Parker Millsap - Homeless Lyrics

I wish I had a house
I'd fill it with a girl
She'd dance across the kitchen floor
And I wouldn't mind
If she stood to speak her mind
'Cause she'd already be on mine
I'd fill that house with clocks that don't keep time
That way I'd never run out of it even if I tried
I wish I had a house
I'd fill it up with my life

I wish I had house
I'd fill it with a child
She'd throw up on the kitchen tile
And I wouldn't care
If she did not brush her hair
So long as she stayed away from my chair
And I'd fill that child with words and breaths of air
Teach her how to steal and how to share
I wish I had a house
I'd keep my life in there

But houses, they don't come cheap
And you'd get sick of me after just a few weeks
The children, they grow old and then they leave
I wish I had a house
Maybe I'd keep it just for me

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Parker Millsap Homeless Comments
  1. Joe Fincham

    radio would still be viable had they played guys like this in the past!....but they didn't...

  2. nathalie lessard

    Daniel You are the one Who make me love violin.".You are So good

  3. Lynette Berg

    I saw him on PBS one night after watching UFC fights and i came across him coming on curious and was blown away by his voice. I stayed to watch him do 5 more songs, and now i'm here, scanning all youtube videos of him and ordering his cd's. Thats hella talent here. I hope he gets his much deserved attention and he gets the recognition for his beautiful music and humbility. The whole band is great together.

    Mark W Ballard

    Like Lynette said... I found Parker on Austin City Limits and came looking for more. Best wishes to a young guy destined for greatness...

    Louise Archuleta

    I also saw him on Austin City Limits I have already collected 3 of his cds let me tell you they are amazing what a talent

  4. Helen Lizzy Stewart

    I don't really like comparing singers with singers but the instant I listened to him singing John Fullbright came to mind immediately
    Love his style

  5. Neph

    Awesome. Thank you.

  6. Tonya Beers-Warman

    lovin' this song.  I love listening to musicians who tell a story!

  7. Victoria Nichols

    is he related to Ronnie?

  8. Malena Ananda


  9. Tao Moran

    Good Lord, may I reincarnate as a singer-song writer too?

  10. Dan Maurer

    My god, I have been listening to this song every night for 3 days. I am so in love with this guys sound and music. No words to describe this genius. This will be crazy insane popular. Should be anyways. amazing, intoxicating.

  11. Webster Moore

    This guy should be so much more popular.....

  12. Derek Robinson

    Simply Awesome

  13. Derek Robinson


  14. Rachael Renzi

    he breaks my heart in the best way possible, and makes me want to get married and have a beautiful and smart baby girl so I can watch my boyfriend be the dad I know he is meant to be.

    Rachael Renzi


    Catherine Grace Reed

    Where's the empowerment?

  15. Charles G. Holland, II

    Very nice

  16. Peter Nolan Smith

    at hill country Bbq this weekend

    30 West 26th Street
    New York, NY 10010
    (212) 255-4544

  17. makeighla claunch

    I love it!!!

  18. Jack Roselius

    This kid is awesome!!

  19. Ivy Barnes

    I heard him live for the first time just over 2 weeks ago.... I fell in love. His voice. The music. Amazing performer. I felt like he was singing right at me... I'd marry him if I could!!!

  20. aellis639

    Oh how I absolutely love Parker Millsap:)

  21. OkieSlims

    Love this music