Parker Jr., Ray - I Still Can't Get Over Loving You Lyrics

I'm all confused and I don't know what to do
‘Cause I still can't get over lovin' you
I've had a time when I can't you off my mind
No, I still can't get over lovin' you

Every time I run into your friends
I just have to ask them with who and where you've been
And when they tell me what I really didn't want to know
It only breaks my heart, it makes me want you more

When I hear your name, I get going insane
‘Cause I still can't get over lovin' you
I can't turn you loose, though I know it's self-abuse
I still can't get over lovin' you

Now I've tried to get involved with someone new
But it's just no use, ‘cause I expect them to be like you, baby
I don't know what I'm gonna do
‘Cause every girl I date resembles you

Oh, help me, baby, I'm goin' crazy
I still can't get over lovin' you
No, oh, it's tearin' my heart apart
‘Cause I still can't get over lovin' you

Girl, I'm so sad and it hurts me so bad
Knowin' you're with someone else (Someone else), oh
Though I have no right to be, I'm filled with jealousy
‘Cause I want you for myself

And I'm not blamin' you, naw, baby
It's not your fault if you feel the way I do
And even though I wish that you'd still love me
It still won't change the way I feel for you

Girl, I can't forget ‘cause it's not over yet
I still can't get over lovin' you
Every breath you take, I'll be watchin' you, girl
‘Cause I still can't get over lovin' you, mmm

(Lovin' you) There's no way that this thing is through, no
(I still can't get over) Not yet, I ain't through lovin' you
I'm gettin' mad (Lovin' you), girl, don't you ever try to leave, no, no
(I still can't get over) It'll be the last thing you'll ever do, oh

(Lovin' you)
(I still can't get over lovin' you)
(Lovin' you)...

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Parker Jr., Ray I Still Can't Get Over Loving You Comments
  1. Roosevelt McCarter

    Was it taken from "The Other Woman", "Woman Out Of Control" or "Sex And The Single Man?"

  2. Xenia Kennedy


  3. Tinevimbo Muzezewa

    This is such a stalker song 😂🤣


    I play this song always to date, I just can do away with it, his part of me.

  5. Is Az

    The lead lady is very beautiful

  6. loveinspired7

    Good Lord...
    Listening to this song again after so many years; I am just now paying attention to the lyrics...

    Ray? You're not supposed to SCARE women into staying with you.
    You need some SERIOUS couch time, before your a$$ wind up on the news. 😂😂😂😂

  7. mraims2plez

    World's first tone deaf recording artist

  8. lhdollbaby l

    When Ray Parker took on the Ghostbusters theme song it really really took away from him he's such a talented musician his band raydio was and is an awesome awesome awesome band he's so underrated but those who know good music knows that we will forever play Ray Parker and raydios music PS this is one of my sick psycho songs it does it for me every time thanks Ray!!!! Oh yeah the whole band could sing I mean every guy in the group could sing and they was fine as hell!!!!!!

  9. Terryhoover Howard

    O.j Simpson's theme song

  10. Stacey Shelton

    Awesome song

  11. Marshall Lancaster

    Seems like I was just playing this, but it was 36 years ago.

  12. JUICYRED 70


  13. Donna Cabot

    Jayzuz. It is real. Lol.

  14. Sheila Daniels

    Dear Lord he looks as good as he sings!

  15. DJ A-TROIT

    Ray again with the pink booties on his videos

  16. Kafka60

    My ex girl friend used to play this song over and over every time we fight or when she felt in low mood. I can’t get it over loving you.

  17. sinthia carr

    Still listening to this in 2019 ♥️

  18. Da Boz fav songs are the ones without the ''insert some lame ass show' brought me here" comments...thank you obscurity.

  19. Claudia Curry

    some of ray's best guitar work ever.

    Paul Turnet

    Thanks for mentioning that, because I was starting to think 🤔 that I was one of the few who noticed that, I mean you never read 📖 any comments in which his 🎸 guitar playing on this song in particular is mentioned,.... SUBLIME, BUT VERY TASTY.

  20. Samuel Petrochilos

    Back in the day stalking would be the furthest from anyone's mind. Nowadays if you. REALLY listen to the lyrics, some of those lyrics could be construed as stalkerish behavior

  21. Mark Conrad

    Key & Peele anyone?


    Nver gets old

  23. Role Melo

    2019? Damn what a song :))

  24. Henry Hawkins

    I been listening to Ray Parker Jr. since his earlier days with his group in the late seventies. Still listening and never disappointed. Great singer and musician.

  25. Elsa Mabhena

    2019..... They don't make em like they used. His voice...

  26. Mike

    People in 1983: "'Every Breath You Take' is the creepiest stalker song ever."

    Ray Parker Jr.: "Hold my beer."

    sinthia carr

    Mike and the award for funniest comment goes to... Mike 😂😂😂

    Curtis Stafford

    Excellent, truth

  27. Martin Ferreyra

    When Begins As Sound Effect Is Only Used From The Headphones On Music Video

  28. Jerry Tekulve

    The heck with him, I LOVE the Girl Galyn Gorg !!!

  29. Jeff Porcaro Groove

    Ray is one of the A list session studio funny he had this pop is a very small part of his storied career...

  30. michaelrodriguez1123

    I see what he was trying to say/do,..
    But this is the anthem of a stalker/jealous Ex/domestic abuser!

  31. Sable Senegal

    ray's voice &composer skills were the brainchild of 80s r&b music but my favorite song of his is when he &radio sang jack&jill in 1979

  32. shady ntsie

    I still cant get over this song..

  33. P Grace

    Loved this song as a kid. Still do, but it does have that creepy stalker quality to it.

  34. TheFelix63

    ci vorrebbe un amico...

  35. がりちゃんがりちゃん


  36. Matt Miller

    This song was stolen from a previously released Police song "Every Breath You Take" There's even some identical lyrics.
    He also ripped of Huey Lewis with his Ghost Busters theme song from the movie.

  37. Roosevelt McCarter

    What album was this taken from? Woman Out Of Control or The Other Woman?

  38. bondoly66

    I can't believe there' some kid from the 80's that can't relate to this song.

  39. Brady Morgan

    Classic ray parker jr.

  40. Jacqueline Robinson

    I love this song and the performer love you ray lol

  41. shar perry

    i know how the hell u feel

  42. AdamG1983

    Bustin Makes Me Feel Good

  43. Pony Girl

    Still in 2018 one of my favorite songs.

  44. Beverley Glaze

    He is handsome

  45. Sports Geek

    This guy is truly underrated

  46. Neal Donovan

    It has been almost 40 years now. I will never forget my high school love. Played this song till it broke. I still can't let it go. Thank you Ray

  47. Aandunno

    ..did Sting steal the Every breath you take line from this song?!?!

    Matt Miller

    No. It was the other way around. The police song was released several months earlier.



  49. msms2535

    This song started romantic in the beginning, and then descended into an "Every Breath you Take" song . Then it got worse. Still makes for an interesting song. Much, Much better than the more successful Ghostbusters crap.

  50. rusty shackleford

    This has a "I'm going to tie you up in the basement" sorta vibe....

  51. Debra Timms

    Debra Love 1108debra ok Love Love 1108debra ok 6pm 3x

  52. johnny Macon

    I wonder where is that beautiful black chick is today I seen her in many videos back then her and a few others who were regular beautiful black video chicks !!!⌛🔜⏰💯😀😂😂

    Retro Lover

    johnny Macon that beatiful black chick is Galyn Gorg and she indeed appeared in many music videos in the 80s. Also went on to have a decent acting career that spanned through the 80s 90s 00s and still today... She is a dancer by proffession

  53. Mandlovhu HRH

    Dont ever try to leave it will be the last thing you will ever try to do ........

  54. Kyle Young

    Lyrics got kinda dark towards the end.

  55. Watching TrainsgoBy

    Such an overlooked song. Very smooth.

  56. Vornamen Nachnamen

    not onnly ghostbusters-this song is so great

  57. LADY VIN

    Wait a minute...if she try to will be the last thing she'll ever do....stay clear of Ray jr....boy got problems.

  58. Kristin Miniscalco

    Obsessed 😍😍😍😍

  59. Kristin Miniscalco

    Yes again

  60. Kristin Miniscalco

    I'm obsessed

  61. Kristin Miniscalco

    He is so sexy

  62. Sandra Tapley

    Love this song..Wish You Tube had it in karaoke <3

  63. Biggredd200

    what a cheesy GREAT song. love it!!

  64. Brooke Jones

    i will never get over loving you

  65. grega1972

    Yea it does sound a bit psychotic, BUT Every Dude has had a girl you couldn't shake the thought of after y'all broke up and you would do anything to keep her !!!

  66. Jonathan89 Landson

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  67. Afa Same

    An addictive love song!

  68. Marcus

    My one all time favorite Ray Parker jr songs. Tells a true story of the one I can't get over.

  69. bondoly66

    Watching that video put me right back in the early 80's with MTV and all that teen angst. Dang.

  70. Deese Knutz

    Sting could have sued him for this the same way Huey Lewis sued him for ripping off I Got A New Drug to make Ghostbusters.

  71. skinger skanger

    No wonder they play the HELL out of Ghostbusters... Lol all his other songs had that stalkerish vibe.. 😯


    She just wants to slither away from him...majorly

  73. KDof Georgia


  74. Monique Muroni

    One of the sexiest men ever...that voice....i love him

  75. Okwudili Ani

    Ray Parker had a unique voice and a special kind of music, he was one of my heros musically in the 80s. Jamie used to be girl, wow! can't stop listening to it!

  76. firstmusic00

    I was always a rocker back in the day. Pop shit made my stomach churn. But for some reason I always found this tune catchy.

  77. sprintbass

    it annoys me ppl see him as a ghost busters music guy....I mean bobby brown I don't feel is remembered as that....and though I like bobby brown a lot I think RPJ is far more talented and I wish he was still around..

  78. Iron word

    Best love song of all time, takes me right back to that moment

  79. jbrumfie79

    What a great 80's romantic stalker song. . . could compete with Every breath you take by the Police and Hello by Lionel Richie

  80. Andrei Cleiton

    best music, in the 80,s and appears best car in the clip ( vw golf yellow)...kkkkk

  81. spiraljoe1273

    THIS SONG is so memorable for of my am time favorites. I bought the 45single the day it was released which is the first time I ever drove in snow. I was 16 and took a break from my job to go to the mall and buy it. I'll never forget it. and I will always LOVE this song.

  82. Charles B

    Ray Parker right here from Detroit

  83. pdgtexas

    That's Galyn Görg...still beautiful 34 yrs later

  84. Garwin Wayne

    From 3:43 on kind of a stalker's mentality but at the same time you have to be a man and put that foot down. Women like that, not the stalking but a man being a man and laying it down on what will go down.

  85. Giovanni Fortuna

    Ci vorrebbe un amico
    Per poterti dimenticare,
    Ci vorrebbe un amico
    Per dimenticare il male,
    Ci vorrebbe un amico
    Qui per sempre al mio fianco,
    Ci vorrebbe un amico
    Nel dolore e nel rimpianto

  86. Thomas Brown

    Love this song!!! Another reason that 80's music was the very best decade for music!! You can't hear the heart in anything today!!

    johnny Macon

    Thomas Brown so true broham unlike the garbage we have now with the mumbling crap rap it's time to get back to singing and loving the way we used to especially in the age of trumpism !!!⌛🔜⏰💯😀😂😂🙌

  87. Rueben Moyo

    seductive voice

  88. Dr. Rosenrosen

    It's a shame these days Ray is known to most only from his GB theme. Super talented dude.

    Stephen Gomes

    Not with me, Raydio was one of my favorite bands!

    Aaron Cumbie

    Agreed, he has ALOT of hits with himself and Raydio

  89. main man

    ah yes there is nothing that's romance like a x- boyfriend that stockier and threatens to kill her if she left

  90. kelly savage

    he was a dam good singer and i think it was his managers that let him slip thru the cracks and it was a shame

  91. u-said-what?

    I take it Huey Lewis & The News didn't sue him over this song? Sounds nothing like, say, "Do You Believe in Love?" to me. Nor did Sting try to shake him down for the "every breath you take, I'll be watching you" lyric.

    Johnny Emerson

    No he didnt

  92. Painset shimmercakes vevo

    is he dead?


    Ray said "Don't you ever try to leave. It'll be the last thing you'll ever do." Can someone say premeditated murder.

    U Descend 2 Ascend

    yes that was a threat and I'm ashamed to say it was funny to me.

    Markus Antonio

    Great song reminds me of the times of wearing Levi's blue jeans, and having a feathered in the middle hairstyle. Sad thing now, I'm bald.

    Monila Ninetynine

    That part always killed me. 😉


    Yeah...this is every bit as much a stalker song as the Police song Ray shouts out to.

    Annette Frazier

    Yeah, that part bothered me...It'll be The Last Thing you ever do....

  94. asia911

    This fucking hack first ripoff "I Want A New Drug" by Huey Lewis and now this one "Every Breath you Take" from The Police.

  95. Shawn Johnson

    I just listened to this song 8 times in a row... so addictive.... i loved this song when it came out.

    Shawn Johnson

    @Laura York so cool to hear that...great comment.


    Shawn Johnson me and you both Shawn Johnson

    Patricia Thomas

    Shawn Johnson I love this song too

    johnny Macon

    It's sounds so typical 80s absolutely love it have you stopped to notice how much it's sounds like the song morning desire written by Lionel Richie for Kenny Rogers I think Lionel got his inspied sound from this song since it came out 2 years ahead (1983) kenny's(1985) i especially love the guitar licks and the airy breathy background vocals they just don't good music like this no more now it's filled with mumbling trap rappers and profanity and other garbage !!!⌛🔜⏰💯😀😀😂😂

    johnny Macon

    spiraljoe1273 me 3 love this and the Kenny.Rogers song written by Lionel Richie morning desire 1985

  96. Arthur Workman

    Man I remember watching this every Friday night on New York Hot Tracks with host Carlos Dejesus.

  97. Hollis Beecham

    The Best song ever written in 80s

  98. todd epperson

    I'd bet a year's pay on it that him and smokey robinson got more nookie than any man or woman alive or dead than anybody on here,hell,i bet he's got stock in Viagra

  99. iggypopisgod9

    quality 80s mechanical r N b

  100. Rebecca Raymond

    love this sound