Park, Kyle - Beer Can Lyrics

We met when I was nine, on a warm July night
Alone on the front stops, 'neath the yellow porch light
And I proved I was a man over and over again
To my new love, my new friend, my beer can

When I turned 16, I was a drinkin' machine
Killin' 12-packs of tall boys, nearly two times a week
Five feet tall and bulletproof, a brick wall thanks to you
You're my true love, my best friend, my beer can

You were the first one to kiss my lips
And you still make me feel great inside
And even though there's times I go crazy
I'll never blame you 'til the day you say goodbye
Oh say somethin' to me

Oh 21 years old, so in love don't you know
Yeah e make out every night out on the town and at home
Whether warm or ice cold, one look at you and I'm sold
You're my hero, my best friend, my beer can

And you're still the last one to hold my hand
Late at night when I lay down my head
And every time I find myself lonely
You're the only one I want in my bed

Well the years have gone by, it's funny how the beers fly
I'm a grown man now, but you still make me act like a child
You're so good to me, you're all that I need
You're my true love, my best friend, my beer can

You're my first and my last
My present and my past
My true love, 'til the sweet foamy end
My beer can

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Park, Kyle Beer Can Comments
  1. Christopher Davis

    The five who dislikes this are definitely snowflakes😂

  2. Jack Burton

    That’s discrimination! What about the beer bottle????

  3. Bull Creek Wapati