Parliament - Wizard Of Finance Lyrics

Yeah, whoa-whoa-whoa
If I was a wizard of finance
Speculating every day on Wall Street
My dividends would be so tremendous, baby
Even Dow Jones would find it hard to believe

It's your lovin'
Can I kiss you
Can I squeeze you
Can I hug you
Right now baby (it's the squeezing kind)


If I had plenty of money
I would probably in one year
I'd be busy buying you flowers, girl
Just to show I appreciate your being here

It's your lovin'
Can I kiss you
Can I squeeze you
Can I hug you
Right now, baby
It's the squeezing kind

It's the lovin' kind
It's the squeezin' kind

It's your lovin'
Can I kiss you
Can I squeeze you
Can I hug you
Can I squeeze you kind, yeah darling

It's the lovin' kind
It's the squeezing kind

If I were a wizard of finance
I would probably invest my life in you
My dividend would be so tremendous, baby
Even Dow Jones won't believe it's true

It's the lovin' kind
It's the squeezing kind

It's your lovin'
Can I kiss you
Can I squeeze you
Can I hold you
Can I hug you
Can I please you
Can I squeeze you kind, yeah

It's the lovin' kind
It's the squeezing kind

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Parliament Wizard Of Finance Comments
  1. Rudy Colleton

    Airline Jazz Publications , I think that Sean .was right concerning to air time , This Album is definitely the better album. As you know music and groups move on like lighting , I over all love the funkadelic unique sound .

  2. deacon8754

    I used to skip this cut but it’s dope, kind of harkens back to their doo-wop roots.

  3. Troy Staton

    The Cut! From Blewfoot....

  4. Cesar Amador

    This is for the grown and sexy! Sophisticated Funk!!

  5. Will R

    Incredible... smack back in the middle of one of the most delightfully goofy concept albums ever, we have this absolutely beautiful funk/soul number. Parliament were one of the most genius bands ever, for sure.

  6. Jimi Wilder

    written by Glenn Goins


    Sung by george

  7. John Thyr

    Owe Kay ok okay!

  8. Keeley Brineman

    Now I love my Clinton but this was a Bernie tune right here.


    It really wasn't. Written by Ron Ford, Glenn Goins and George Clinton. Bernie does a few cool things on top.

    Jimi Wilder


  9. Louis Washington

    Wizard o f finance

  10. Football Realist

    To all you p-FUNK fans thanks for being related to me with the. P. It a great feeling to have funky family reunion enjoy the party 4 ever. Jacksonville Florida funk.

  11. Caleb Harris

    I got $20 baby, lets go to taco bell

    russell boller

    Clinton at his best grooving

  12. Kevin Davis

    This is funk in your eye

  13. Robert Shaw

    This song is to my uncle Robert because he played this song all the time and I was loving it.

  14. meljr none

    I love the way Bootsy is funkin' with that bass.....

  15. yesiah suprees

    Shake hands with the Funk.

  16. pianissimo101

    I know what kind of song this is . . . It's the lovin' kind, and it's the squeezin' kind . . .


    Certainly is pianissimo

  17. Sean Howard

    This is from the same album as Flashlight. This song didn't get the radio play like Flashlight but it is a real ol skool jam for real George Clinton fans.

  18. Rod Smith

    Love it

  19. Wes Kim

    I am a wizard of finance

  20. D'Artenya Granger

    Parliament-Funkadelic - Wizard of Finance

  21. Trevis Austin


  22. Trevis Austin

    many people that like pfunk don't even know about this track. this is the greatest track they put on vinyl imo. bass so thick and groovy, the Doo wop singing it's almost cartoonist but irresistible.

    Robert Shields

    Trevis Austin fucking amazing! Makes me wanna put my sunglasses on to see what I’m doin!

  23. dirty matt

    can't believe i listened to mothership connection for like 4 years but never heard of this album.. huh

  24. Michael Green


  25. terry miles

    This is chess, it ain't checkers!!!

    Troy Davis

    you ain't never lied bro.

  26. Jimi Wilder

    Dr Funkenstein

  27. Misallati Hat Club Misallati

    Everytime that Sax kicks

  28. Life 4 Learning

    Parliament make a love song sound funky.

  29. Mark Bland

    The kids today have no clue of this, class of 81

    Low Diggs

    class eternal long live the p


    Class of 2021 here!


    @MulticraftHUB Parliament will forever live on! Give the people what they want, when they want, and they wants it ALL THE TIME.

    Audrien M.

    And Brazil’s here too 😎

    Christopher Lane

    We found it. Lol

  30. Calvin McCowin

    This is what music is all about, close your eyes and go back in time.

  31. Fredrick Tucker

    I love this song I have this album ever since 1978 and back then when I first played this song I went ga ga crazy I played this song to death and 9 years ago I met George and he signed that album fredrick tucker

  32. ray green

    George Clinton is a master mind genius

  33. Art Boy

    Clinton showed them he could pull a classic smooth soul song outta his ass anytime he wants..

    Louis Washington

    Goergge a nd the p-funk are. It9


  34. chris edwards

    Bootsy baby on bass

    Greg H.

    chris edwards Bootsy rules, right?

    yesiah suprees

    Greg H. Yes.


    I think this actually was Cordell Mossoon on bass. Written by GC, Ron Ford and Glenn Goins. Bootsy plays bass on most of the album; Bop Gun, Funkentelechy, Sir Nose. Placebo Syndrome was also not Bootsy, Billy Bass I think


    Parliament was bad!

    Fredrick Tucker

    this song is my favorite since I have the album from 1978 and back than I played this song to death and 9 years ago I met George and have that album signed now that album is gonna be framed soon as possible
    fredrick Tucker