Parliament - Supergroovalisticprosifunkstication Lyrics

Throw down!
Baby do the throw down!
Give the people what they want
When they want
And they wants it all the time
Throw down!
Baby do the throw down!
Give the people what they want (supergroovlastic)
When they want (prosifunkstication)
And they wants it all the time

Give the people what they need
When they need
And the need is yours and mine

Give the people what they want (heh heh!)
When they want
And they wants it all the time

Give the people what they need (in other words, it's the thumps bump)
When they need
And the need is yours and mine

Throw down!
Baby do the throwdown!
Slow down!
Baby can you slow down?
Slow down!
Baby can you slow down?

Give the people what they want
When they want
And they wants it all the time

In other words, it's the thumps bump

Give the people what they want
When they want
And they wants it all the time (throw down!)

Give the people what they need
When they need
And the need is yours and mine

Give the people what they want (supergroovalistic)
When they want (prosifunkstication)
And they wants it all the time

Give the people what they need
When they need
And the need is yours and mine

Throw down!
Baby do the throw down!
Throw down!
Baby can you throw down

Give the people what they want (supergroovalistic)
When they want (prosifunkstication)
And they wants it all the time

Give the people what they want
When they want
And they wants it all the time

Ha ha ha ha!

Give the people what they want
When they want
And they wants it all the time

Give the people what they need
When they need
And the need is yours and mine

Give the people what they want
When they want
And they wants it all the time
Give the people what they want
When they want
And they wants it all the time

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Parliament Supergroovalisticprosifunkstication Comments
  1. greg best

    Don't slow down.

  2. Erwin Urla

    Totally Insane - The Insane

  3. Prez Larry Rogers

    That Funk hits hard even through the intro! Lord how mercy! 🤘👁

    Chris Mathis

    Sound so good make you want to cry.


    Dedicated to my mother, Mrs. Lona Mae Porter!!!!! I love you forever, Mama. Rise In Power (RIP)!!!!! Yahweh bless!!!!!

  5. Troy Staton

    Funky 🤘 From Blewfoot...

  6. Kerry Allen

    "I want it all the time!"

  7. melvin jones

    1976 A.D.

    thomas moody

    Ummm, it was actually 1975 bruh....

  8. João Marcos Justino

    Jay White likes it.

  9. Angelo Adams

    Still Brilliant!!!!

  10. Ernest Ware

    I am a true die hard Parliament funkadelic fan and I will not trade my funk for what's behind the third door,just keep on grooving.

  11. Willie Haire

    1978 Action

  12. Ernest Ware

    I'm grooving to the sounds of Parliament funkadelic it ain't nothing wrong with getting your funk on are you hip to the mother ship.

  13. Myron Butler'

    The thing that pisses the non funkers off is that they can't duplicate this, still scratching there heads

  14. Davis Starsha

    THAT BASS😍😍😍😍😍😍

  15. Don Donner

    Geeze, I just saw Supergroovalisticprosifunkstation cited by an economist to explain the current economic situation in the USA. And he (and Parlement) was Right On Point!

  16. Chad Roose

    Take us for a ride Bernie!!!

  17. Henry Hawkins

    I am a sixty year old Funka-Fuckin-Teer. Always!

  18. Mike Brown

    The funkiest bass line. On the planet!!!! Dat shit stank

  19. M Haynes

    Funky worm should've been Bernie Worrell's alias!!!!!!! He lives on, and this song is fo sho old school SLAP!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. P M

    This is excellent

  21. ronald armstead

    Ray Donovan brought me here

  22. arielioness2

    bernie dulcet

  23. Jeff Bunn

    Yes!! Thank you:)!!!

  24. NikNacks

    Thank you 'Ray Donovan' for introducing me to this gem!

    V B

    Me too, lol

  25. LamontCJ

    Bootsy Collins killing it!!!

  26. LamontCJ

    I open up every set on my Vintage Onkyo power and sub amp and turntable with this classic!


    I was playing music at house party’s and gyms. If I didn’t play a MOB song every other record I got threats!

  28. Thomas Nighbor

    The funk explains socialism...😂😎😂😎

  29. Jay Mike

    George said i don't know how he does it 🤘

  30. Alessandro Scarlata the funk is one


  31. Quit That

    Still funkin after all these years...Nuthin can touch it!

    kenneth hudson

    Quit that u spoke the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth...I began listening to the funk mob at the age of 13 in 1972 and I am 60 yrs old now and have yet too see anything come in smelling distance of it, 4 funk is it's own reward....

  32. Brother Daryll

    Just recently saw videos about Bernie...he was a musical prodigy! I am not ashamed to say that I am just finding and hearing some of his original work.....Timeless! PFUNK4EVA !

  33. david little

    Funky dope cold straight ahead classic even to this day (43 years strong!!!) # dig

    Jeff Jordan

    Totally agree WAY AHEAD of its TIME!!!!!!!

  34. Papa Midnight

    Bernie was a mad scientist on the keyboards! He made sounds with those synthesizers one could only dream of creating. R.I.P., Bernie.


    King of space age sounds

    Chad Roose

    Indeed! He tapped in.

    jhadzia Mfume

    Rest in Peace Bernie …. I will miss you always. P-FUNK plainfield NJ

  35. Papa Midnight

    Classic album! Can't get on the Mothership without it.

  36. Blue Falcon

    42 people have no groove

  37. Davida Good


  38. Davida Good

    Real Parliament fans

  39. Larry Kelly


  40. mikeysclips

    Take funk to Heaven in 77.

  41. D'Artenya Granger

    Parliament - Supergroovalisticprosifunkstication

  42. Edward Trimble


  43. chris edwards

    Bernie steals the show and only song tiki played on mothership connection

  44. Ave Figgy


  45. Karl Helm

    There's another Starchild, Paul Stanley of Kiss.


    Never heard Paul Stanley of Kiss get "knee deep in-the-sea-deep" like this! Too fonkay 4 him...


    Kiss? They never rocked like this.

  46. sandra basket

    the people what they want

  47. Chris Edwards

    rip Bernie and tiki who played drums on here

    Papa Midnight

    Chris Edwards, I believe Jerome "Bigfoot" Brailey is holding down the drumming duty on this track.

    James Frazier

    It is tiki fulwood, he only played on this track,because their was a disagreement between him and george

  48. John Verge

    RIP Bernie Worrell

  49. Survivor2002

    I challenge you...try to imagine this entire album with no keyboards.


    THAT is how important Bernie Worrell's contribution was to P-Funk.

    Walter Lowe

    Walt Lowe-It Can't Be Done Without Mr.Bernie Worrell.Rest In Peace


    dude. you are spot-on. Love to Bernie always, guess he returned to the mothership.

    Marvin Bell

    Not happening without keyboards.
    I remember this whole album.
    This album was and still is the bomb.
    I am a Funkadellickmicfan.

    Desmond Marshall

    🚫 🎹 NO WAY!! 😂

  50. linkbrent421

    RIP: Bernie.

  51. Kwabena Rasuli

    This is the song that epitomizes Bernie's Excellence!

    Papa Midnight

    Kwabena Rasuli, absolutely!

    Satch Flight

    absolutely he is up there with Bach, Beethoven

  52. kevin lamont lewis

    'Da best:bernie worrell ,Michael hampton, fuzzy haskins,bootsy collins,dawn mabrey,catfish,George, starchild,casper,all the guppies down bimini road,meet you at the turnaround. Yoho!

  53. BigJon200

    The name of the song though. 😂

    Frog King

    BigJon200 I was hoping they would say it

    Paul Loveless

    They do say it!

  54. Whunn Fhun


  55. Whunn Fhun

    Baby can you slo down?

  56. Yarden

    Give the people what they want, what they need all the time.

  57. Sherry Wright

    only the true funkadelic fans and understand what the parliment

    jhadzia Mfume

    ya had to be there...sighs. rest in peace gary shider you made me want to sing. ty for letting me. Deborah

  58. The Pamlico Sound

    BOOM, muthasuckas!

  59. Pezzo Novante

    this remind me of when I was a lil kid and they used to have them big ass New Life parties

  60. RED HOUSE -Inversiones en CHILE

    Puro caldo de conexión absoluta con esta bendita movida funky.
    La raíz más noble de buena vibra es el mundo funk y el reggae-Gracias papote Súper Georgeous Clinton.

  61. chris edwards

    only song tiki plays drums on from mothership connection until somebody in the funk mob says otherwise.

  62. r t romero 53

    (rtr) try it with us ? . .

  63. Henry Denry

    Give the people what they want all the time.  All the Time/Amen/Aloha

    Henry Denry

    Today I have this Feeling/Amen/Aloha

  64. Tom Przybylinski

    break at 1:41 is love

  65. Bootney Farnsworth

    This is like being at a buffet with everything you like!!!!!!

  66. Luciano Sosa

    Greetings from Argentina!!!

    Lisandro Julian

    From the austral finisterre of planet earth, i salute all of you earthlings

  67. James Powell

    Give ppl what they want..when they want...they want it all the time!!

  68. Melvin Martin

    That's Ray not Melvin Franklin

    Michael Preston

    Ray Davis did sing with the Temptations briefly however

  69. Bella Donna

    FUNK is a warm sultry feeling that simmers deep down in your soul. gradually building, bubbling, heating up every part of your being. Then just when you think you can't take no more your booty slaps a saddle on it and rides!!! That's when you know you're FUNKED!!! :D

    Shoobie Dubdub

    @Bella Donna now that's a preach id like to listen to

    Darryl Slaughter

    +Bella Donna - What time is the next FUNK church sermon

    Darryl Slaughter

    The Low down,gah,gah,goo,gah gah goo urban FUNK Liberation Code

    Derek Carter

    That analogy was funky

  70. kya Franklin

    they do indeed funk on

  71. 鈴木次郎

    Why George is crazy always? When I look  this album jacket, I always recollect a skin house and  elotic picture.
    Although I love P-Funk sound indeed,  I talk to American friends, I always  be said that I am crazy. I feel sad from Japan.


    George is crazy and we love him for it.  I am a 50+ year old Funkateer and proud of it.  Went to the Mothership Connection concert back in the day and Parlliament  Tore the Roof Off. Don't feel sad, you're just a Funkateer like the rest of us.  Enjoy!!

    Luciano Sosa

    @jazzygirldetroit I'm 12 and I like P-Funk and all black music: Funk, Soul, Black Hip Hop and Reggae. It is unusual at my age listening to this music (P-Funk), especially in Argentina, where I live. I think the old music is better because it is more expressive, and not so artificial, you know.


    We Americans are some goofy MoFo's. Dare to be goofy! You never know ..... some great shit might be created.

    Fabián Luiz

    Authenticity Girl, Funk's got it, you cant fake it, it´s not domestically produced, and only a real beat s'gonna make you move and remove, dig?

  72. Katia

    Parliament is fuccckkinn' SICK. I'm diggin' it.

    Darryl Slaughter

    1,000 %

    Darryl Slaughter

    ga,ga,goo PFUNK Liberation Code

    Harry Green

    +Kitty; It's a shame you just got hip to this.


    @Harry Green Well I'm young, so I can't help it really.

    Darryl Slaughter

    No big deal keep digging it and create some new FUNK.

  73. Matt Phebus

    Uncut funk


    The bomb

  74. sensualm1

    This is one good album from Side A to Side B!

  75. 2view

    way 2 funky thanks but that is one ugly album cover.


    it was the 70s what do you expect the styles and fashions to be like? that was a bad azz album cover back then and to the real true loyal p-funk fans (not the bandwagon fans} it still is a badazz album cover!


    @regvision 4get that fool....must be some unfunky 16 year old still in love with bony justin bieber (apologies to you funky 16 year olds out there).  Anyone who was hip to the P would know this album cover was ICONIC in it's time.  Was unmistakable & holy to a loyal funkateer.

    uncle tinsley


    @regvision when was a youth pay no   attention but now! 

  76. 2view

    I had this album in 12th grade I would depart to the land of FunkadelicParliaments

  77. Gone Ballistik

    The brother that is singing bass is no other than  the late great Melvin "Blue" Franklin of The Temptations.

    charlton myers

    @***** YOU'RE Right ray DAVIS 1940-2005 

    charlton myers

    thanks larry


    He name is "Ray Davis"

    Arthur Berry

    No it's not,it is Raymond Davis,original member of Parliament.

    Demetrius White

    Charles Washington His name is Shady Grady

  78. bassplayer418


  79. bassplayer418


  80. Fahim Sharad

    Bootsy !! Spacebassing for your ass!!

  81. Shardicus


  82. RockOxx

    One new ager has no clue what good music is. I am 21 and i love funk. Favorite band of all time right here.

  83. RemorfChuket


  84. Doubleringer

    The same way he came out ;)

  85. Cody Readinger

    hahaha i could believe it

  86. B Blod

    One was person was grooving in their swivel chair so much they accidentally mis-clicked the thumb lol

  87. Cody Readinger

    One person likes new music

  88. PhuckHue2

    but George wouldn't pay Glenn the money he deserved as lead singer. So instead George fired him. Then Glenn died months later :(

  89. Ston

    I love Glenn Goines guitar track on this tune. He always seems to play the right stuff. According to Glenn's interview in Guitar Player magazine,he usually tracked (played behind) the bass lines. I think George Clinton wanted Glenn to BE StarChild after 1977,so he could concentrate on producing.

  90. jogabola

    yeah man if there were more funky people like you, the world would be a better place. one nation under a groove; next up is one world under a groove. Funk is the solution to all the problems in the world today:)

  91. funkygodd

    Thank U! In fact, there were many funk mania in Japan. So I could get many funky friends by SNS in Japan. But now, by U-tube, I can get much more funky friends all over the world! ONE NATION UNDER THE GROOVE by funk!! George is the God!!

  92. jogabola

    no worries, you've got good taste in music. you've got the funk:)

  93. sabin DePierro

    "there he go.... the FUNKY worm......back into his hole"

  94. funkygodd

    I was lonly because of the maniac of P-FUNK sounds when I was a high school student. All of my friends said me crazy when I show the record jacket over here. And my girl friend said me crazy seriously. Surely, George was/is too crazy. But his art is genious I want to beliebe.from 日本!

    Catalina Curatorial

    If loving great music means you're crazy, many of us are crazy and proud!

  95. Gridhead

    Before this album, Bootsy was on Parliament's "Up For The Down Stroke" album (1974). On a side note, he was on Funkadelic's 1972 album, "America Eats Its Young" He joined P-Funk in 1972

  96. PhuckHue2

    thought it was Up For The Down Stroke

  97. Casey Tennison

    haha one sad little funkless person

  98. differentgroove1

    "Give the people what they want" Yah P- funk lives ooooonnnnn