Paramore - Tell Me It's Okay Lyrics

Maybe it's been years since I genuinely smiled
And maybe it's been years since I wanted to be a part of anything

And lately I've been good
You know, I've actually been great
Man, I even laughed a little today

Oh, it's so strange
It's so strange

Tell me it's okay to be happy now
because I'm happy now
Tell me it's okay to be happy now
because I'm happy now

Tell me it's okay
Tell me it's okay-ay
Tell me it's okay
Tell me it's okay-ay

I thought it was my right to be as sorry as I wanted to be
I wasted all my teenage years being a misery factory

But something had to give
I had to finally see the light
I think at 23 it's time to practice what I preach
And what I preach is...

Tell me it's okay to be happy now
because I'm happy now
Tell me it's okay to be happy now
because I'm happy now

Tell me it's okay
Tell me it's okay-ay
Tell me it's okay
Tell me it's okay-ay

All my wasted hope
I let go when I should've held tighter
And now when the sun is out
I let it burn
Not afraid to feel it shine on me

Tell me it's okay
Tell me it's okay-ay
Tell me it's okay
Tell me it's okay-ay
Tell me it's okay
Tell me it's okay-ay
Tell me it's okay
Tell me it's okay-ay

Tell me it's okay to be happy now
because I'm happy now
Tell me it's okay to be happy now
My life is finally levelling out so

Tell me it's okay to be happy now
because I'm happy now
Tell me it's okay to be happy now
My life is finally levelling out so

Tell me it's okay
Tell me it's okay-ay
Tell me it's okay
Tell me it's okay-ay
Tell me it's okay
Tell me it's okay-ay
Tell me it's okay
Tell me it's okay-ay

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Paramore Tell Me It's Okay Comments
  1. Steven Villeda

    Power pop

  2. Marcixchu Marcixchu

    <3. oh well that's the sound I miss the most.

  3. Jamvy Hate

    still loving this band ^^

  4. LisV :3

    Taylor on drums

  5. Michael Morrison

    Today my entire world has crashed around me and I couldn't take it any more. I curled up in my bathtub balled my eyes out and played this on repeat. I just wanted to thank Taylor, haley, and everyone who made this music possible. Your music has been the only thing that can pull me out of a self destruct state of mind.

  6. Joshua Punongbayan

    Paramore forever 💕

  7. Doug Max

    Br de 2019!

  8. Doug Max

    Puta nostálgica

  9. Professor Cray

    Gnash made a song using this.

  10. [broken machine]

    This is so underrated... I love this song so much.

  11. Joce B

    0:00 - 0:25 favorite part

  12. vinícius

    Me lembro bem do dia a essa música foi lançada e como me marcou naquela época da minha vida

  13. Harrison Neoh

    STILL feeling such a waste for not promoting this song with a music video. This song definitely deserves one! I love it!

  14. Mark Jackson


    this part is really attractive

  15. FranTomm

    Tommy is okay! Tommy is okayay!
    Tommy is okay! Tommy is okayay!
    Tommy is okay! Tommy is okayay!
    Tommy is okay! Tommy is OKAYAY!

  16. Mark Jackson


  17. Cheese Meister

    Sounds like Caught in the Middle

    Brian Mathis

    Are you serious?? This song does not sound like Caught in the Middle at all.

  18. poopoopeepeeman66

    2018 anyone?

  19. Alessandro Jones

    1:51 omg too beautiful.

  20. Rampage Goddess

    Paramore 🙌🏾🤘🏾⚡⚡💙

  21. still kind

    I love this

  22. tara l.p.

    this is the most underrated song

  23. Yayan Gustian

    tell me its okay! its so good

  24. Araci De Aquino Barbosa

    Uni dune. T
    HJ escolhi Tell me It's OK Pr rever

  25. Yayy Wamar

    tell me its ok to be happy now? cause I'm happy now 🎵

  26. ffalah seugirdor

    Cadê os Br?

  27. Danielle M

    1:51 to 2:00 is me rn

  28. Bright Side Does Stuff

    I cant find this on Spotify

  29. AloTheRainbow Leo

    When you 100% relate

  30. clemenTna

    "I think at 23 it's time to practice what I preach..." Now she is almost 30 years old, I feel that this song was released yesterday, fuck

  31. Rett

    Everything is okay

  32. Rett

    I wasted all my teenage years that is just like me hopefully my adult years are better

  33. That guy Deege

    I know i said that i was doing good and that im happy now
    I shouldve known when things are going good is when i get knocked down

  34. Dee Gurz

    TFW she was fake happy 🙃

  35. Laurie Alvarez


  36. Alana Arellano

    So did gnash make his own version of Tell Me it’s Okay?

  37. Lorraine Ballero

    If you’re not listening to this at top volume and screaming the lyrics in catharsis you’re doing it wrong

  38. Pixel Boi13

    "tell me it's okay to be happy now, even though it's fake anyways" - hayley, probably

  39. Juxn Xguilerx


  40. Haikyo

    a piece of the riot came to rest on the self titled.

  41. Sam the random is random!

    "Tummy it's okay, Tummy it's okay."

  42. Daniela Rojas


  43. Lily Rose

    man i love this song and still listen almost everyday!!! :D

  44. Rose Robbins

    It's okay for you to be happy now

  45. onipez

    Emma blackberry DOES sounf likr paramore

    My mind had been blown how did i never notice

  46. Châu Lê

    wonder why this didn't make into the album, it's so good, it's so Paramore!

  47. Selene Official

    I only hope Hayley will go back to being as happy
    I ♡ paramore

  48. Caroline Waite

    This song sounds like a Diet Cig song haha its so good

  49. Libby Rodriguez

    TEll me it's okay... to be happy Now...

  50. JustcallmeRockStar:P

    freakin Paramore <3 every time :')

  51. spooky dude

    '' i wasted all my teenageyears being a misery factory'' sounds about right

  52. Francesca Pajares

    misery factory would be a great band name

  53. Ordranis T.

    I feel like I connect with this song and I have no clue why. I'm just that into it.

  54. olivia bourne

    just me having a nervous breakdown and paramore making me feel good again, i'll love this band forever❤️❤️

  55. Julia R

    Sounds like tell me it's okay by gnash

  56. BabyBoyBelcher

    I think this song was designed especially for those of us who grew up with Hayley and have evolved from the punk scene and changed. It's okay to be happy now and become adults!

    Mr Burns the music they make now is more "adult" music?

    Their new album sounds like a Disney soundtrack or Hilary Duff album.

    Bruno Gomes

    Ok, but you saw the lyrics? That sounds like Disney songs?

  57. Wa hoo

    Just listened to some paramore.. Love it already

  58. Michi

    the first two seconds of the drum sticks being hit together sounds like the intro of "Now."

  59. Mariana Castro

    I miss this so much


    tell me it's a cake

  61. ryan O'Day

    this isnt the finalized album is it?

    Justin Dixon

    ryan O'Day Self-Titled had an extended/deluxe version released about a year and a half after the original.. This is part of that finalized deluxe version 😎

  62. izzy

    is it weird that I'm fourteen and LOVE paramore?

  63. grace v

    I miss Jeremy I hate their label but I love the band and members

  64. littlebitofrachel

    i thought this song was by gnash oops

  65. Jasmin Stanley

    still love this song so much.😍👏❤

  66. good night moon


  67. taxi cab

    This is honestly one of my favorite Paramore songs. No matter how sad I am it makes me feel so much better I just love it ❤️

  68. x3axo

    it's okay!

  69. badb37t

    It's been far too long since there last album need more paramore!

  70. An Práta Draíochtúil

    I have never associated so much with a song in my life.

  71. Hayley W.

    I'm a great fan of Paramore since 2007, I'm missing them so I'm listening on 2017!!

  72. Just Jazz

    My favourite part is where the instruments fade out and it's Hayley softly singing "tell me it's okay"

  73. Megan Santos

    i will now name my child tommy and make sure he is okay.

  74. iara

    esta canción es buenisima, ¿como no esta en el cd original?(?ahrre igual sí

  75. kobra kid


  76. nanparayeah

    Tell me it's okay starts playing


    Me: Don't try to take this--

    Me: WHAAAAT lol

    Cheyenne Dumont

    nanparayeah I did the same thing

    Brandon Cartlidge

    nanparayeah same

  77. youllfindlove

    i'm always screaming "tell me he is gaaay" at the chorus what is my life

  78. Anusha Lamsal

    yeah maybe it's the original one but gnash's is better than this. i totally think this song is noisy and its sooo bad.

    Isadora Brandeburski

    Well, fine, It's ok if you don't like it. I prefer Paramore's song because... Idk, it makes me wanna dance (?!), it sounds so happy.

  79. Hayles Family

    I Love Gnash version

  80. Elizabeth



    kkkkkk klol

    min genius


  81. Werse Varsity

    Paramore is keeping me alive today (figuratively) and I'm binge listening to this and Anklebiters right now. I'm fucked up and I have a big barrier in front of me, but I'm trying to change myself mentally (and physically) because I'm sick and tired of it. I hope this song becomes my anthem in a year when I overcome it all.


    You'll get through it. Just always have hope and faith and never doubt yourself and others.

    Werse Varsity

    It's been a year? Damn. To update this, I've felt what Hayley's felt, but far less severe. After almost a year of progress, I couldn't keep up with who I wanted to be and I grew a bit frustrated. After a while, I realised I needed to relax a bit, not try too hard and now I feel more productive and balanced than ever. Whereas Hayley's gone a bit cynical, I've come to terms with being me and therefore I became a cautious optimist (which is partly the reason why I don't like their new album).

    Do I feel like this song is my anthem? No! I sometimes feel like it, just like I sometimes feel like Hard Times or Pool or whatever song they have (Future and Last Hope are more like my thing now). I don't feel like I removed all my barriers, but they don't hold me back nearly as much anymore and I realised now that that shouldn't be the goal; progress and hope should be the goal, and now even if I feel like shit, I know and remind myself that I actually have made progress and I'm so grateful for myself for realising that.

  82. SERKISS Loading

    2016 y recien me entero de este tema de PARAMORE!! :c

  83. sonic grunt

    this band dead dude it's over

  84. Nuriy Chan

    this song is so underrated

  85. Lunat!c

    Well to be honest, depressing lyrics or anything not happy in lyrics doesn´t make me feel miserable listening to so this song is partially taking things a little bit far. I´m listening to your songs, when I´m in a good mood or even if I am not. Also, songs like they use to be in metal etc are darker and I don´t think music in general can turn affect one´s mood other than to better it :)

  86. Halle




  87. Cecília Marques

    tell me it's uk tell me it's uk a tell me it's ul tell me it's uk a

  88. IAmChristianna

    I just heard gnash's "tell me its okay" and I dont know if this was planned

    eat your heart with a spoon

    IAmChristianna he sample the chorus but didn't write any words he borrowed from Paramore.

  89. Eleonor

    does the gnash song have any relation at all with this song?

  90. becca silva

    pf voltem a fazer músicas como misery business

  91. Tessa Emily

    For anyone who need to hear it: It's okay to be happy now.

  92. Justin Bolton

    love this song

  93. Smo0thie XO

    Gnash brought me here...

    Nilom Parves

    Same haha

    eat your heart with a spoon

    No. Just no.

    AJ PDubz

    Ex brought me to Gnash, Gnash brought me to good music :)
    Jk i like gnash but HOLY SHIT THIS IS GOOD

  94. esmeralda gonzalez

    We Are PARAMORE 😍😍😍😍lo mejor 😍😍😍😍👉👈👏