Parker Jr., Ray - Girls Are More Fun Lyrics

Girls are more fun, ooh, ooh
Girls are more fun
The party ain't begun
'Till all the girls come
Girls are more fun, mmm

Make you dance to the music
Have a good time, mmm
I could tell the way she moved, yeah
What was on her mind, mmm

She said the girls decide
If it's gonna be dead or alive
Bout choosing to arrive or not to show, mmm
Please understand, she took me by the hand
And pulled me closer than you wanna know
Then she whispered to me

Girls are more fun, ooh, ooh
Girls are more fun
The party ain't begun
'Till all the girls come
'Cause girls are more fun, ah, ooh

Good night turned to late night
We're still on the floor, uh
Drove my mind through the red light
Before she said, go, uh, well
(Baby let's go)

It was party time, her body close to mine
That familiar line, dancin' slow, ho
It was up and down, in, out, and all around
She never made a sound 'till she let go
It when somethin' like this, oh

Girls are more fun, ooh, ooh
You know the girls are more fun, mmm
The party ain't begun
'Till, uh, 'till everyone
Girls are more fun

Everybody say
Yeah, oh, yeah
Girls are more fun, uh
Put your hands in the air
If you believe
Girls are more fun, oh

Oh, the world is confused
You read it in the news
Every day they're findin'
Somethin' new, ho, oh

Girls are more fun, mmm
Girls are more fun

For those of you
(Girls are more fun)
Who've gone the other way
Girls are more fun, oh, yeah

The magic stare
nothing can compare
Its the best feelin anywhere

Girls are more fun, ooh, ooh
Girls are more fun
The party ain't begun
'Till all the girls come
Cause girls are more fun

Everybody say, yeah
Girls are more fun, yeah
Put your hands in the air
If you believe that the girls
The girls are more fun
Let me hear you

Girls are more fun
Girls are more fun, yeah, hoo
Girls are more fun
You know the girls are more fun

Girls are more fun
Girls are more fun
Girls are more fun

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Parker Jr., Ray Girls Are More Fun Comments
  1. TheEarlymtv

    this was his last top 40 hit. didn't chart well,, but I liked it..

  2. TheEarlymtv

    lionel ricthe would love this...

  3. Roosevelt McCarter

    Was it taken from "Sex And The Single Man" Album in 1985?

  4. Home Depot Loader 662

    Great song and even better video! Some outstanding choreography here!

  5. ラインks

    Girls just want to have fun .

  6. Bob Cummings

    I totally 4got about this 80's classic by Ray! Dang! I am getting 2 old in my early 50's! LOLLLLL! What is ray doing now in 2019??

  7. Crump Paarthurnax

    I was good until he got in that skirt for 2min🤔😒😒

  8. Arturo Fabris

    This video made my neurons hurt

  9. lardog118

    My understanding is that this song was directed to the Gay community at that time.

  10. Martin Ferreyra

    Wow This Is Song As Ghostbusters Also By Ray Parker Jr On Music Video

  11. Roosevelt McCarter

    What album was this taken from?

  12. Aaron Brummett

    2:48 is more fun!

  13. Isaiah Wasabi

    0:36. 0:37

  14. Lynn Marie Anderson

    I never saw this rather insane video before, but I used to really like this song!!!!

  15. My2 Cents

    Irene Cara was gorgeous.

  16. Jamie Bilich

    You got right ray girls are more fun

  17. john1965

    Did you all know he was in Uptown Saturday Night. He was in the band (drummer) at the Church cookout scene..

  18. felipe gordillo

    Que buena rola!

  19. Tammy Goulet Schrader

    Ray Parker Jr was Fine as Hell

  20. Deese Knutz

    Why are there only white women in this? Ray sold out do hard it wasnt funny


    Most artists had NO say in what models were hired for their videos. It wasn't like today, either, where someone would get all butt-hurt about the race of the people in videos. We were SO much more easy-going and tolerant of things, and we were so much tougher and stronger. You idiots today who only see anything through a filter of "race" are disgusting. Get over yourselves. There is so much more to life than melanin (or the lack thereof)! The most racist people are those like yourselves who immediately look at skin color in every single thing on earth. Quite ironic!

  21. Deese Knutz

    Damn! Irene Cara was fine as hell back then

  22. October Knight

    Ray Parker Jr.; sexy, great voice and willing to do something funny for this video.

  23. Slow and Unknown

    2:56-3:00 chick in the purple bikini

  24. SoulStylistJukeBox

    Wow, this is terrible.

    Deese Knutz

    All Ray's videos are terrible but the songs are usually good

  25. Przemysław Adam Załuski

    2:00 Awh, that old joke about Asians on the other side of Earth. |^D


    Yep. This was back when we were all allowed to laugh at ourselves, and find humor in our cultural and sexual disparities. I miss those days. We all got along, and laughed TOGETHER, and there was no hate in any of it. I know. I was there as a "minority." It was a wonderful era.

  26. simao diciocio

    girls are more fun (garotas são muito loucas): eu viajo aos meados dos anos 80!!!! shoooowwww!!!!

  27. Arthur Workman

    I tell you videos back then were always so much fun to watch - as corny as they were you really didn't mind. His songs always sounded like they should've been the ending of some 80's movie.


    Well said!

  28. Toy toy

    80s had them wierd story lines I swear, homie went to china

  29. TK 4rmWisco



    In what POSSIBLE way??

  30. #1steelers dad

    I just looked it up ..ray parker jr is married to a white blond woman ..looks straight to me

  31. charmalique

    People, please! Just because he put on a wig and skirt only once for this video, doesn't mean that he's a drag queen. Furthermore, he's not gay. Don't jump to conclusions so soon.

    #1steelers dad

    he got a wife and kids ...hell my default pic is of a woman called mrs brown from a tv show called mrs browns boys and mrs brown really is a man Brendan O'Carroll and he dresses up like a woman but that a character he plays for his show ..he is also married with kids same thing here with ray parker jr it don't mean nothing ..some people are just like you say jump to conclusions

    Sid Arthur

    have you heard man shouldn't sleep alone? which rules do you think he meant in that? unless he was admitting to being a paedophile

  32. Alan Fox

    I heard it on radio one never a hit have this on 80s soul compilation. Part of the video spoofs fame

    mikey p

    But it was a hit, So as you said radio one your from the UK, It was never released as a single or on an album release in the UK so what you on about?
    Was a hit single in the US, And in Germany, Sweden, Holland, Denmark, + New Zealand

  33. Rebecka Berg

    What were those 2 WEENIES in the video tryin 2 do!?

  34. Dr. Larry Mitchell

    Homophobe that makes me want a new drug.

    TheStarTrekApologist Channel

    Where is the homophobia?


    Idiot Dr. Larry Mitchell : To HIM girls are more fun. There was no hate espoused whatsoever. He likes women. I know that's not trendy today, but you're gonna have to deal with the fact that straight men are here to stay—and we think girls are more fun than boys—in spite of your thoughts and wishes to the contrary.

  35. superluminal89

    @ 3:50. Didn't know they were droning black folks back in the 80s.

    douglas wahid

    Who else would we experiment on?

    Fausto Pacheco

    They should do it in 2019





  38. Matt Leach

    Ghostbusters theme in the background :D

  39. tojucomedianXL

    couldnt agree more women are awsum i love the way they feel look i full appreciate the physical spiritual energy that a good woman can add to a man

  40. king esseen

    D*mn Irene Cara was fine as hell!

    Kealii Slater-Kahumoku

    king esseen

    EXACTLY what I said. I thought she was one of the great singers back then. AND one of the prettiest along with SADE.


  41. Luis Alberto Dueñas Rivera

    Las chicas son mas divertidas asi como la cancion de la cindy lauper

  42. kurtispopp

    Is this a Key and Peele sketch?

  43. Paulo Cesar

    Show de bola é só ter tempo que agente acha música e cantores do nosso tempo aqui é Brasil.

  44. joel quinn

    He isn't gay you nitwits

    Aaron Brummett

    +alice cooper Neither is Tone Loc... but Shenna.. that's another story!

  45. Rade007

    Ray was great. Lisen to that music. That was a MUSIC . Today music is disaster


    +Rade007 you are so right. Todays music is so crappy. The only thing that comes out of their mouth is cussing, degrading females. My son loves listening to Old School Music. That's what he grew up listening to.


    Right thing for him,respect. Im always listening to old school,rock,pop,punk from 80's and I realy enjoy. 


    Thats the right thing.


    Chuckii Booker played on this album (credited as Eugene T. Booker)! It really was good.

    Eric H

    Today music is garbage 🗑 50s thru 80s and some 90s is the best

  46. Frank Rensen

    Fking eighties man XD

  47. MaddBlakMannVideos

    This was some serious beat meat material in the 80's right here before internet porn lol

  48. Edward Thomas

    He`s FAR from being Gay!!!! Have you seen his wife. She`s fine as hell!!!!

  49. Deondrick Woodard

    the eighties were very fun I was only eight when this song was all over the major stations its okay to experiment  you only live once deon.

  50. Stefan Travis

    "To those of you who've gone the other way..."

    Josh Popichak

    I heard that. lololol.


    ...and it's true! For straight guys, anyway. And that's the only men he can speak for. Nothing wrong with that. I bet you'd have ZERO problem with a gay recording artist extolling the virtues of homosexuality, now would you...? Hypocrisy.

  51. Mr. Chip

    terrible song


    Nope. It's awesome!

  52. Jason Browne

    despite the dark side of the 1980's, that time was still a time of fun

  53. Josiel de Assis

    ...But, he is gay!

    Jason Browne

    @Josiel de Assis he's not gay


    No, he is not.


    Wishful thinking on your part.

    Tory Shaye

    He isn't gay

  54. Astro Bear

    i wish the 80's come back just one more time we can bring it back by listen to the music ...

  55. lardog118

    If I remember correctly he said this song was directed towards the gay community. 

    Awefuh Awef

    @lardog118 during a time when people thought you can turn gay people straight and vice-versa :p

  56. Mohamed El Moussati

    Very old video But Its still fun

  57. Katy Jalili

    This guys awesome haha

  58. Megs Smart Thinking

    The way they use ghostbusters at the front lolz

  59. Nabinut

    2:48 will haunt me in my dreams for a while.

  60. ClintGreasewood

    So the guys in suits are INS agents looking to deport Ray back to Mexico

  61. drhploveboat

    hey, he made music videos in the 80's! get him!!

  62. Owen Prytherch King

    You whaat?

  63. Christopher Adams

    Girls are more fun? So he must have did boys huh?


    Tired, man... tired.

  64. 822perico

    Girl are more fun (las chicas son mas divertidas) yea l know but too the man are more fun it is the life man, me too lm more fun Because l like and of my life too

  65. fraitaly

    ahh ... the eighties

  66. Feeling_Everglow

    Such a shame i wasn't born in the eighties :( Much better music and less problems

    kojo tutu

    are the people living in the 80's still in the 80's


    Yeah but its much better then the modern shit


    You want to be born in the 60s or 70s to have experiences the 80s.