Paramore - Interlude: Holiday Lyrics


Now I can move on to facing,
Big girl problems,
No more high school drama,
Graduated with honors.

And I'm drinkin' coffee while I,
Read the paper,
I've been savin' money, eatin',
Only top ramen.

Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh.

Now I get a holiday,
Wherever I go I might stay.
I don't plan on coming back,
Ever if I can help it.

Now I get a holiday,
I think I'll stay,
Holiday, think I'll stay.
Now I get a holiday.

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Paramore Interlude: Holiday Comments
  1. ryann

    This is the only song former bassist Jeremy Davis was credited with writing, which ultimately was one of the reasons he left the band afterwards, and later battled York and Williams in court. Interesting that it was this song out of the rest of them, since it seems to be an anecdote by Hayley with a personal viewpoint.

  2. AngelCamposVasquez /


  3. Emiliano Castro

    This kind of music should be played in elevators

  4. Emmanuel Vega Rojas

    Now I can move on to facing
    Big girl problems no more
    High school drama
    Graduated with honors
    And I'm drinking coffee while I
    Read the paper, I've been
    Saving money
    Eating only top ramen
    Now I get a holiday
    Wherever I go I must stay
    I don't plan on coming back
    Ever if I can hold back
    Now I get a holiday
    Think I'll stay
    I'll stay

  5. Tori Won

    the only thing that I don't like in this song is: this ends really fast

    but, at same time is a tiny perfect poetry

    love ya allllll

  6. Amal Rehman

    The interludes are so cute for some reason

  7. [broken machine]

    The transition from Anklebiters to this is super smooth.

  8. Emoxtrash

    This song reminds me of pretty. odd. 👏😂👌

  9. Samuel Hernandez

    Who else thinks the interludes are the best part of this whole album?

  10. Heather Sawyer

    I guess you can say that Hayley is now *_Fueled by Ramen_*

  11. Jacob Angeles

    As you can tell about this song, Hayley is Fueled by Ramen.

  12. Suleiman C.

    i graduated from college and that is true

  13. Cranberry the Cat

    Graduated yesterday! :DDD

  14. Ching Buhayan

    i love this song!

  15. Chelsey Martinat

    Just graduated 🎓 this song is my anthem

  16. Amber Rose

    Only thing getting me through highschool

  17. Helena Monte

    Quem veio aqui pelo Fábio Lima?


    Helena Monte euuh

  18. Teddy

    If you're reading this, I love you.

    Truth //

    Oh thanks
    Love you too mate 🧡

  19. whatever x

    just confused about who this is about

  20. chelsea c

    if you know the band sales, then you know that this sounds like the type of music they'd make.

    Tosin Agbi

    Lauren and Jordan are amazing.

  21. salt.central

    Is it just me here who's listening to try perfecting this on their uke.

  22. Jillian Drinnon

    This song is getting me through working to pay for college. I'm eating only top ramen and I'll get a holiday.

  23. Nicolas Charchaflie

    quien escucha ahorita chamaco?

  24. kaci

    *eating top ramen*

  25. Julie Arana

    Every song almost tells the same story?... I know, hate me.

  26. ryan

    omg i love this song ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  27. Briana Pina

    I played this song when I was getting ready for my graduation. Class of 2013! 😄

  28. Tenniga Slerp

    this literaly kills me <3

  29. Juan

    en una entrevista dijeron que hicieron estas canciones medio borrachos ja q seyo

  30. Evelyn Alvarez

    She's saving her money eating top ramen
    Talk about relatable.

  31. awan

    i listen to this song on repeat.

    Isaiah Henry

    awan same man

  32. Sofia

    rasgueo???? strumming pattern??????

  33. Aldair Reynoso

    ¿Algún latino con buen gusto? 😌❤

    Vicky Apellido

    Acá :D

    Mares Cervantes

    Aldair Reynoso kien io?

  34. Chally Xx

    Anyone know any songs like this ?

  35. Chally Xx

    Anyone know any songs like this ?

  36. Julieh H

    I'm graduating this year, but honestly, I'm not even ready to leave

    Isaiah Henry

    Julia Honles same here 😂😂😂😂

  37. Adonnis


  38. Dan's Music

    check out my cover of this song on my channel! thank u x

  39. grayarea

    its mad how different sings of theirs are so poignant reminding me of points in my life. e.g. i remember being on a bus listening to this song when it came out and where i was in my life ...its mad

  40. duda!

    top ramen

  41. Jihakuz

    Paramore and filthy frank should do a collaboration song about ramen

    Isabelle Kathleen

    this is the best comment i've seen in a very long time.

    croissant lord

    dude yesssss

    Johnnie Jon Johnson

    *Pink guy

    Dylan Hooper

    ey boss

    Bernadette Alejandro

    Now that is hella unexpected

  42. kick buttowski

    I WANT THIS SONG TO PLAY AT MY WEDDING(if i ever get married) AND MY FUNERAL!!!!!!!!!

  43. Edrianna

    an interlude i will never forget ❤️

  44. WhatIsMe

    probably their best interlude!

  45. Majestic One

    truly majestic.

  46. Empress Frisk

    Want this song to be way longer <3

  47. Jessica Mateos

    Why does this sound like a mix of old country and new pop?

  48. zed zahid

    Too short this song


    because it's interlude lol

    zed zahid

    +daniel the spaniel Hahaha

  49. Jasmin C

    :D holidays are good

  50. HeyGuys

    Thiny veiled Top Ramen Ad

    Cranberry the Cat

    +HeyGuys Probably because they are Fueled by Ramen.

    Hallie Page

    +Cranberry the Cat this comment is underapppreciated

  51. Genesis Sarmiento

    what's the strumming pattern for this?

    Genesis Sarmiento

    +Janset Uğur oh I meant like. how do you strum this? I wanna play this song on my ukulele and I can't tell how she strums it by listening to the song


    +Genesis Sarmiento little late, but to me it sounds like UDU,UDU,DD but I can't say for certain :3

  52. Des Bethea

    This is so adorable, I know this little song by heart

  53. Elissa Robledo

    I graduate in a couple of hours, and this song has been on repeat all day..

    Teach me how to beiber

    go for you!! i still have 6 more years left

    Rosa Aziz

    Elissa Robledo ik this is late but well done :) well earned after hard work

    Just graduated yesterday!!! Congrats girl!!

  54. Moisés santos

    Oi, eu sou brasileiro, eu tenho 15 anos e queria ter a oportunidade de mandar uma mensagem para o Paramore, especialmente para a Hayley, eu procurei por vários dias um jeito de conseguir enviar uma mensagem para a banda mais eu não consegui, por isso essa é a minha última esperança, a minha história com o paramore é muito linda (eu acho), por favor!!! se tiver algum jeito vcs poderiam me responder??? por favor, por favor.....   eu tenho tanta coisa pra falar mais eu não quero me alongar com esse comentário, então por favor se houver alguma esperança de mim poder mandar uma mensagem para eles por favor mesmo me falem como?! obrigado pela atenção, abraço...

  55. Suzany Lima

    I love those interludes!

  56. Kent Hufano

    I love you Hayley!!!!!!!

  57. lastimosa

    My favorite parts of their albums are their interludes. So easy to memorize and sing and they're just awesome :0

    ParaSmith EchoMore

    Its not just Hayley..


    @ParaSmith EchoMore sorry ..

    ParaSmith EchoMore

    @Andrea Lastimosa 卌 its ok xP I like the interludes as well lol 


    @ParaSmith EchoMore lol

  58. Lea Salino

    Fan since 2008❤️ who's with me?! 😊


    since 2017 xD

    Fantasize Reality

    Chezzie Yo dude I was 6. playing Sims 2 when that paramore song came on my mom was like "its paramore" that name stuck with me 10 years later

    Robert Martinez

    Lea Salino since 2012 🤔


    2007 😊

  59. Eamon Hyatt

    So Hayley said in an interview that she and the guys generally write about what they go through, and what she goes through. I wonder if she actually graduated with honors.


    maybe she means she graduated from the drama with honors if that makes sense

    Eamon Hyatt

    Yeah, probably

    Cherry Bomb

    She got her GED from what I heard

  60. Michaela lee

    Going to see the concert T
    today c:

  61. Elias Almarez-Herrera

    ♪ I've been saving money eating only Top Ramen ♪ 

  62. Dulce Álvarez

    "I've saving money eating only top ramen" that makes me smile everytime i listen this song hehe i love paramore soo much!

    Bernadette Alejandro

    Dulce Álvarez I have a feeling it's a nod to the foundation of Fueled By Ramen, that record brand where all they ate was instant ramen while creating the... well.. record brand..

  63. Lou Wheezy

    jeremy looks asian

  64. Boys V.S. Girls

    this perfectly describes my life lol

  65. Alex Greenwood

    Har Har I play this song on my ukulele at the back of class when everyone's busy! XD

    C A C A C A D(I think) G

    Alex Greenwood

    C = middle finger on bottom string, fret three
    A = index finger on top string, fret three
    D(I'm not too sure. Mystery note.) = Bar the top three strings on fret two
    G = Middle finger, second fret, bottom string, ring finger, third fret, second from bottom string, index finger on fret two, second string up.

    Hope this helps anyone if you can decipher what I meant

    staci says

    @YoloMcSwaggins BLESS YOU!!!

    Alex Greenwood

    @cameryn :3 Np lolololololol

    Alex Greenwood

    Ohhhpfff, my god. Looking back on this feels like I've aged MANY years, LOL.

    Love Paramore's interludes, just heard they're touring England soon, so thought I'd play their songs, though I'd forgotten the chords, lol. Might upload some more videos with them, just got Formby songs aahahahhaha.

    Alex Greenwood

    Oh, and yes, it is a D chord, now that I've got more experience lol.

  66. Sgt Pepper

    Taylor's face "why do I hang around with you people outside of the band"

  67. nxuxn nxox

    oh!ooh! great...i like it..luv them :)

  68. Jonathan Isiderio

    hey everyone! check out my music video/cover of this song on my channel! thank you! (-:

  69. WoohooAndTheCity

    I'm gonna play this at my graduation.

  70. Nathan Santoscoy

    Why was this not a full length good

  71. DarrenBunt

    This is the perfect song to play once you're in your sophomore year of college 


    or senior year of high school 


    @lazybastard1000 yeah that'd probably work too lol 


    More like right after exams

  72. Sybe Heusen

    I like it, It's diffrent... but i like it!

  73. Lindsey

    love love love loveeeeee

  74. GrubbyTubby


  75. Laura Gilbert

    I compare this album to the one when everything with Josh was falling apart and she was so defeatist and depressed in brand new eyes this one is so much happier <3 so hayley.

  76. Ryan New

    The interludes are some of my favourites ♥

  77. Lindsey

    I love this so much its ridiculous kfjahsdg;kdghjs

  78. kieran smith

    eaten only ramen.
    and there sponsered by fueled by ramen.
    its ironic in a way :D

  79. Cat Maria

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  80. Jay Diaz

    Better than everything else on the album

  81. jwofles

    What the fuck dude -.-

  82. Jpenney mrcoin

    she's bored. they're done

  83. Christian Anglo

    Interlude <3 I love it :))

  84. Zaruma

    I love the interlude songs :D

  85. Martina Casilli

    l like they experiment all type of music, it's a danger but i share this decision

  86. Alepoudelis

    wish it was longer

  87. CreatureOfTheFay

    I have a feeling I shall act out this interlude later in my life... Only eating top ramen...

  88. elinortaz

    taylor look so cool

  89. Eli Shane

    She sounds ALOT like Florence and the Machine here. I like it.

  90. Mikena Dillard

    i wish they made longer ones

  91. KCJOHN08

    This is how I feel about graduating high school :]

  92. High3rCalibr3

    best minute of my life

  93. Cheyenne Moseley

    That's better haha

  94. heyhey4110

    why does some of this remind me of Insidious ?

  95. HiItsBenji

    She is so adorable in the picture :)

  96. Alexa Miculob

    The ukulele :D

  97. Kenna Yoshi

    My College Song :)