Parliament - Mothership Connection (Star Child) Lyrics

Well, all right
Starchild, Citizens of the Universe, Recording Angels
We have returned to claim the Pyramids
Partying on the Mothership
I am the Mothership Connection
Gettin' down in 3-D
Light year groovin'
Well all right, if you hear any noise, it ain't nobody but me and the boys
Gettin' down. Hit it fellas

If you hear any noise
It's just me and the boys
Hit me (groovin')
You gotta hit the band

All right, all right, Starchild here
Put a glide in your stride and a dip in your hip
And come on up to the Mothership
Loose Booty, doin' the bump. Hustle on over here

If you hear any noise
It's just me and the boys hittin' it
You gotta hit the band
Ain't nothing but a party, y'all
Face it, even your memory banks have forgotten this funk
Mothership Connection, home of the P.Funk, the Bomb
If you hear any noise
It's just me and the boys, hit me
You gotta hit the band
Doin' it in 3-D
Let me put on my sunglasses here so I can see what I'm doing
When you hear seats rumble you will hear your conscience grumble
Hit me
You gotta hit the band
You have overcome, for I am here

Swing down, sweet chariot
Stop, and let me ride

Doin' it up on the Chocolate Milky Way
What's up CC? Have you forgot me?
Are you hip to Easter Island? The Bermuda Triangle?
Heh heh! Well, all right. Ain't nothing but a party
Starchild here, Citizens of the Universe
I bring forth to you the Good Time
On the Mothership
Are you hip?
Sing, fellas

If you hear any noise
It's just me and the boys
Hit me
You gotta hit the band

Starchild here, doin' it in 3-D
So good, it's good to me
Hit the band

If you hear any noise
It's just me and the boys
Hit me
You gotta hit the band

Swing low, sweet chariot, coming for to carry you home

If you hear any noise
It's just me and the boys
Hit me
You gotta hit the band

I don't think they hear you
If you hear any noise
It's just me and the boys
Hit me
You gotta hit the band

Starchild here, citizens of the universe
Gettin' it on, partying on the Mothership
When Gabriel's horn blows, you'd better be ready to go

Swing low
Time to move on
Light years in time
Ahead of our time
Free your mind, and come fly
With me
It's hip
On the Mothership

Swing down, sweet chariot
Stop, and let me ride

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Parliament Mothership Connection (Star Child) Comments
  1. Cliff Moore

    This breaks my heart.
    The best funk ever recorded has not been remastered to accommodate hi-end audio systems. SMH.

    Cliff Moore

    I bought this album and Mothership Connection on CD and they both sound like shite. I am so sad. The last three albums by Beyoncé were trash but they sounded better than the best R&B ever recorded and that's not right.

  2. Jerome Davis

    Free your mind, come fly with me, get hip on the mothership, Starchild grooving! (Bootsy on bass) baddest shit ever!

  3. Pressure You

    🤘🏾🤘🏾 make mine every time

  4. Josh Stenson

    Still listening in 2019 and I’m 19 get w it 🦹🏿‍♂️

    Galactic Furie

    Josh Stenson well you are most def ahead of your time and what a time to be alive! ❤️

    Josh Stenson


  5. Dr Truckenstein

    🔴💎SUPREME FUNK💎🔴so Google ultrafunktruckadelic and checkout the tribute band WARNING u might experience uncontrolled booty movements that will blow your mind.😱🤘💣😲

  6. David Brim

    Remember when you first came true funk mob 😂

  7. Kim Bronson

    This was the P-Funk! When music was based on true talent!!

  8. frederick howard


  9. El Kabong

    If a spaceship landed and these guys came out groovin’; I would NOT take them to our leader, I would just bust out a fatty and party with them and ask them to take me outta this here crazy-ass world we live in!

  10. curlyfm

    Wow. Music hit it peak here. Perfection.

  11. zev daman

    im pretty suprised that nobody is saying that this song inspired daft punk to make a remix.

  12. kingmate


  13. Swanzetta Johnson


  14. Peter Crisp

    We need an Ancient aliens episode on parliament

  15. Matt Celis

    Love it. Love it. Love it. Sounds like they had a blast making it. Such amazingly talented musicians, they make it look simple.

  16. arielioness2

    RIPh Rasputin Boutte 💜🤘🏽💜

  17. arielioness2

    0:48 ... 🎸💣🤘🏽

  18. Stacie Williams

    Let me ride !!

  19. Edward Durazo

    Who me, I'm known as lollipop man Alias the long haired sucka..Ho,W E F U N K.We funk baby!

  20. Liquid Jelly Beans

    This song sounds so good in a car

  21. Linda Moore


  22. Dwayne Lee

    Are y'all hip to Easter Island?.......Bermuda Triangle? 🤘🤩👽👻✊👩‍🚀🧜‍♀️🛸

    William Wanda


  23. KaikalaMoon

    Parliament Funkadelic celebrates 50 Years 2019!! 🤘🏾🎉💫🌟

    Greg teddy Williams

    More like 60 yrs for parliament

  24. Antwan Billups

    love this music in the movie straight outta compton. that what brung me here . loving them west coast instruments

  25. Gregory Burton

    This album changed the Funk game! Best Funk LP of All Time! "If you hear any noise, it's just me and the boys hit me... you gotta hit the band" "When you hear seats rumble, you will hear your conscience grumble!" "You have overcome, for I am here!" "Starchild here, citizens of the universe, I bring forth to you goodtimes, on the Mothership" The live show was just as out there as the music. They had a damn Mothership land on stage. Blew my 16 year old mind!

  26. Gladys Mohr

    Citizens of the universe! Mothership Connection.

  27. Mable Papillion

    Supreme musicianship that is still very relevant even after 40+ years. But in the life of the heart of the bands of the music. It over powers the words of light 💡. Am a lightweight of a shine on ;of wanting to hear 👂 clearly what u are in lighting my soul on!

  28. S.M. P. F.

    Still love thisM

  29. Paul Willard

    The BEST funk EVER!!

  30. I AM RA

    When Gabriel's horns blow you better be ready to go

    William Wanda

    Somebody eles gets to pretend they didn't hear....

  31. Tariq Harrison

    2019 I'm here for it only 25

  32. jurnagin

    who didn't have that album!!

  33. Billy Williams

    Dr. Dre had me looking for this song at a record shop in the early 90's. Back then you had to sing the song to the employees and hope they know what you are trying buy. I sounded like a complete idiot trying to sing this song out loud. The whole store was laughing there butts off. 😁😄😁

    William Wanda

    Only to you bro...nevernomo....

    Jed Smith

    Hahah I'm thinking of someone singing the main riff to a record store employee and maybe trying to add Booty's envelope filter bass effect to it....and it's funny

    Vernon D.P.

    I agree. To this day I am sooo thankful for video displays in vehicles. I have a Charger with a U-connect display and Sirius XM Sat radio. I hear a song and see the title and sometimes an album cover. Only problem, there are hardly any more record shops. Anywhere. Oh well.

  34. Jeremai Williams

    5:13 "Swing Down, Sweet Chariot" begins

  35. MR BILLZ


  36. arielioness2

    mcsc dulcet

  37. Jeremai Williams

    5:13 Start of "Let Me Ride" Sample.

    Antwan Billups

    love that part. i rewind it to that part.

  38. Billy Williams


  39. tim priddy

    Thats a cruisin' toon there

    Rick C

    I was just doin' just that, heheh

  40. Anthony Ova40

    Pissin razorblades by Bust Down

  41. Star Child

    STAR CHILD HERE , LOVE your selves FAMILY!

  42. B The Butterfly

    this funk is overflowing my soul with joy.

  43. Florence Beasley

    Oh hell yea...all funked up....again!... putzilla!!!...219

  44. nightvisionracing

    still a funkateer!!!

  45. angela b grady

    Good music forevermore 🤗

  46. Shelondra Nwadike

    Still sounds delicious

  47. Cyle Williams

    May the funk be wit u

  48. James Dowling

    Even though this was before my time I’m still grooving

    Monique Mosley

    James Dowling Quality endures.

    William Wanda swip clean wipe...

  49. Ghost Number 2

    Citizens of the universe, coming to re claim the pyramids..

    Are you hip to Easter Island, the burmada triangle. Alright, it aint nothin but a party


  50. Lacy DeBerry

    Played at house parties and in the locker room after football practice, in your ride to school and while twisting a fat one

  51. Maurice Shane, Sr.

    The old Dellwood Ballroom-Main & Utica Str. @ 1975 in Buffalo, NY. We would Bus stop in the joint.. Let me shout out some names when we were young.. Barbara Parks, Darcel Cunningham, Diane Rice, Benjamin "Sauce" Rice, Gregg Hughes, Brenda Hughes, the Greene's, TerrI Johnson's and MANY, many more that I might have not mentioned!!! A period in time when we lived in our parents house............ 2018 Peace

    Steven Martin

    Maurice Shane, Sr. You're lucky you grew up with such funk..... I had to hear this through samples and then from idiots donating their records to goodwill.

    Gotta dig deep in the record bin but when you do you find stuff like this!!!

    Maurice Shane, Sr.

    Thanks Steven, Check out a website called They have the best selection of OLD SCHOOL MUSIC CD's from back in the day!!! Music of the 70-80's that's been remastered with great music quality!! You can type in the artist you want -and-wallah!!

    Here is an example; back around 2009 or 2010... I bought a 1972 CD the group, "The Barkays", titled - america, do you see what I see.. Only thing different, was the cover had changed!! Check out Peace

  52. Michael Brown

    “You have overcome, for I am here!”

    William Wanda

    Already ?

    Realnigga Turner

    The Most High :)

  53. Cat Perez

    2018 💋

  54. Satch Flight

    Damn those Horns are so Horny!!!

  55. Frank White

    Spice 1

    Ariane Barnes

    Frank White yep

  56. Conor Loynd

    Thumbs down if Dr. Dre brought you here

    Fabián Luiz

    The Only Dr. that brought me here was Funkenstein.
    Just can't get enough of that uncut Funk

    Charles Magby

    Home of the p funk the bomb

    Charles Magby

    Doing it in 3D so good it's good to me

  57. mrbrockpeters

    Would Dr. Dre have a career without Parliament and/or George Clinton? In fact, would many gangsta rappers?

    Matt Celis

    Rap was around long before the Reagan years so your hypothesis is flawed


    It’s not gangsta music it’s rap, people speaking their minds and what they go throuh

    C M

    @Matt Celis This is America....that means you're entitled to your opinion

    Geo Mag

    For those who say no you guys have no clue. That dude is a genius and woulda made it with whatever he could get his hands on. That applies to alot of cats in the business of course the so called rappers nowadays I mean they are complete trash and no those would not.

    Rick C

    You all clearly need to listen to Illmatic.

  58. Robert s. Romero

    rtr, citizens of the universe !  !  !  . . .

  59. Cardell Jermaine

    Man this is sick!!

    Troy Davis

    This is the one that blew the cobb webbs out of everybody's minds back in 75. True nastiness, STILL!

    Cardell Jermaine

    Troy Davis yes indeed it is. Y’all generation had more authentic music it took more unity relationship management the ups the downs the agreements and disagreements to even have and keep a band progressively that alone definitely separates music today to then

  60. Mickey Johnson

    Swing down sweet chariot stop... And let me ride.....

    Steven Martin

    Mickey Johnson oh that's what they say hmmmmm
    Always thought it was like cherry stock or something lol!
    Chariot stop that makes more sense then cherry stock DUH! First heard this when I was like ten so you know....


    Hey! Got any more room .

  61. PepsiBoy428 Productions

    This is my version of Pharrell Williams' "Because I'm Happy"

    Thomas Bellamy

    Real world


    Fun fact: Daft Punk remixed this song and they made Get Lucky with Pharrell...

    Rick C

    Every time I need a shot of pure joy.

  62. Ronald Wilson

    Was jamming off this in high school. Oh those were the days!

  63. JigglyVideos

    Are there any good "cracking open a cold one with the boys" memes with this song yet?

    Chad McCary

    Soon brother soon my funk curciut are in need of recharge

  64. pr3robby3

    if u hear any noise
    it's just me and the boys

    Lacy DeBerry

    hit me! you got to get in the band!

    I AM RA

    You Got to Hit the Band.

    William Wanda


  65. Gregory Gunnells

    this is the sound 🌆 that made a 🆕 attitude come out of the bottom of your feet and then blow your head " off"😎💯💯💯🌟🌟😀😀

  66. Mark JN

    I don't like this style of music much or the time period, but this is a 6 minute masterpiece.


    Mark JN u Crazy homie!! oldies N funk some the best music ever i wasn't even born yet when this Came out i was born in 1990 but i grew up on this kinda shit

    Mark JN


    charlton myers


  67. scales inc


  68. Paty Galazzo

    yes! good!

  69. richard perez

    still listening to this even after 40 years

    Sylvine B

    This was my💩💋


    I'm not surprised! It is awesome

    cathleen smith

    44 years for me

    William Moore

    Ground 0.Generation What?

    Brian Paschal

    Me too Mr. Richard Perez, it's a very creative rhythmic song.