Parker Jr., Ray - The Other Woman Lyrics

Oh yeah
I'm in love with the other woman
My life was fine (Yes it was)
Till she blew my mind

Aw shucks, I'm just the average guy
I fooled around a little on the side
Never thought it would amount to much
Never met a girl who's love was so tough
Who'd a thought a one night stand
Could turn into such a hot romance
Mm, when she did it to me
I slipped and fell in love

I'm in love with the other woman
My life was fine (Yes it was)
Till she blew my mind

Now I know the rules of the games
You hit it once then break away clean
I should have never gone back, I know
But I had to have just a little bit more
My friends laugh but that's alright
I may be a fool but I know what I like
Now I hate to have to cheat
But it feels better when I sneak

I'm in love with the other woman
My life was fine (Yes it was)
Till she blew my mind
Somebody help me
I'm in love with the other woman
My life was fine (Yes it was)
Till she blew my mind

Oh this affair is unique
All my life I never met such a freak
She keeps me goin' strong for so long
When I get home it's all gone
Makes me wanna grab my guitar
And play with it all night long

I'm in love with the other woman
My life was fine (Yes it was)
Till she blew my mind

Tell me, has anybody else out there
Ever fell in love with the other woman
Oh with the other woman
Say I'm in love with the other woman
With the other woman, with the other woman
I'm in love, sure 'nough in love

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Parker Jr., Ray The Other Woman Comments
  1. llongone2

    Supposedly, Apollonia appears in this video. Anyone see where/when?

  2. llongone2

    Nice Blackula homage. Also, guitar being tossed to him when he says, "Makes me wanna grab my guitar" is pure win.

  3. Efrain Hdz. CO.

    Seen and unseen classic 👌👍

  4. Michael Marshall

    I meant something to me . I had a girlfriend but was in love with (friend ) who I always thought I would end up with ??? NO fool like an old fool.

  5. jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen

    Lando Bustin Ghost Woman Makes me Feel Good

  6. Javier Ortegon


  7. KuttyJoe

    Damn Ray. He went all in on the white women in the video. Ray is the only black person in the video. But I suppose, he was trying to make sure the song crossed over. I seem to remember this song playing on black radio though.


    Thing is, this version was never shown in the US.

  8. Nichawks Hawks

    This song is a beast. Cool music

  9. Chief Joe

    I have almost all of his albums. He’s incredible representative of Michigan. Hi Ray!

  10. m rein

    29...30.....up we go

  11. Gary VanDecar

    Who you gonna call, Ghostbusters.

  12. Bobby Sharpe Sr.

    Mr Ray you are one of the greats

  13. Avery Daymond MAGA

    MTV never played this video, must have been because of the monsters in the video.

  14. jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen

    L A N D O C A L R I S I A N

  15. A&J WilLay

    what in the world did i just watch? rofl

  16. J High

    Becky strikes again.

  17. Jason Heavner

    Who ya gonna call? The other woman!

    Silvian Raccoon


  18. Hartzal Ray Patterson

    Do not ever block this again warner chappell.. was blocked for too long. glad its back

  19. Spencer Nicks

    I actually like Ray Parker Jr.'s music. This was actually my favorite song

  20. J.J. Grauwyler

    Who is here cuz of Key & Peele?


    You tried to play the game
    But it's driving you insane!
    Danger in the jungle!
    There's a lion in my house.

  21. IRON5

    I find it odd this man isn't talked about among the greats when it comes to music?

  22. Christina Nomee

    Just came here from Oran juice Jones, they looked alike!

  23. Michael Merlo

    My dad loves this song me it’s ok

  24. Melissa H.

    Ray's so fine I'll even forgive him for this silly video :) Great music, though!

  25. NIVO1972

    he fell in love because HE IS the other woman. Why Weird Al never had the idea is beyond me. Real potential here.

  26. Celestina Susyde

    I LOVE this song and Ray Parker Jr. I just don't like the message of cheating😏😣🤐😯

    mr sweatt

    Oh hushh lol

  27. Parker Sparker

    Wearing that cape he looks like Lando Calrissian


    I like the rock edge of this song

  29. German BG

    I love this song!

  30. Sister Cyclone

    She blew his what?

  31. Walter Brown

    This is like Bakula rocks almost like Rockwell somebody Watch me !

  32. Mr Cain

    All the comments but nothing about them dancing around the 5 pointed star and the pentagram? Satanic Ray ....smh

  33. Observant Owl

    Soon to replaced by rap crap. Its a damn shame


    you can blame sugar hill gang for that.

  34. David Battle

    I love this song but this video is creepy

  35. Joanne Marshall

    Weirdest ass VIDEO EVER!!! [email protected]@

  36. Dr. killpatient

    Wow, I'm surprised to see Parker with a beautiful white woman in the 1980's. Don't get the vampire stuff. Is he riffing off of Blacula, or trying to get some of that "Thriller", moolah ????

    Christian Edwards

    This video came out before Thriller.

    Don Cooper

    Does white woman's mightive got with Ray wouldn't surprise me Ray was a player

    jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen

    @Don Cooper i love white woman too..i wanna bang them so hard..


    This version wasn't shown in the US. They had a different video because of him with white women.

  37. cattus lavandula

    Ah, when music videos were fun.

  38. Bryan Mcwhite

    2019 Rules forever Ray Parker jr s the best 👍.

    Spencer Nicks

    Bryan Mcwhite I agree

  39. ana

    Omg....this is perfect....long,long time I didn't hear this.....😎🤗🤩

  40. Aaron McMurray

    I have just experienced love @ first sight!

  41. Sister Cyclone

    Slender man on sax 🎷

  42. Gordon Franklin Terry

    I thought he only did ghost busters.

  43. J Hewitt

    I get the other monsters, but the guy on the roof with the saxophone? Is he supposed to be Uncle Fester ??? LOL. 😉

  44. zeze do bone

    Not interested.
    I'm not interested in NOBODY at all...
    You should know that...
    Bye bye bye
    You lost this game. You're out of the game now....
    Do you like it?
    🎼 "Some heads are gonna roll" 🎼🎸🎸
    🎼 "Some heads are gonna roll" 🎼🎸🎸

    jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen

    I Will bring pain To You Eliane..before your midnight hour..

    jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen

    The Only Head that i know will roll...look at your mirror..

  45. Anna Vajda

    I don't want someone elses man.

    Anna Vajda

    Is the moral of the story go home to your wife or drop dead?

  46. jaws72158

    Thank you for bringing video back love it .

  47. Mr Maxxx

    Ray Parker Jr can play and this cut still is the flames

  48. Carol Butts

    why no blacks in the video?

    jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen


  49. DJ A-TROIT

    I see Ray love the pink booty snowbunnies for his videos

    Harold Kumar

    DJ A-TROIT poatato head


    @Harold Kumar pussyclot

    Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot

    Lol relax hotep. Watch “A Woman Needs Love”

    jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen

    He is right!

  50. Bob Cummings

    In the 80's, all men wanted to be in love with THE OTHER WOMAN! LOLLL! What is Ray doing now in 2019??

    Douglas Paterson

    @Sunday Aito would assume.😂

    Sunday Aito

    @Douglas Paterson , it's common sense and logic. In the 80s he has to be in his mid 30s or late 30s. Fast forward to 2019 and you're looking at a man in his mid 70s.

    Douglas Paterson

    @Sunday Aito 😀

    jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen

    @Bob Cummings he is Bustin

    Bob Cummings

    @jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen Bustin with more music I hope!

  51. Maximus Prime

    Wow. Ray was bustin' something else before he started bustin' ghosts.

  52. Perry Ellis

    He was ahead of his time socially..he was singing about the "other" woman..and being in love 🥰... Ahhhhhhh 😄


    The Billy Paul song "Me and Mrs. Jones" had already been discussing infidelity back in 1972. This came out in 1982. It was hardly a new topic.

  53. David Battle

    I'm in love with the other hoe

  54. Reverend Benzo

    Blacula kicks ass!

  55. Christian Hafer

    I've loved this song for years. Never saw the music video. Weird, but the song remains awesome.

  56. Osmaro Molina

    A jem of a video! Thank you!!

  57. Bourkette8 Polly

    God I love this song 🔥

  58. Bryan Mcwhite

    2019 rules forever Ray Parker jr singer of the year song of the year ghost busters movie if the year ghost busters.

  59. Aandunno

    This some kind of blacula origin story.

  60. pbruc brooks

    Man, can he strum that guitar! That Bass is get down also.


    Makes me want to play with my " guitar " 😉 sure ray, just your guitar. Also. I see here that if I cheat on my wife, socially speaking, I'll become a gouhl in everyone's eyes or at least a vampire with really thick eyebrows.

  61. Aparecida Mendes

    Still listening to this in 2019!
    Great song and a hilarious vídeo - impossible not to laugh seeing Mummy, Frankstein and Werewolf going downstairs dancing. . . Good fun that never gets old.


    Aparecida Mendes prequel to Ghostbusters?

  62. sauquoit13456

    On this day in 1982 {April 24th} Ray Parker, Jr. performed "The Other Woman" on the ABC-TV Saturday-afternoon program, 'American Bandstand'...
    At the time the song was at position #22 on Billboard's Top 100 chart, seven weeks later it would peak at #4 {for 2 weeks} and it spent twenty-one weeks on the Top 100...
    And on May 16th, 1982 it peaked at #2 {for 4 weeks} on Billboard's Hot Soul Singles chart, the first week it was at #2, the #1 record for that week was "It's Gonna Take A Miracle" by Deniece Williams and for it's 2nd, 3rd, and 4th weeks it was "Let It Whip" by the Dazz Band in the top spot...
    Between 1982 and 1987 the Detroit native, as a solo artist, had fourteen records on the Hot Soul Singles chart, six made the Top 10 with one reaching #1, "Ghostbusters", for two weeks in 1984...
    Besides "The Other Woman" and Ghostbusters"; his four other Top 10 records were "Let Me Go" {#3 in 1982}, "Bad Boy" {#6 in 1982}, "I Don't Think That Man Should Sleep Alone" {#5 in 1987}, and "Over You" with Natalie Cole {#10 in 1987}...
    Ray Erskine Parker Jr. will celebrate his 65th birthday in six days on May 1st, 2019...

    gee skin

    Please please help me. I been tryna find this song by Ray Parker Jr That came out round 1990-91. All I remember bout it was the beginning of the song they said " pump it up Ray, pump it up Ray."

    Patrick McCallum

    sauquoit13456 Thanks for the info, really appreciate it👍. By the way, my ex-wife sang like 'neicey😄

    R Jonzun

    @gee skin

    gee skin

    @R Jonzun thank u so much, been tryna find this song 4 a while

    R Jonzun

    @gee skin It appears to be very hard to find.
    Try this place. I used to work there way back when.

  63. O Romântico

    Demais, a batida dessa música! Não dá pra ficar parado! 👏👍

  64. Shortcake07

    This is a funny video.

  65. Narciso Mendez

    la voz de lenny kravist se parece ala de ray parker jr Saludos

  66. rodrix rodrix

    Estaba en la secundaria un video onda thriller como muchos de esa epoca(ay qe ver los de sheena easton greg khin billy idol rockwell x ejemplo

  67. 80s-Wizard!

    🤣 ... I just realised what he meant by “guitar” !!

    Aparecida Mendes

    80s-Wizard! 😂😂😂😂😂

  68. Joe Serrano

    Huh?!! Growin' up in the high desert hills of se Utah, when this song came out I was working 9 to 5 and heard frequently every other day, every week but until TODAY I done saw the video for the first time and I've got to say its COOL! What came first Blazing Saddles, yeah, I'm thinking Ray Parker Jr. was influenced by Cleavon Little's line in that MB comedy, where Cleavon, rip, yells to 2 KKKer's: "Hey boys, where all the white women at?" ;)

  69. Mary Volon

    Quien diciembre 2018 !?

    Joe Serrano

    @Felix Lievano me, :)

  70. José Carlos Bustamante

    Michael Jackson and John Landis surely saw this video before inspiring 'Thriller". Too many coincidences. 🤔.


    José Carlos Bustamante 100 percent agree, at least Ray was after the other woman, not the other boy

    Peyton Bell

    @willparrott100 hey , be cool Muthafucka 😎

    Sunday Aito

    Might be coincidence...

    Patrick McCallum

    José Carlos Bustamante Good point


    I don't think that the guy who wrote and directed An American Werewolf In London needed this video for inspiration. You're mistaking the existence of horror tropes with this video inspiring horror tropes. That's pretty sloppy thinking.

  71. Morgan Ahoff

    When I was a kid, I would always request this song at wedding socials. They never played it.

    Sister Cyclone

    Brilliant lol

    Patrick McCallum

    Morgan Ahoff Fukkin hilarious, even if it's not true👍😄😄😄😄😄

    Bonnie Landers

    @Joseph Caranante 😂


    LOL, what a pisser.

    Nichawks Hawks

    Awsome song

  72. Perro con sarna,garrapatas,pulgas,piojos,moscas,gusanos,gangrena,pus,lepra,cáncer y mucho más

    0:09 OH YEAH .

  73. aregua1

    For you young people, this was back when black Americans still learned how to play instruments and sing correctly.

    Observant Owl

    You nailed it.

    jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen

    And bang white women..cause they are the best ones..

    Rusty Shackleford

    @jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen burn the coal pay the tole

    jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen

    @Rusty Shackleford Pink Pussy is the Best Hole

  74. Canadian Syrup


  75. starquant

    Apparently the OTHER woman: Was in fact another woman...Happy New Year Ray Parker🙊 Kudos to the disco Werewolf @ 2:05. Ray, you can bite me in the neck anytime.🐵😋

  76. Jonathan89 Landson

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  77. Thiago do Brasil

    0:07 VHS CAMERA, YEAR 1981!

    jon jon goufema liames zenbin pinfen

    Hi..Brasil é nós #tmj

  78. tdunster2011

    He's an awesome guitarist as well. Very talented dude.

    Christina Nomee

    tdunster2011 I did not know that!

    R Jonzun

    Incredible background story.

    Spencer Nicks

    Oh hell yeah. He's very talented


    Steve Lukathur of Toto (arguably the greatest session guitar player of all time) mentions Ray in his autobiography as being one of the go-to guys in LA back in the day when you needed a great guitar player to come in and cut a song or nail a solo for you

    Nichawks Hawks

    Heck yeah he is a killer singer


    2018!!! HELLO LADIES ;)

    Christopher Wayman

    CREELAST ladies wooooo

  80. Carlos Fedez

    Blockbuster :v

  81. Jacira Sanches Sanches

    Muito bom !

  82. Leonardo da Vinci

    Ghostbusters ™

  83. Thiago do Brasil


    Glenn Smith

    I was always in LOVE WITH OTHER.NOW,I GETTING HER.👅👅

  84. Paradoxed

    He's back again!

  85. Gorilla de roblox

    I like music

  86. jeka termit

    Ghostbusters D:

  87. Carlos M A N

    Primer comentario :v

    ht yu

    carlos manuel aguirre norato segundo :v

    no limite do amanhã