Paramore - Part II Lyrics

What a shame, what a shame we all remain
Such fragile broken things
A beauty half betrayed,
Butterflies with punctured wings.
Still there are darkened places deep in my heart,
Where once was blazing light, now
There's a tiny spark.

Oh glory,
Come and find me,
Oh glory,

Come and find me dancing all alone,
To the sound of an enemy's song,
I'll be lost until you find me
Fighting on my own,
In a war that's already been won,
I'll be lost until you come and find me here
Oh glory.

What a mess, what a mystery we've made
Of love and other simple things,
Learning to forgive,
Even when it wasn't our mistake.
I question every human
Who won't look in my eyes,
Scars left on my heart formed patterns in my mind.

Oh glory

You will find me dancing all alone
To the sound of an enemy's song,
I'll be lost until you find me,
Fighting on my own,
In a war that's already been won,
I'll be lost until you come and find me here
Oh, glory.

(I'll be lost until)

Like the moon we borrow our light.
I am nothing but a shadow in the night,
So if you let me I will catch fire
To let your glory and mercy shine.

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Paramore Part II Comments
  1. Cristina Leocadio

    2019 alguém?

  2. Andressa Rodrigues

    Loved loved paramore ;*

  3. Yoga Prasidya

    God bless ilan rubin for this

  4. Keezyville Ochavilla

    who's still here in December 2019?

  5. Caio Canuto

    waiting for part III.

  6. Lindaa Romero

    😍💙💙💜💘amo esta canción 😘

  7. Adam U

    This song is a fire and I love that is conected to RIOT

  8. Lola AB

    Part I: Dancing will make our problems go away :)
    Part II: Oh! Nevermind. Turns out we’re all idiots.

    Zoned 247

    Part III (Will be): In another life we can redeem ourselves

  9. Phynne85

    That Beat 10/10 Lyrics 10/10 Everything 10/10 just by heart without expecting anything => Gold

  10. Steven Villeda

    Alternative rock, pop punk

  11. Pía León

    this constant war against everything that's already been won. <3 thnks for the music.

  12. Heaven Nelson

    I found Paramore when I was 13 and now I’m 21 about to be 22 and I swear they are my all time favorite band! I related to the songs so much and Haley’s voice is so powerful, I can’t help but listen!

  13. sips tea

    I'm in love with song

  14. Karee Jones

    This will forever be my shit. Favorite song from album.

  15. Hanabi - Chan

    Part I - Let The Flames Begin
    Part II - Oh Wait! Actually, Don't Let It Begin
    Part III - Kill The Flame Out!

  16. issa phae

    this song makes me wanna embark on a crusade

  17. Joseph CHILAMBWE

    2019 anyone? this track is still fire

  18. Imny Limms

    The instrumental break is crazy

  19. clarinda tan

    "Scars left on my heart formed patterns in my mind"

    Damn, that was powerful.

  20. Josh Flores

    lowkey hillsong

  21. Nacho Suazo

    Let the flames begin 2013 XD

  22. FalseDusk


  23. Manuela Saraiva

    Part I - Let The Flames Begin
    Part II

  24. Manuela Saraiva

    Love this Song 🎶🎵🎼🎧❤🤗

  25. Sariya F

    I miss this song

  26. yuuta togashi

    This is definitely in my top 5 fav songs I love this👍

  27. TheFallOfManbearpig

    "Butterflies with punctured wings" makes me make the metal face every single time

  28. Oh Snap!!!

    This sounds like it could be a song from The Cure.

  29. Nicole Adams

    P erfect
    A mazing
    R espected
    A mbitious
    M ore better then expected
    O bviously the best
    R ight
    E legant

  30. Sketch Sketchy

    Omg fucking love paramore!!!!!! Still the best!!!!

  31. Anna Banana

    holy fucking shit i love this song so much

  32. Giulia Yasmin

    I love not being able to sing a note of this because hayley is just on that level

  33. Roah Yasmin

    j u l y 2 0 1 9

  34. Generys Ichihara

    Just pure heartfelt song, so soothing to hear.

  35. Andry Pagani

    Extraño este paramore :c

  36. Luis Arias

    Part III will probably be a happy, funky song with sad, existential lyrics

  37. Rhea Rajesh

    Sadly, Paramore has lost their angst after Self-titled. However, Part 2 does show a different style then Let The Flames Begin (Part 1) with the electronic aspects. Paramore still put out Part 2 even though it wasn't PURE pop punk like Part 1. So, even though Paramore is still changing their style now, I don't think it means Part 3 will never come. There is still hope.

  38. Anna Banana

    this is by far my favorite song by Paramore, and I'm not one to pick favorites.

  39. Tashawn

    The purpose of life is to find purpose in life

  40. Amal Rehman

    When I first read the lyrics, I nearly choked when I read “Oh Glory” because I used to be a huge P!ATD fan (still love their music not that big of a fan of the newer stuff but I’m excited for the future) and Oh Glory is one of my fave b-sides

  41. Crime.She.Typed

    That drum solo gives me goosebumps everytime 😩🔥🔥🔥🔥

  42. Mateo Young

    Time stand still beginning?

  43. disgrace to homo sapiens

    the verses of this song kind of gives me iDKHOW vibes

  44. twinkle_toes 10

    “I question every human who won’t look in my ARSE”

    dont @ me im just joking 🙏😅
    I love this song so much as well as LTFB 🥰

  45. Expert

    her songs slowing time

  46. Facundo Nahuel Ovejero Reyes

    2:30 :)

  47. Sleepy Pup

    what a shame we all remain, such fragile broken things, a beauty half betrayed-- *butterflies with punctured wings...*

    i think she's referring to her album with the punctured butterfly, and how she's ashamed of her faithless state of mind at that time.
    i think it was Brand New Eyes?

  48. Terrence Chavez

    this song is giving me life right now

  49. zero naught

    Love this so much 🙏

  50. Fancyface2284

    This song is EVERYTHING!!!! <3

  51. Bruno Marques

    Quem do Brasil até hj ainda não deixou de curtir Paramore dar um up ai 👏👏

  52. Leonela Godoy

    March 2019?

  53. NuNu Suth

    I. Love.this.

  54. chris martin

    This shit is progressive... I like it. The only difference between this song and a Skyharbor song is how the drums sound

  55. Jermaine Jennings


  56. warlock

    This kicks ass love the music

  57. Jam Hopsey

    The drop is magical

  58. Naomie Bolton

    I love the image of “dancing all alone to the sound of an enemy’s song” the lyrics speak bolumes in just a few words. I also love “fighting on my own in a war that’s already been won.” It’s so meaningful one of favourite songs ever.

    Naomie Bolton

    Volumes not bolumes 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  59. tia nguyen

    The thumbnail messes me up every time

  60. the now now

    i can´t believe paramore has copied paramore

  61. D R

    I miss 2013 so much.

  62. Camilo Tobón Muñoz

    Amo infinitamente esta canción 😍

  63. Okeu Hardiansyah

    where the part1 ?

  64. Gian Alvarado


  65. Manuela Saraiva

    Somebody 2019?🎶🎵🎼📱❤🤗😙😙😘😘😊

  66. killlingg tiiimeee

    TBH PARAMORE could be a subject in literature in universities

  67. Danara De Jong

    Wait why is it called Part II?

    I'm new to most Paramore music and I'd really like to know heh I'm not really a "fan" yet if y'know what I mean.

    killlingg tiiimeee


    Danara De Jong

    @killlingg tiiimeee thank you

  68. Aliah Simpson

    So beautiful 😍 The Vocals, The instrumentals and The lyrics! 💖

  69. Inkhunter

    I Listen Song Every day.😘

  70. xenfermedadx

    when i get my hair long again i'm going to use this hayley's haircut

  71. Clinton Bungabong

    “Butterflies with punctured wings” - Brand New Eyes.

  72. flickchic238

    Just listen to the drumming after the bridge!!

    Geronimo Cat

    Thought I was only who realized and appreciated how freaking epic that was

  73. [broken machine]

    Sorry, wrong song.

  74. Karla Balladares

    The song that i love so much! ♡

  75. Ceren Simsek

    Probably my favourite paramore era


    Mi amor 💜
    My Love ❤

  77. Anjelynn Pydiah

    part 3 please?

  78. ancient power

    I love this song only up to 2:06 tho.
    Its honestly a beautiful song just not tho whole song. The first part where she sings "dancing all alone" is a little too loud after that its good until 2:06. Its just paramore has the same problem alot of bands have where only part of the song is good. In this song the" patterns on my mind" is the best part. Why cant bands make thier whole songs good instead of adding wack parts. A big example of this is metallica in injustuce for all only the beginng is good and the rest is just heavy metal noise. In this song paramore pt2 the end has too much drumm rolls and too much instrumental noise they should have kept it the same with that beautiful drums, guitar and haleys voice instead of the loud voice treble sounding parts


    bla bla

  79. Torian Adams

    My favorite Paramore song!

  80. Nanda Lima

    Essa música me emociona tanto. Não importa quanto tempo passe, o sentimento por ela continua.

  81. Mery Fatala

    Ohhhh father

  82. Terlan Gomes

    Brasil 2018

  83. Thatila Morais


  84. Mateus Abrante

    🎧📀Paramore forever🎤🎸

  85. Rahmat Farid

    any comment about the solo drum? let me be, bcs that solo is fuckin awesome, that's why im still listening to this. i dont really care about relation of part ii and part i

  86. Eric Otto

    One of my absolute favorite bands. Paramore I love you!

  87. Pablo Orellana

    P A R A L E S S 7 ⭐

  88. teryn

    her makeup looks so great in this 😍

  89. Insomnus_

    When they did Let The Flames Begin and Part II back to back, I lost my shit.....come and find me here, oh glory 😭❤🤘🏼

  90. Rob Haskell

    What I do be smoking? The intro is the best, actually the opposite of the classic awkward intro. Its mysterious, it sets the tone. I actually listen to this song on loop while I play LoL in Diamond elo. Its the best background music Ive ever used, or even had.

  91. Sou Trevas

    2018 Brasil

  92. lillian s

    I love when they do let the flames begin and then they transition into part II in live shows

  93. lillian s

    This song is a masterpiece. The beginning instrumental strikes an emotion in me and the way Hayley makes her vocals sound especially after the guitar solo/instrumental break is so raw. I am also a big fan of let the flames begin so I am so happy they did this.

  94. F R A N C I I dy

    love this song too much, because I have not heard it before

    Zoned 247

    Check these then: