Paris, Sarina - The Single Life Lyrics

Freedom's all around
Dancing as we paint the town
Friends they do surround
We are single yeah

It's so great to be
Answering to nobody
Freedom's got the sound
We are single yeah

Freedom's all around
People jumping up and down
Boys and girl go down
We are single yeah
It's so great to be in the crazy company
What more can I be
We are single yeah

Da de da de da de
The single life is for me
Da de da de da de
With the fun compnay
Da de da de da de
The single life is for me
Da de da de da de
With the fun company
Da de da de da de
Da de da de da de
Da de da de da de

Forget bout the boy, girl he dont do you right
Forget about the way that he held you tonight
So dry up all your tears
Listen up, come with me
We'll play the single life with the fun company

Well you can fall in love
You could find mister right
You will spend all your time to keep him in sight
You gotta take a hold of your life
Come with me
Be single for a while
Have some fun and be free

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Paris, Sarina The Single Life Comments
  1. Xiaohu Mr


  2. Julio Capote


  3. verry hashirama

    20 years later i'm still single not still single,i'm always single.

  4. Jeni

    Single life taking it back ha 2019😎

  5. Pawnee X

    Oh man hella takes me back

  6. Victor Cossio

    Still in 2019

  7. Fairyscilla Cali

    2019 🥰

  8. Cody Lee

    Anyone listening in 2025?

    Manitoba Storm Hunter Damon Lavallee

    Nope but I am in 2026

  9. Donna D

    Feb. 2019... still come back to this track, happily taken now ♥️

  10. Suzette Mar

    I used to sing this song when I was like 12 and I’m about to go into 21 single this is depressing

  11. SJP

    Music from her gives me this happiness when i listened to this when i was a little kid lol

  12. andrewrl

    Used to be this for me now look at us

  13. Carlos morales

    I am 100% men but i love her music since I discover in 2004 GOD bless you all around the world

  14. Christopher Smith

    20 years later still a goddess

  15. Tara Franklin

    Yeah, cheers to all you who've been single for a decade!


    Just me?


  16. Meiryu Lee

    Very nice song. I love this song very much!

  17. Brenda De Leon

    Omg this used to be my song hahahaha!!! Now I'm married 😂

    Memes. Many Such Cases!

    lmfao i guess one mans trash is ur husbands treasure lmaoooooooooooo

    Machete Hawaii

    Omg the same 😁🙌🏼

    Theresa Harvey

    lol relax young blood

  18. YoutubeUser

    sarina paris if you sing this song to me and dance along you will never be single again :------------------)

  19. Miss Pang

    who is still listening in 2016 n still single lol?


    does 2019 count?

    Howard Huynh


  20. medfry

    7 people dislikes this? GOD why didn't the world just end in 2012? Those 7 people are going straight to hell!

    Diana Saliu

    medfry not everyone likes to be alone

    Tara Franklin

    Well. That escalated quickly.

  21. bam bam

    listened to this when i was like in 7th grade. 2016 now and im 28...whew these old jams

  22. William Marin

    i liked all ur vids there are awsome even single life i love ur vids ur fan

  23. AJM

    This is my Valentine's Day jam!

  24. Dana Nguyen

    XD I love this song I heard my dad listening to this, and I was like o.o I like this song so I shazamed it and now I'm here


    LOL I love your dad!

  25. Anonymous X

    It'll be 2016 soon, and I'll still listen to this song. This goes to all the single people or newly broken up people.

    Bryce Nathaniel Derouen-Hester

    thank you

    m0uster 1337

    When my gf at the time broke up with me. I heard she was listening to this. I hated it. Then it grew on me.

  26. itsbeebsbabes

    Newly single and lovin this song even more. Cause now I know how great it feels.

  27. Sebizzar

    Never heard this one, more cute catchiness :D

    W Yibo

    Yes I heard more song that I love her voice so much. I always remember her song same time. Love her best song...

  28. tanmoy995


  29. Chiacha Lee

    Man this song is still GOOD AF.


    im a guy and i love this song :) x btw loving the single life haha

  31. Melanie L

    Im single living the single life because its for me. With the fun company <3

  32. Cristy Yang

    It will never get old.

  33. Brea Geyer

    Listening in 2013(:

  34. Veracem Mendacem

    Ahhh my ecstasy days I miss those nights just walking up to a female rolled out and just making out with her... Magical days. :D

  35. lizzypop08

    This was THE SHIT. I hate how things have changed

  36. ShinMegami87

    I remember break dancing to this song back in middle school too.. man, how I miss the good ol days haha..

  37. Janet Mendoza

    Thumbs up if ur married but wished you were single!!!!! :O lol this girl here <==

  38. Azzurrowillow

    thumbs up if you're listening in 3246!

    Alan Andino

    Azzurrowillow 2018 checking in and listening..

  39. Lady Lucifron

    or 2013 ;)

  40. Mya Xiong

    the best song everrrrr

  41. Anthony Zukas

    Thumbs up if you're still single since 2001.

  42. erick rivera


  43. Agnessa Abasov

    this video is nice because its so soothing when you brake up :'3

  44. BenniRocco36

    Thumbs up if you hate comments that say, 'thumbs up......'

  45. Lyna Win

    da di da di da di.. single life's not for me.. da di da di da di.. 'cause I'll find somebody.... or at least that's what I'll keep telling myself haha

  46. LBhenry

    @KarstenFriday nahhh i heard he died in 2013 :O

  47. Karsten Friday

    @SkyRupt1 oh how is it over justin bieber still alive?

  48. LBhenry

    thumbs up if you live in the year 2082 and your still listening to this!

    Elite Mangudai

    and hopefully not single lmao

  49. Karsten Friday

    O.o :3

  50. Funfettiqueen

    oh my god i totally forgot about her until i watched a dbz video O.o i miss this type of music!!!

  51. Sandra Boegedal

    Thumbs up if this is your favorite :D

  52. Gabbi Diaz

    Haha everyone talking about middle school, I was in 3rd grade when this song came out... :)

  53. krissy crossway

    @MegaSakura11 haha well some people just have no luck with dating..i dont either :P im either cheated on or dumped haha :( <3

  54. Cristy Yang

    Thumbs up if you're still listening to this in 2011?

  55. KItkit Tee

    [: middle school days <3