Parliament - Funkin' For Fun Lyrics

Ooh, hoo!
Hey, yeah
I got to go
Got to leave
Something's missing
That I need
I need to find it
Whatever it is
That's burdening my mind
I know mother will understand, yeah
I know she knows that I'm still the same man
They say bring up a child in the way he shall go
And he shall not depart
And I know when they said it, it turns my heart

Hey, hey, hey, hoo
Guy guy guy

Don't worry
Worry 'bout me (don't worry)
I'm just funkin' around
For fun
When you see my mother
Worry 'bout me (tell her don't worry)
I'm just funkin' around (ai, ai)
For fun

Oh, nothing could compare
To my mother, nah, nah, nah, because I know she cared, yeah
I got to find my own way around
Hey, hey, I got to get down, yeah

Guy guy guy...

Don't worry
Worry 'bout me (don't worry)
I'm just funkin' around
For fun
Don't worry
Worry 'bout me
I'm just funkin' around
For fun

When you see my mother
Hey, if you have a chance to see my father, my brother
Just tell 'em, that everything's all right
Hey, anytime
You find people assemble in the same place
Funkin' around
Everything's all right

Hey, hey
I don't think you heard me (coo coo ca choo) (say what)
Hey, whooo (coo coo ca choo)
Owww, whoa, aiiiii, hoo!

If you see my mother (when you see my mother)
Tell her I'm all right
Tell her I'm all right
Just funkin' around
For fun
When you see my mother
Tell her I'm all right
I'm just funkin' around
For fun
When you see my mother
Tell her I'm all right (tell her you saw me and everything's all right)
I'm just funkin' around
For fun

Let's funk around
Funk me, baby
Let's funk around

If you see my mother
Tell her I'm all right
Tell her I'm all right
Just funkin' around
For fun
Yeah, ah, ah, ah ooh!
If you see my mother
Tell her I'm all right
Tell her I'm all right
Just funkin' around
For fun

When you see my mother
Tell her I'm all right
Tell her I'm all right
Just funkin' around
For fun
When you see my mother
Tell her I'm all right
Tell her I'm all right
Just funkin' around
For fun

Having a good time
I'm funking around for fun
I'm having a good, good good time, yeah
Playing my guitar
Funking around for fun

Giving up the P.Funk
Ah, the Bomb

When you see my mother
Tell her I'm all right (tell her everything's all right)
Tell her I'm all right
Just funkin' around
For fun
If you see my mother
(Tell her that I met a man called Dr. Funkenstein and everything's all right)
Tell her I'm all right
Tell her I'm all right
Just funkin' around
For fun
If you see my mother
Tell her I'm all right (the P.Funk)
Tell her I'm all right (the bomb)
Just funkin' around
For fun

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Parliament Funkin' For Fun Comments
  1. Football Legend

    You have to enjoy the P. Party Peace and Promise to Funk parliafunkadelicment thang and we are alright, what funk is it !

  2. Marvin Hagler


  3. Cliff Moore

    Why isn't this remastered by now? All I can find is the 70's version of it. I refused to play a reproduction of the finest funk ever created.. That's sacrilegious! Get to it funksters and demand better sound quality..

    Cliff Moore

    I have a $7K stereo system and when I play this on it, it sounds like shite.

  4. Eddy Slessica

    non sei una figa

  5. Troy Staton

    The Cut! From Blewfoot.

  6. Samyria Carter

    No matter what , mother in your heart and thoughts.♥

  7. Larry Lewis

    Snuck out the house to see them play..I was 12..stuck around the tour bus..met Mr. Clinton, Sir Nose, Mr my ass whipped twice when I got home. I'd do again.

  8. Football Legend

    Mastered by Mr. Glen found, talking about that mothership , nothing but the funk !

  9. Troy Duke SR

    Maybe Glenn knew

    Mattie M

    I'm sure he did!

    Troy Duke SR

    Mattie M check out buschtales funkn for fun I think u will enjoy the live performance

    Mattie M

    @Troy Duke SR Yeah I'm aware of the live concert and that version. I've seen P-Funk live since I was 16 years old. Caught all of the live shows in DC since 1976. My first show was at the Cole Field House (University of Maryland). For those who have the pleasure to see them live such as I, you will always appreciate the awesome talent of this band. They were imperfectly perfect.

    Troy Duke SR

    Same here I feel u been doing it too since 15 Norfolk VA my BIG sis got me back stage passes (79)

  10. Dr Truckenstein

    CLASSIC ICONIC FUNK,so Google ultrafunktruckadelic and checkout the tribute band《WARNING u might experience uncontrolled booty movement》🤘💣👽

  11. daddad sr love dad...funkin to this on our move back to Pennsylvania..
    Rip...chester frars 7 17 17

  12. EEW

    Tell her I'm alright!

  13. Scott Malone

    This has always been one of my many favorites from Parliament, the words ring so true at many,many,many points of my life even now. To God be the glory that l still am blessed to have my mother here toady and yes she still worries about me but mother l am alright.

  14. micahyah

    And The Funk continues in 2019. 2G/The Second Generation of Funk. Check Us out. Title Track:FUNK EM

  15. Dee 1

    put some stank on it...

  16. Myron Butler'

    I think it was on let's take it to the stage alblum cover,where it said fuzzy haskins was the jaws of funkadelic, he may have been long before this but make no mistake Glen going was fast becoming the man along with Gary shider of course. Gary and Glen awesome

  17. Leo55BabyBoomer

    Years later from my original post mother and I'm still going strong. Thanks to you and your faith I'm alright and enjoying life.

  18. Louis Washington

    The real funk is what you don't hear on the radio

  19. William de Murney

    Solid scheme brought me here 🛸

    Straight out the sewer - Das EFX ⏭️

  20. henry clemons

    I done made it another year3/31/19 funkin for fun on my birthday ….a true funkeerter

    Kitty Kat

    Henry Clemons ❤ Bless You My Brother Man With More Birthday's ❤🙏❤ Peace and Love to ALL People From Katherine in Chicago on Monday May 27 ,2019 at 10:24pm And Also ❤🙏❤ Rest in Peace to Nipsey Hussle on 3-31-2019 ❤🙏❤

    Kitty Kat

    ❤☺❤ Hey Henry Clemons You Will Be Alright My Brother Man Just Keep The 💯% Percent Funketeer Spirit ❤🎶❤ Peace and Love to You and Your Family From Katherine @ 10:41pm 5-27-2019 ❤

  21. goldyntuch

    Soothes my aching soul...


    Aches mine. Sharing thoughts with those in this thread and with God soothes my Soul.

  22. Greg Muscovalley

    I dont thank you heard me

  23. Aaron Almon

    Never be another singer like the awesome Glenn Goins!!! R.I.P.

  24. Adedamola Ifaturoti

    Clones was such a great album albeit underrated. I'd say the Funk mob reached it's absolute zenith with the Funkentelechy album that came immediately after this.

  25. Cool Tate

    Glenn goins thru down on this cut

  26. AdamS mashups

    i remember seeing this album at the local Kmart back around 1980 or so.I was 9 years old.I had no idea what Parliament was,but this "Doctor Funkenstein"guy sure looked interesting.I could only imagine what the music sounded like.Took me nearly 13 years to find out when I heard P Funk(Wants To Get Funked Up)on the local community radio station.

  27. AdamS mashups

    I wish they had done more of this what I like to call "gospel" funk.Glenn and his mother and father all in Heaven now ,and every thing is indeed all right.

  28. Oddball Skull

    Damn son!


    Ain't the lord alright.
    Let me see you wave yo' hand.*

  30. Michael Create

    Glenn took them to chuch! On this one...

    George Moore

    Michael Create every time Glenn open his mouth he took us church he was a incredible talent

  31. Edgerrin Ray

    Plays This At My Funeral Is I Die Before My Mother

  32. Joe Ann

    So GLAD these recordings are HERE - I would forget what MUSIC SOUNDS LIKE!

  33. henry clemons

    still in 2018 and beyond......10/18

  34. Bobby El


  35. Darius Olfus

    Mop sample

  36. It's all downhill

    This shit brought tears to my eyes the first time I heard this joint. After that picked up my guitar and worked it out.

  37. Cynthia Robertson

    I have to give my kids' Daddy props for turning me on to the underbelly of Parliament/Funkadelic. I had only heard the radio version of Pfunk, then THIS!! Thank you!! RIP Glen Goins.

    Bootney Farnsworth

    Absolutely!!! I have a three and one year old grandsons and they will grow listening to this!! Just like I had their dad listening!! Didn't know he remembered warmed my heart when he said dad that's all I heard when I was small🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  38. Iain Tweedy

    is Glenn Goins singing lead on this one? funk good gawd

    Lisa Brown

    Yes he is.

  39. byman64

    Maceo on Sax?

    Lisa Brown

    of course

  40. Bava 72

    Funkin' love this. Put it on loud and open the windows.

  41. Phillip Williams

    Most of all you need funk

  42. Mama Asha Asha


  43. ImhotepRamses

    Live 1976... Houston

    Lisa Brown

    San Antonio 76

  44. Isaiah Allen

    I'm a Prince fan to my soul. But I always go back to Glen! Much love for the post.

  45. jaiden Robinson

    I remember me and my two brothers had tickets to funk on the green at the Oakland coliseum back around 1979 and we ended up going to juvenile hall the day before the concert,they had everybody the barkays ,cameo,confunkshon,bootsy, hella mf's was there and my older brother had to sell the tickets,we still feelin that shit til this day.i give L.A. they props tho they yougstas still respect that OG shit.

    Tamiko G

    Write a short story about that! I'm customer #1!

  46. Touche' 2che'

    2G/The 2nd Generation of Funk 2018. We have arrived to give this Generation what it sooo desperately needs. Uncut Funk 🎶😎🎧🎤🎹🎸🎺🎶

  47. Derick Rollins

    Just when you thought they was just another funk band

  48. Roosevelt McCarter

    From The LP "The Clones Of Dr. Finkelstein."

  49. Fernandez Woods

    I was in my late teens just getting into funk this was the second parliament album I bought and I was hooked then I found this song need I say more

    MR. Keema

    early teens for me.

  50. Clifford Lancaster

    The Brass Section. You don't hear that kind of back these days.

  51. Mystical Man

    WHEn You SEE my MotheR,Tell HeR I'M Alright!

  52. Mystical Man

    Funkin around For life! Wouldn't have it any other way! Uncut Funk!

  53. Larry Lewis

    morbid..but this is on my funeral play list..

    Philip Tracy

    Larry Lewis same here.

    Marilyn Jackson

    you is crazy!! LOL!!!

    Jason Harris

    Not morbid, this is a great homegoing song....a celebration. Funk on, Brother!


    Not Morbid at all, right up there with "Goin up yonder!"

    jody darby

    Cosmic Slop is on my mine

  54. minapane Neupane Silva

    my favorite song of all time

  55. vince1955


  56. adamtzsch

    Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh know mother will understand: I know she knows that I'm still the same man.

  57. Red Clay

    sounds like gospel on Sunday morning

  58. Quit That

    First time I saw them full blown..Chicago, Arie Crown Theater,,,they opened for Stevie Wonder. Of course Mothes had brought their children to see Stevie....the Funk Mob had taken seats in the audience...Fully dressed in diapers and the entire thang....Lights went out....They popped up and went to jammin.....Never seen so many mothers grab their children and run our of a concert in my life.....If was the BOMB!

  59. Quit That

    Somedays you just wake up --- FUNKIN IT UP! IF you see my Mother, Tell Her I'm Alright!

  60. ijnek 17


  61. Bryan Williams

    can't nothing stand up to THE FUNK!!!

  62. Cindy Starkey

    Im Just Funkin Around for Fun ♡♡

    Michael Preston

    Go Cindy

  63. Daryl Wilkerson

    I've been where this song is talking about. Keep your head up, y'all. If you see my mother, tell her I'm alright...

  64. Oliver Parson

    I saw them at a live concert in Texas and they did this song in 1976 I was eighteen years old. The concert was GREAT.... I'm P-Funk forever.

  65. CHEF TINO707

    Niggaz are scared of REAL muthafuckin' muzick nowadays. Rap/hip-hop is all startin' 2 sound all the same. Funk muzick is so much FLAVA, it could never sound the same! Let's funk around!!!

    Chris Edwards

    a shame when George newest funkadeluc album is more funky and hip hop oriented than these NB re rappers it's like George showing the newbies how to funk

    Vernell Thomas

    CHEF TINO707 Man how can a human being sent this great music

    Jeffrey Roberts

    Chris Edwards say that Shit again

    Jeffrey Roberts

    Vernell Thomas maybe he's not human

  66. CHEF TINO707

    Niggaz are scared of REAL muthafuckin' muzick nowadays. Rap/hip-hop is all startin' 2 sound all the same. Funk muzick is so much FLAVA, it could never sound the same! Let's funk around!!!

  67. Vernell Thomas

    This reminds me of church! The call and response pastor leading the congregation on a spiritual journey

    Bootney Farnsworth

    That is because it is church!!!!! Some of us just figured it out good brother! !!

    George Moore

    Vernell Thomas yea because glen goins and Garry shider grew up singing and playing in church so that's what we where getting when they performed

    Clifford Lancaster

    That's where we get 'Soul Music'. Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin etc. etc. all have that church background.


    @Bootney Farnsworth Exactly

    Raphael Abernathy

    Vernell Thomas hey hey hey!!! Heeeyyyyyyy !!!! Ahhhhh oooooohhhh ohohh lawdy !!!

  68. Vernell Thomas

    Didn't Heiroglyphics sample this?

  69. Chris Edwards

    if I was a grown man in the seventies and heard this then hear Glen passed two years later it would have freaked me out

    Geoffrey White

    It DID freak a lot of us out, especially if you got to see them live!

    Iain Tweedy

    huge loss...fuck

    Eugene Thompson

    It did.

  70. Michael Autry


  71. Ron Davis

    053 heeey heey...hagggg

  72. Carrothers Productions

    To get the essence you have to checkout the live version. It is fitting that they close the Houston '76 concert with this track. It is pure church and I think the band knows that after its all said and done and everything they've seen and done, it's all Funkin For Fun. I'm a producer and before every session I play this song as a prayer before I start. "Tell my Mother I'm alright right, just Funkin For Fun". It's my favorite PFunk track and with "Cosmic Slop" because of the message.

    Deep,Moody,Purple,Blues two favorite tracks as well...they hit deep. Glenn takes us to church, man...especially that live Houston version. Maybe there's hope for humanity after all if there's even this many peeps diggin and feelin the

    B Smith

    for me it's when Glenn does the "swing down sweet chariot" vamp while awaiting the arrrival of the Mothership at their live 70's performances.....THAT"S when he takes EVERYONE to church!!




    The '76 Houston version moves my spirit.


    Straight church.

  73. Demetrius Alexander

    They used this on Commons Like Water for Chocolate

    Quaishaun Colbert

    "Cold Blooded" is the one.

    John Barrett

    +Demetrius Alexander Watch out for " they'

  74. olmec19


  75. TheRenard10

    Later Sampled By Kam "Peace Treaty".

  76. Leo55BabyBoomer

    Still Funkin' 4 Fun; having a good time. Some say whatever it is they say but I never hear them because I'm already in the "get down".


    Love the horns!


    Bernie for president


    The horns are too sad, they know the FULL meaning of Glenn's words. May the Creator bless the bright souls who visit for a short time and share so much love and brilliance.

  78. Citycousin Publications

    This song is a firm feature in the sound track of my life; It was an album cut that never had its fair push on radio back in '75- '76 but remains as an Afro-American urban cultural folk music blueprint that defines Black Music for those in pursuit of what make the differences.  Glen Goins (RIP) pushing rhythm guitar and  emotion filled holy griot churchy lead vocals delivering a message of motivation to all understanding.  Thanks for posting it for the share here.  The industry in America has been beyond cruel to the creators of one of its best exports.  True soul music with its gospel roots are worthy of modern day preservation.  We need more of the right people telling our stories. ijs  Thanks   

    Yasmin Larsiny

    Citycousin Publications




    You hit the nail on the head. Only the crossover songs like flashlight, and give up the funk got radio play and even they were in light rotation.


    Good God my friend. Please do us all a favor and start a funky publication explaining the righteousness of the funk as you have thusly

    Marilyn Jackson

    Well said my brother, well said!!!

  79. Jimi Wilder

    A Glenn Goins masterpiece! Great song... R.I.P. my brother, my friend !!

    ct wilyums

    +Jimi Wilder Glen Goins vocals on "Handcuffs" are outta this world.He's overlooked in this band too often.

    chris edwards

    @ct wilyums that's because he was in a group with too many people and wasn't nobody gonna be above George and bootsy hell bootsy was the best known

    John Barrett

    +ct wilyums Not by me he ain't. The sweet Chariot swung down and took Glenn to Funk heaven far too soon . Rest in P Mr Goins and all other deceased Funkateers .

  80. Jazmine S

    love singing this too my birds! 

  81. Damola Ifaturoti

    The Bomb!

  82. Kenny White,YFP


    Eric Fitchpatric

    You listen to funk at 6:57 a.m.?


    @Eric Fitchpatric Damn right, 5:50am right now.

    L L

    @SickNegativeCreep best way to start the day!

  83. MrThrlla

    under rated song, when you see my mother.