Parker Jr., Ray - Let Me Go Lyrics

We've been goin out for awhile now baby
We've had some good times and some hard times too
But now I've reached that point in my life
Where I need more of a commitment from you
You've had me on hold for so very long
Make up your mind baby
don't keep me hangin on

If you're not sure that you want me
Let me go
Come on and do right by me baby
And if you're not sure that you need me
Let me go oh

I'm not the kinda man
You can just keep for your pleasure
You've gotta really want
For us to stay together yea
It's not fair to keep me hangin on
For another year or two
Make up your mind right now
And decide what you wanna do

Now I know when a woman gets in her twenties
She starts to feel like she's runnin out of time
Nine times out of ten she's correct
If she assumes, yea, that marriage
Is the last thing on a man's mind
But now the table's turned
The shoe is on the other foot
I know what I want
But you still wanna look

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Parker Jr., Ray Let Me Go Comments
  1. TaurusCurrie

    I know what I want, but you still want to look......

  2. TaurusCurrie

    This song right here!!!!!!

  3. the baddest chick

    2020 still listening 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥already gone 👍🏾

  4. Nelisiwe Ngubo

    Yeah man this is real music ryt here!😁
    Still listening in 2020!🎤🎚️🎙️🎹🎶🎵📻🎧🤷🇿🇦

  5. Brenda Lockhart

    Lawwwwd this song is the shit

  6. Nomsa Madingiza

    I'm here in 2020. If you're not sure that you love me let me go. 😭😭

  7. Jorge Barboza


  8. No1 No1

    History lesson for the yunginz and the less knowledgeable --- it's funny how the world works!
    Would Whitney Houston still be alive if she decided on Ray Parker Jr. instead of Bobby Brown?
    Hmmmm! She went out with a lot of celebrity men back in the day, and when I heard about this pairing, I thought . . . "All right, that sounds cool," even though I thought I would meet her, and I'd marry her (Ha Ha). But it wasn't to be in either case. It was around the time she sang, "All the Man I Need." 'Stuff so good I wanna put my name on it!'

  9. Reggie Thebe

    this is a life time song

  10. djw80158

    The Billy Dee Williams of R&B

  11. DJObliteration1

    Jam!!! Still bang this

  12. Lawrence Njawe

    Timeless classic

  13. J.J. Grauwyler

    Who is here cuz of Key & Peele?

  14. Emaur Emor



  15. Infidel14?

    In my Nino Brown voice: Pretty [email protected]#$%!!!! LMBO...

  16. JUICYRED 70

    SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL 😚 Sweet Home ✨

  17. Sutelc

    Ray DID that, gotta give him his cards ♦️.

  18. Kevin Mather

    Another beautiful song from this amazing guy love 💖 him so much.!!! bernie m 01/06/19

  19. Nelson Ross

    The lyrics are so deep

    Nomsa Madingiza

    Indeed .

  20. Marcia Valéria

    amo muito <3

  21. santo,santos pedrosantoSantoos


  22. Godfrey Modiba

    nice nice tune.

  23. Rodney Voshell

    One of the most underrated performers. A true talent.

  24. Chanel James

    Reminds me of my husband that I left. Wasn't sure he wanted me so I let him go. Even tho he cheated on me. It's all good. Sing it Ray Parker. True shit.

  25. Godfrey Modiba

    great tune indeed .I miss the era of great music 80s and 90s .

  26. Sinelisiwe Shange

    Wow... back then when men loved and knew what they want.. 🙌

  27. Godfrey Modiba

    nice music 4 ever,still playing it in 2019.

  28. O.G G LIFE

    I remember this when it first came out like yesterday

  29. Jacqueline Robinson

    A beautiful artist and very sexy.

  30. Tom Smith

    Best Soul & R&B Quiet Storm Old School Slow Jams Love Songs (PERFECT DATE MUSIC PART 2 PLAYLIST)

  31. Ddd D

    Love you Karen Poe from North carolina

  32. Ddd D

    He said: yo stuff so good I want my name on

  33. Jamila Dailey

    Ray made this one

  34. Aliceson Brown

    Let me go

  35. claudette lewis-smith

    "Your stuff so good I want my name on it"..........OMGgggggg (I'm sweating, dayummmmmmm)

  36. anthony hernandez

    Buena musica retro por siempre 😀

  37. Debra Timms

    44bebea 1108debra ok 44bebea 1108debra ok 44bebea 1108debra

  38. Janie Carson

    I have always thought this song was a 1 hit

  39. Joseph Pop

    I will send you a copy of your marriage certificate and the rent for a few months and then you can get the chance to look me up

  40. Abiott Ditshego

    Remember those times of perm and cut? Another brother also James T Tailor and Ray Parker . African Americans have incredible talent. Makes me glad to be African. No wonder we are hated so much its because of the gifts we are endowed with.

  41. Abiott Ditshego

    Signature voice reminds me way back then when schools used to give us a lot of homework and radio ruled the universe. Thank you Radio Mmabatho and Radio Bophuthatswana 1098 medium wave with Modiko Mothupi Ausi Maena Pilane . We were financially disadvantaged back then because of the apartheid system. But life was a Bliss

  42. Abiott Ditshego

    Thank you You tube for this song its the first time ever for me to see the face of of this awesome voice. Ray Parker Jr is awesome. First time ever I see this on video.

  43. Wendell Watkins

    Ray was the man, he got me to start wearing pinks shirts

  44. johnrenteria75

    1982, i remember my mom bought this album, she played it so much, i still remember the words. The other song called Stay the night was my favorite as well.

  45. Pat P

    Ray was good to look at.

  46. Bubba walker

    Someone special sang this song to me When I was in my twenties. Wish I had listened to her. I don't know what else to do I'm still so in love with you.

  47. Angela Davis

    I know what I want but you still want to look...

  48. Lucille Green

    Lucille Parker Hazard Green

  49. yvonne ROBINSON

    Beautiful song 😊

  50. Ntokozo Manana

    this song speaks to my heart...

  51. Keith Witcher

    Ray made me laugh at the end. He said your stuff is so good I want my name on it hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

  52. Kevin Mitchell

    Ray made some good, but this is my favorite

  53. KDof Georgia


  54. Marshall Lancaster

    Ray has so many great songs. This was a tenth grade jam!

  55. Keith Witcher

    Ray Parker Jr's Let Me Go song is a classic. I didn't know he did a video for this. I got his greatest hits cd that has Let Me Go. He's a very good music singer.

  56. Leticia Lopez

    Love Ray Parker all his songs...

  57. onelove

    have loved this song for 30 plus years! still beautiful!

  58. darrylsmith576

    Bad jam love it

  59. Marq Nash

    @4:00 Your stuff so good i want my name on it

  60. Ronald Thomas

    my shit

  61. C Smooth

    Man, I bought this song years ago on a 45...played the hell out of it...still got it today...kind of scuffed, but it's still recognizable. I am surprised that this song don't have more views than this....maybe because I thought everyone in the world was listening to it because I loved it so much.

  62. Zanesville H

    how my young Hart was broken. long lasting impression on my soul,

  63. Tommy Germans

    one of the best artists ever like the song I love u like u are


    Ray had so many good songs.
    I do believe this is my fav.

  65. Brady Morgan

    smooth ray.

  66. Mbongeni Mkhwanazi

    Oh man!! This song reminds me of my favourite DJ, Eddie Zondi..

  67. richard nkosi

    I really love the song

  68. Kayanda Eddings

    I remember listening to this song on the radio as a kid when it was released. I really love this song.

    Cairo Zulu

    its indeed a great song.

    Kayanda Eddings

    +Cairo Zulu yes it is.

    Yvonne Haggins

    I always liked him

  69. MamaBoots1111

    My daughter though I was listening to Lenny Kravits....nope, it's Ray Parker Jr. :D

  70. Zanesville H

    My good years. thanks Ray.

  71. Unicorn

    Loved this song as a kid but never knew who sang it till a few years ago after searching for it on the web for months on end! lol

  72. Henry Centuolo

    Song reminds me of the great 1987 relationships I created but the video is needing improvement. Wish I still had the soul

  73. Girl Outthere

    Love this song. People need to get educated. Ray is a legend. Go look up all the work he has done. Incredible musician and way underrated.

    Brenda Lockhart

    I totally agree 100 percent

  74. Craig A. ballard

    One of the best...

  75. FATIMA franzoi

    boa musica !

  76. 6250 Bird

    Love You Brenda McCoy from Houston Texas

  77. X2A3

    I was in high school, my junior year when this song came out. I have never seen this video. Of course this was before Michael Jackson re-arranged the MTV playlist. Its also before VH1 or Video Soul (BET).

    maglayk akhas

    @ MarketWatch: 4 renovations that could decrease your home’s value.

    Rufus Watson

    great song

  78. Mario Tinoco

    All these people are mislead ' they don't have a full information about the difference between the extermination of human beings and the extermination of the earth. The earth would never die a prostitute ( religion ) that has controlled the world for 2,000 years is the one who will all the human race. Government and church stick together. I know I'm the son of the most high.


    +Mario Tinoco What are you smoking?

  79. kryssyxxboo

    This sounds a lot like "if you don't know me my now"


    You couldn't write a song that even comes close to ghostbusters you fool. It's all relative, most songs use the same chords and changes anyway! Ray's stuff is creative as shit, the lyrics and everything. & you must love his stuff because why else would you be over here. Damn I can't stand youse ppl.

    La Sonya Suttle

    myeyesinside out Ray Parker Jr. didn't steal anything!

    La Sonya Suttle

    myeyesinside out You best watch your mouth and stop talking about people!

    La Sonya Suttle

    myeyesinside out You know nothing about this man!

    La Sonya Suttle

    myeyesinside out You did nothing but talking smack about this man!


    Nice video.


    Is that Apollonia?

  82. Mrobert lee jr

    He didn't get his props he deserved he's a great guitar player and not a bad singer too.
    he stayed in the background playing guitar for a lot of top artist before he came out with his group raydio.
    I love his songs= that old song, I don't think that man should sleep alone (I met my wife on song). here's a song for you to check out by ray it's called RUM Punch> I love it.


    Mrobert lee jr I agree

  83. jerseytomato100

    "When a woman gets in her 20s, she feels like shes running out of time"??
    Now that I am 45, that phrase cracks me up. When youre in your 20s, you have all the time in the world.

    Tom Smith

    When a woman got in her 20s, she was running out of 1918.

  84. Beatles01able

    I love this song. My favorite of his solo work. The other being "Jack and Jill " when he was with Raydio.

  85. Kendrick Tharpe

    MMMMMMMM, you know yo'stuff so good I want my name on it!!!!! yessir!!!!!

    Brenda Lockhart

    My favorite part❤👅

  86. Trina S

    Wow, This cassette the Other Woman, got broken twice. I was in my twenties and fell in love with this album. I didn't break it but someone else did. He felt I might get influence by the lyrics. I am glad you finally showed the video.

  87. Elizabeth Mckinney

    My jam...sing it ray with your sexy self

    Lisa Lee

    He's very sexy.

  88. soulchildsacomin

    I had no idea Ray had a video for this.  I thought "The Other Woman" was his only video from his debut album.  Thank you youtube

  89. Taga lucchi

    Ray was, is the man!

  90. MrMikeb1958

    Another classic early '80's. ♥