Paris, Sarina - True Love Lyrics

I'm giving up

I'm giving up the feeling
Do I take it or leave it
I'm giving up the feeling of the mystery of love
I'm giving into my imagination
Or are you true love for me
True love for me
True love for me
True love for me

I've looked everywhere
Oh but you're not there
On the other side I will find
Secrets come alive
My heart aches
So I wait
Love will find it's way to me

Smoke gets in my eyes
Everytime I try
To deny the feeling
I keep deep inside my soul
I dont know
Where to go
Love will lead me to my home

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Paris, Sarina True Love Comments
  1. lewis kerrison

    thumbs up to this singer, hopefully not another one hit wonder

  2. j.r. jenkins

    o I love song.. @real meaning.. true love for me

  3. xucop2014

    Man, her songs during my childhood. Love sarina paris

  4. wildrouge987

    this song helped me get over somone i thought cared for me this song gives me hope that ill find that one girl who i can call my own

  5. DeathPunk11394

    love it she rocks point blank.

  6. Bels P

    i love this song

  7. Sumit


  8. Macy Duenas

    I love her songs.

  9. denise

    i wuff this song