Parker Millsap - Sticks & Stones Lyrics

Men were made to talk, babies born to cry
Tears'll make 'em taller, fear of God gets in their eyes
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But words will cut me down to size

Well I used to stand much taller, but I've learned to know my place
Used to scream and holler, now I quietly say grace
With a smilin' face

This old house acts mighty tired
Groans when I get up and it sighs when I retire
Sticks and stones may crack windows
But words will start a fire

So long, see ya ceiling; catch you later, kitchen floor
C'est la vie, old TV that I watched when I was bored
Back screen door

This plot of land may look alone
Once there stood a body, all that's left is skin and bone
Sticks and stones may shelter some
But words will make it home

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Parker Millsap Sticks & Stones Comments
  1. Vagner B

    Men were made to make billions...

  2. Joe Schedeler

    Awesome track!

  3. Edison Somino

    I wish I could heard it on Apple Music

  4. Matt J

    Great song! Heard it first on "Billions".