Parker Jr., Ray - Jamie Lyrics

Jamie used to be my girl
She used to be my girl
It's hard to imagine her
With someone else besides myself

Watch what you say about Jamie
'Cause she used to be my girl
I don't want to see her kissing
On one else besides myself

When you're loving Jamie
You got to hold her tight
'Cause she's the type of girl
That needs it every night every night

If you wondered how I should know
Let me tell you so
You see

Jamie used to be my girl
She used to be my girl
It's hard to imagine her
With someone else besides myself

So whatever you hear about Jamie
(Keep it to yourself)
'Cause she used to be my girl
Can't stand to hear about her
With no one else besides myself
Oh, Jamie, oh

Me and Jamie used to we used to be so close
Oh, oh out of all the girls I dated
I loved her the most
Her the most

Don't know how she got away from me
But I wish that I could make her see her see

Jamie used to be my girl (Jamie)
She used to be my girl
(Why won't you be my girl)

Jamie used to be my, she used to be mine (oh)
She used to be my girl

I trained her just the way I wanted her(I wanted her)
I taught her every trick in the book
It ain't fair for her to give all to
Some other guy Jamie you know you got me hooked

I'm hooked I'm hooked on your love baby
Jamie used to be my girl
She used to be my girl
I can't stand to see her with nobody else
'Cause I still want her for myself

Jamie used to be my girl Jamie Jamie
To me she's still my girl
Watch what you say to me Jamie
Watch who you're laying with Jamie
'Cause to me you're still my girl
Jamie Jamie Jamie
She used to be my girl
She used to be my girl Jamie Jamie

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Parker Jr., Ray Jamie Comments
  1. Mark Smith

    I wanted to be Ray Parker Jr. So cool.

  2. dumb boyiam

    Ray Parker liked to record songs that sounded a bit like other songs of the era. I Can't Get Over Loving You sounded a bit like Every Breath you Take. Ghostbusters sounded a bit like HUey Lewis I Want a New Drug. Lewis sued Parker over the latter.

  3. 松延秀生


  4. Manuel Cohen

    Hermosa cancion.!! 9/11/2019

  5. Lisa Smith

    I loved this song by Ray Parker Jr growing up into the 80 s and still love this song to this day I haven y heard from a long time still my jam

  6. Jamie Stiger

    Who’s listening because their name is Jamie?!!!🙋🏽‍♀️

  7. Vincent Strother

    The video , girl dancing on da bar at the conclusion......."dance deva"...she got dat off, out the video "Jamie"

  8. Ron Mackyon

    Ahhh.. The 80's😎🔥

  9. Bilal Tei

    Je suis très heureux de écouter la chanson

  10. Jana Nurjanah

    Nice song still listening in April 2019, nice voice from Ray Parker Jr

    Tina Rios

    I'm listening in August 2019.I love Ray Parker jr and music from that era.

    Yago Lopez

    September 2019 here... Good music is timeless... Imagine how would be people's opinion in 30 years when they listen regueton LOL

  11. Leon Black Is Back

    Man oh man this was my shit growing up. I miss the 80s ray parker jr was that dude in the 80s. I Remember they played this on Soul Train amd that nigga with the Jeri curl tore it up on the floor.

  12. renee xuereb

    Great songs of the 80's!

  13. Sandra Martin

    Screw you John Stahmer

  14. swami 7774

    Reminds me of Stevie Wonder's "Ngiculela."

  15. Thomas Donohue

    That stupid Ghostbusters song destroyed his career

    David T

    Yet that song hit #1.

    Thomas Donohue

    He was sued for plagiarism for that song and lost

    Dillian Stockman

    still getting money off it though i no hate that song

    angelo greenwood

    he got very very well



  17. Jamie Robson

    Loved this song when I was little..used to think it was for me tho I didn't understand some lyrics at the time lol


    Jamie Robson You do NOT want to understand the lyrics! 😂

    Jamie Escobedo

    Mine too Jamie

    Darryl Fleet

    Ha Ha Ha I Feel You With That My Queen It's That Serious Baby Lol Ray Was Way Before His Time Amen Ha Ha Ha Ha Pull Up His Earlier Song:s Like (A Women Need's Love) (Old Pro) Hot Stuff ) & U Will Jam Off Of Them My Queen I Promise You Ok ? (smile) Julian From Baltimore

    Vincent Strother

    Jamie Robson I still love tune,'s so uplifting even when your reminiscing on a down low, cause it's so TRUE, "🎷🔈🎺🎷🎹...can't stand to see ya nobody else...

    Jaime Lassiter

    meeeee toooooooo! I played it over the phone after every break up lol

  18. Leslie Springer

    He was and still SEXXXXXXYYYYY

    Einsteinz Vice

    Melted ALL my panties back in da day! ;-P