. Chops Aguilar

    The weird voices are samples from the song Lele, Yano (Леле, Яно) by Esil Duran, a bulgarian artist.


    A Rapper "Bligg" from my country (Switzerland) also uses this voices in his song "Ja aber" and i thought they stole it from him but it looks like other artists are using this voice too.

    Jetrick Gordo

    Thomas Bergersen also used this.


    @Jetrick Gordo He did indeed. In fact, looking at the comments in his music's comment section is how I learned that Parov also sampled the same exact song.

    Bob Hammock

    Lele yano is a bulgarian folk chant, older than copyrights.

  42. fabien gohee

    trop bien j'adore

  43. jestemtlusty

    thats just beautiful

  44. Lila Karbowiak

    I would be very thankful to you for the music that would be good for my acrobatic arrangement

  45. DañIEl tv

    buenaza ¡¡¡¡¡¡ chingona rola

  46. Chrr Z

    great song and super fun video.. i´m glad you took the 6 weeks to paint all these frames!

  47. Fabio Salviato

    Mi mette di Buon umore

  48. Kerwin Gan


  49. Lory 61

    È bellissimo questo video

  50. Peter Cachovan

    I love your Unique style in music,with real instruments and very innovative style.Greetings from Slovakia :-)

  51. Tercy Sakura

    Thomas Bergersen - One Million Voices


    Tercy Sakura I was just about to comment that. Have they both used the same vocal track then? I’d hate to think this was stolen!

    Tercy Sakura

    @Syllan Maybe was stolen... I don't know :/

  52. Péter Gáncs

    Brutal gut!!!

  53. Monoxide [GD]

    Me: Can we have Caravan Palace?
    Mom: No, we have Caravan Palace at home!
    Caravan Palace at home:

  54. JC Denton

    We're still waiting for a Parov Stelar x Caravan Palace collab! Make it happen!

    Svenka TheMemeLord

    @DerDudeHH what the frick is wrong with you? (And P L E A S E make that happen)


    DerDudeHH what the fuck? Caravan palace is amazing. All their songs are dope. CP and PS should totally make a collab

    Da Fuq

    oh yeah yeah

    Zarozapa CnJ

    @DerDudeHH Sounds like bitterness because of CP's fame and success in contrast of Parov's comparatively low popularity :P

    Prodigal Manifest

    @Zarozapa CnJ Probably, like the hipster mindest of "I can only like underground bands" and shit

  55. LEBIHAN Tremeur

    Welcome in French Guyana. 🍀🌟🙏

  56. neurosis1100

    We waiting for u guys. Bay Area .viva mexico

  57. Patryk Patrykowsky

    Parov !!! Great Job My Master !! Le Piaf and Gringo Win <3

  58. Sam Morse-Brown

    O_O Two steps from hell has just been ripped off

  59. Kalumba

    Обезбашиный рашен есть?



  60. Jamal DZY

    So underrated =(

    This rocks more than any fuckin' EDM chart random song

  61. Felix Cruz

    Jaja good song, but if u
    Want más mexican essence watcha: te quiero p*ta - Rammstein v:

  62. Ashwin Vangipuram

    What's the background sample in Spanish? It sounds so familiar, but where is it from?

  63. Random Fun Videos

    I'm you're new best fan! Now I wanna know what these kids are saying lol

  64. didier merlo

    excellent! didnot see such an original video since a loooooong time. Who is the artist? And i love the music toooo!

  65. Mate Mate

    I am austrian and I heard him for the first time ^^

  66. João Vitor Lopes Scherer


  67. Marie Smith

    This is by far and away my pet cheetah's favourite song 🐆 She has very good taste 😀

  68. Juan Viveros zarate

    I just have a Word to describe this: beautifull

  69. Anh Tu Vu

    do anyone know which video does the woman at 0:11 from?

  70. Josefien de bie

    It was worth the wait! 🙌🤸🙌

  71. Caelez Waltz

    The child singing part sounds like Thomas Bergersen's One Million Voices


    do you the know the name for the style of that sorta chorus, where a group of people sing, but its fun music not church music?

    Caelez Waltz

    @17091ira0072 you mean choir?


    @Caelez Waltz yeah but when I search that, the choir music is always dull relgious music

    Caelez Waltz

    @17091ira0072 dull or fun is depend on the songs they pick, "lion sleeps tonight" choir sounds fun to me

    Universo Relativo

    I heard that it's a traditional Bulgarian song, the same that Thomas uses. Lele Yano is it called :)

  72. Chiara Badini

    Beautiful but some parts reminds me Americano by Lady Gaga

  73. TimoDerPro

    Reminds me of Mambo Rap. A new style maybe?

  74. #giulio.g

    the best music, now. For my

  75. Alysavos15650

    what a god damn masterpiece..........

  76. Remiqius

    Brakuje mi tu większego Basu, tam gdzie jest trąbka ale ogólnie jest fajne :D

  77. Canal do Thiago Duarte

    Gringo it’s how brazilians call foreign people hahahaha

  78. ბენგ ბენგ

    ❤️ პარმენ

  79. Андрей Феоктистов

    cool. coool. coooooooooooool.

  80. Gazal Jain

    grandpa's groove!

  81. Juan Castro
    Balkano - Toni Ezero👆

    Parte de la canción viene del sonido del video de Toni Ezero. Aunque ambas suenan bien.

  82. MrAcro29

    Parov Stelar dans toute sa splendeur ,bravo et merci pour ce moment de plaisir intense :) ,respect

  83. 1oneDigger - gaming and stuff

    Video reminds me of Jimmy's Gang

  84. geordie69

    Not everyone who wanders is lost.

  85. δεσποινα σιανα

    Mood changer 👍

  86. Scoogins

    Narcos Mexico new song???

  87. Virginia Kate Moonias

    Wow!!!🤩😎 amazing. Shwing!! 💋

  88. Delia Y

    What an amazing song ! I am addicted to it !

  89. Enza Lou Anna PRACHT


  90. Alan Ramirez

    Viva MÉXICO cabrones Arriba ParovStelar

    Kevin Lupercio

    Siii otro mexicano

  91. francesco caforio

    canzone fresca e frizzante .......molto bella !!