Parkway Drive - Atlas Lyrics

My life is a weathered down shipwreck
Splitting at the seams, held together by memories and dreams
Every face I have seen, a stitch on my mind
On a shadow of a dream
And my heart is its cargo, a worn out old thing
Been dragged around this rock more times than you'd believe
To the east I call home
But the west, she is calling
From the north, to the south
Forever I'm drifting away
With more hope than fear
Put your head to my chest and you will hear
The sound of it beating
Is the sound of love leaving
The sound of it beating
Is the sound of the emptiness flooding in
Flooding in
It's the sound of the emptiness flooding in
And my life, it aches
And my heart, it breaks
And I just can't shake the feeling all I am is sinking
While one thousand eyes stare back at me
But the ones that I'd die for are the ones I can't see
Flooding in
It's the sound of the emptiness

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Parkway Drive Atlas Comments
  1. Hunter Cucchiaro

    Their last good album. Haven't listened to them since. Can't get into their newer music.

  2. Nicolas Thrush

    Almost 2020 and this album still kicks! Timeless.

  3. Catzfive

    the river is the besttttttttt

  4. Carolina Lisboa

    I don't usually comment on full album videos or videos at all, but man I had to comment on this one. I also don't usually feel this motivation to pursue my dreams/get shit done/aim for bigger goals while listening to music, but this album... this album just raised the whole game for me. Thank you Parkway Drive.

  5. stockcomsprite

    7 years of this TETÉIA shout out of Brazil! Bring me the real PWD back again

  6. Cykacz Music Enterprise


  7. кирилл николаев

    October 2019??

    shimmy jimmy


  8. Ozan Arslan

    Viva the underdogs!

  9. Gage Wright

    Parkway Drive is my favorite band of all time.

  10. Nothing

    Is it just me or after the end of every song I'm ready to hear "Deliver Me!"?

  11. Wesley Justus

    I will always love metal it's in my blood drumming is fun

  12. john flabbler

    It's deff some sort of hordcore. I listen to ALOT of genres. And not many bands go this hard. Especially in the vocals.

  13. Pazazi Morano

    One of the most underrated bands ever, still listening in 2019

  14. Hingle McCringleberry

    To anyone saying 20XX still listening? We Rock

  15. Sparda

    I'll smash your fucking face if you try to say to me that "wild eyes" is not a very best song that fucking exist

  16. harry_sandusky

    I feel like this is a great example of a band becoming more diverse and dynamic without compromising their core sound. Sparks, Atlas, Blue and the Grey, and The River are all great examples of that if you ask me. Idk if it’s my favorite Parkway album, but it’s damn respectable for what they did.

  17. ILC 1234

    First song I ever heard from this band was The Void. I now own all of their albums.

  18. Unai Zubia

    the diference between "never let me go" and "never let her go" seems soooooo fucking creeping small.

  19. Dillon Olivier

    The last good album R I P Parkway Drive

  20. Gregory Chri

    Ire and Reverence are far superior

  21. Benjamin Botelho

    one of the best albums ever made.

  22. Joku Muu

    What comes to ALL metal music (not just to one specific genre) every people should remember this album. There is no similar thing, not even close. This is just pure art! Yeah, the genre of this album is: pure art. :)

  23. Unheilige Essenz

    muuuuch better than reverence

  24. Coleman Sisley

    Their best album, in my opinion. It's got the perfect blend of heaviness and melody.

  25. local deadpool


  26. Laura Franke

    always coming back to this masterpiece after they went a new direction..

  27. Gregory Serpan

    GENRE: OCCULT MYSTIC PROPHECY. Anything less doesn't describe it or doesn't have fans w hearing.

  28. 自殺 Sorrow

    my fave techno album <3

  29. Underground Warrior

    Atlas > Horizons

  30. Vahan Good

    If people are still listening things on YouTube, we will be back in the



  31. slave dead

    this guys make my life!))) they are awesome)

  32. whycamucwatuwant


  33. Amnesios

    Fucking...Amazing...The most beautiful and most melodic album i've ever heard,the term masterpiece is not enough to describe it

  34. Mark White

    im listening to this while applying for jobs XD

  35. Barefootjake Jake

    This album always makes me think of "pressure the hinges" by Haste the Day when i listen to it.

  36. Agora Ansity

    Idc how much they change their style, i love every parkway album

  37. Tyler Maybush

    Who is listening in 2017?

    R D

    2019 bros

  38. Skulls don't bleed

    35:31 ❤

  39. Brandon Reda

    The River is such a great song

  40. Corbin Armbruster

    Dude this Lil Wayne album is FIRE!!!

  41. Diego de Andrade


  42. Alexandre Borges

    The riff in Sleight Of Hand is fucking sensational.

  43. Gabriel Palacios


  44. tellus

    the best

  45. Armage

    Their greatest album with Killing with a smile in my opinion
    But all their albums are fucking awesome

  46. Kip D

    Way better than Ire. They lost their punk hardcore roots.

  47. ProTool44

    33:06 on.......

  48. Connor Hardwick

    "The River" Now I know the meaning behind it. It's such a beautifully horrible song. If there is anyone out there who thinks they have no option, no hope, only one ending. Believe me when I say that this is not true. You have a chance. You have people who love you. Even if you don't know it. I know how you feel because I tried to myself. And I thank whatever entity is out there for forcing me to go on. There is so much beauty in this world that you may have yet to discover. You need help to realize this. And I hope with all my being that you do, because you deserve it.

  49. Daniel Grooms

    Was talking to a guy about metal and I said I listen to PWD - he goes "well they're more punk than metal." Can someone please show me a punk song by PWD because I've listened to all of their albums and haven't found one yet.

    Daniel Grooms

    Actually, they did cover Bulls On Parade, which is funk punk. So they've done one punk song.

    Johnathan LeBlanc

    Daniel Grooms Well most of there songs (more the old) had punk beats. Actually they started out their band style by blending features of various genres including well, punk. Which is why there rather unique among other bands: because of this style they created. Sadly though fans and haters alike argue often over what genre they are. For me, I prefer not to label I like with a genre (though I do say I listen to punk, metal, and djent). I hope you got something out of the crap I said and thx for reading.

  50. Pan Pan


    "You bring the matches"

  51. HelikaonIX



    I'M* HATE*


    Meesa Jar Jar Binks

    Csaba K. Juhász

    And he proved that the dumbest entity on this planet is the Parkway Drive hater😂😂

  52. kai9755

    6,000th like!

  53. eddie heard

    good rock and great weed , two things that make it all worth it !!!!

  54. Hernan Cortes Athrice Recordings

    Beep Blue and Atlas are their best albums. They fell off after that unfortunately. Still my favorite band though

    Shreyas Pai

    Deep Blue and Killing with a Smile are my favorites.

    Hernan Cortes Athrice Recordings

    I agree that can arguably be one of their best as well

    Your Average Guy

    Ire not that bad.

    bumzilla 85

    Fackin love beep blue

    Matthew Prendergast

    Beep blue is lit

  55. Michael Connolly

    IF anyone gets a bill cooper reference here...well..... (;

    Jessica Luce

    Michael Connolly

  56. This Is A New Man

    the best band of genre.

    - Demetori -

    Hell yeahh

  57. Federico Villasanti


  58. kasey rose

    who else thinks this the first part of the first song sounds alot like zander zon???

  59. Donald Trump

    I enjoyed this


    +Donald Trump fuck you tonald drump

  60. Tommaso Grillo

    Unfortunately this is their last great album :/, Ire is not so bad but in my country we say that : "They have selt their ass"

  61. Sean Rooker

    "you only live once,but you spend your whole life dying" so true lol slave to the fucking man.


    Sean Rooker what man

  62. jeedmaster

    Dude... i love Parkway Drive s2

  63. hUan sUn

    Dark Days is the best one

  64. OpenShores



    +OpenShores you deserve a cookie

    Samantha Cunningham

    on Sleight of Hand "NO CUM FARRRRTS"

  65. Sabrina Grass

    omg these guys are the new one direction!!111!!!!!?!!!

  66. infallibleghost

    the first voice in the intro sparks was Bernie sanders

    John Frogman

    +infallibleghost nice meme dood

  67. Nael Siboldi

    Dat intro <3

  68. Isaac Almeida

    Atlas foda a intro

  69. Isaac Almeida

    very good album PWD

  70. Words Records

    guys it's just amazing metalcore.

  71. Hans-Jürgen Kothgasser

    parkway drive the best band *-*

  72. Wafulia

    good stuff

  73. Danny V

    hold up your hands

  74. Fate Tattooer

    snake oil and holy water has some reeaaaaaallly familiar riffs on it... just kinda changed a little bit. thumbs down, dicks. I dont know why you think you can regurgitate your own riffs and song structure, but I definitely caught it.

  75. Körmendy Mátyás

    riceway drive-atlas
    01: rices
    02: old ghosts/new rice
    03: rice run
    04: rice eyes
    05: rice days
    06: the rice
    07: rice
    08: the slow rice
    09: atlas
    10: sleight of rice
    11: rice oil and boiled water
    12: blue and the rice

    Stolen Record666

    *parkway rice

    Meruem sama

    Stolen Record666 parkrice drive

  76. Harvard University

    It's christian progressive depressive suicidal black death hair mathcore with post-vegan grindpunk-step influences
    Don't be a fuckstick

    Christopher Goss

    Why are you a fuckstick? lmfao its parkway, no fucksticks allowed

    Vahan Good

    😀 😀 😀

  77. Otto Mann

    holy shit this album is fucking flawess
    you have to listen to it over and over again to appreciate how good it is
    it grows on you
    its fucking brillant

  78. Mikeicey12

    Sleight of Hand was really good.

  79. Wolframm90

    Do u remember counter strike??? We standing side by side!!!!

  80. anime profile picture

    the song Atlas makes me emotional

  81. Scott Roberson

    dam parkway!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Waiting Chen

    Why do people making fun of this guys about their music??? this is fucking masterpiece!

  83. Luke McIntosh

    You know the environment is in a sad state when the dudes from parkway drive are singing about it.

  84. David Ferreira

    i love this folk metal! makes me remember my day's as a viking and sail over the sea killing all those nazis bastards

  85. Mashu Mashu

    what they really need is to switch to clean vocals

  86. Kat W

    love this band. love everything they produce! just saw them again on thier tour for IRE. it was THE most epic show I've ever been to.literally

  87. DayVideo

    21:34 BlOW IT OUT YO ASS!!

  88. Sam Gritzke

    this is the best country music I've ever heard.

    Lone_ Wolf


    Ali Desch

    If this is what country music is in Australia, I need to book a flight asap

    Michael Young

    Most far off from fucken country you’ll ever get

  89. Alex Rogers

    This album shits on IRE

  90. LowestLevelFPS

    My favourite album of all time. Absolutely fantastic.

  91. tamed josh

    The River...... is like one of the best songs i've ever heard

    tamed josh

    i just loved how their was a female singer


    Honest to god. Truly. I liked the composition of the song for many reasons, but I'm that guy that fails to discern normal song lyrics by ear, let alone screamed vocals.

    Looked up dem lyrics, magnificently written, pound per pound. Haunting shit, worth the weight of a lead block, or maybe just a couple pockets full of stone.

    Shreyas Pai

    The chills it gives everytime

    Jean-Andre Sonnenschein

    Its sounds amazing 😭💙

    Stock Market George

    That song along with others in the genre helped me get of certain drugs. I listen to it almost daily.

  92. Christopher Ramirez

    This is the album that got me into UC Berkeley lol all those long nights listening to this beauty....


    +Christopher Ramirez mon

  93. ViRuSTriNiTy

    9:17 this song goes so hard \m/

  94. Medusa Oof

    thanks for uploading

  95. Jaller

    Riceway Drive - Ricelas

    Rices (0:00)
    Old Pasta/New Rice (2:19)
    Dream Rice (5:08)
    Wild Rice (9:17)
    Dark Rice (13:28)
    The Rice (17:40)
    Rice (23:08)
    The Slow Rice (26:40)
    Ricelas (30:53)
    Sleight Of Rice (35:02)
    Snake Oil And Holy Rice (39:29)
    Pasta And The Rice (42:19)