Paramore - Hear You Me Lyrics

There's no one in town I know
You gave us some place to go.
I never said thank you for that.
I thought I might get one more chance.
What would you think of me now,
so lucky, so strong, so proud?
I never said thank you for that,
now I'll never have a chance.
May angels lead you in.
Hear you me my friends.
On sleepless roads the sleepless go.
May angels lead you in.
So what would you think of me now,
so lucky, so strong, so proud?
I never said thank you for that,
now I'll never have a chance.
May angels lead you in.
Hear you me my friends.
On sleepless roads the sleepless go.
May angels lead you in.
May angels lead you in.
May angels lead you in.
And if you were with me tonight,
I'd sing to you just one more time.
A song for a heart so big,
god wouldn't let it live.
May angels lead you in.
Hear you me my friends.
On sleepless roads the sleepless go.
May angels lead you in.
May angels lead you in.
Hear you me my friends.
On sleepless roads the sleepless go.
May angels lead you in.
May angels lead you in.

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Paramore Hear You Me Comments
  1. wiptide


  2. Chimo Chim

    *2018?* :v

  3. OhMyLucia

    I'd give anything to have a studio version of this

    Elianna E.

    OhMyLucia same!!!!!

  4. Nicolás Destéfanis

    Jimmy eat world ////

  5. The Essence Identity

    Such an amazing version heard this on SoundCloud for the first time and listened to it over and over even though sound quality isn't that good the performance is still amazing

  6. midnight dreamer

    this becomes even sadder when you realize she'd lost two close friends, one to suicide and one to a boat accident.

  7. TheDead Nasution

    sad song

  8. Leuis Fingers

    So fucking beautiful

  9. 44bobito

    Very rewarding the moment you have taught us... :)

  10. Tassia Brizolla

    melhor cover

  11. remy carterrr

    she sounds good even on a shitty mic

  12. Martin Mijares

    Jimmy Eat World si que ha influenziado a las nuevas bandas de rock y pop rock

  13. b43 teletubbies

    sounds like "My Heart"...

  14. AdryparaWhore Montejo

    soy de México y soy una gran fan de esta banda.... los #1...

  15. feelthefrisson

    I wish they had made a studio version of this cover... They're so good! T.T


    Same :c

    Liam Ball

    +Alice Sykes I ask Jimmy to watch this if they haven't already, they need to

  16. Jamaris Vazquez

    Well this is more than heaven

  17. Brandewynne

    Paramore is love, Paramore is life

  18. jaanvi saraf


    Ayanna English

    This is jimmy eats world 😂😂

  19. Nick Navata

    It's just so nice to see one artist respect another artist's work

  20. Dystopia

     It would me a lot if you could check out our cover of this song on our channel :) We are a band of four 15-16 year old girls that play pop punk music

  21. Kundwa C


  22. Joaquin Silvero

    hermoso cover *.*

  23. Njarosz6

    Hmmm... Great song not sure it can top the original in my opinion

  24. angie lglez

    damnnn hayley and josh singing together really blows my mind 

  25. ui nav

    I love Josh's and Hayley's voice together <3

  26. destanee spears

    How do you go from being so awesome that the awesomeness is hard to handle, to being weird chopped up bangs pop charts mascara girl?

    Josie Mae Lawas

    wtf r u trying to say?

  27. Kelleigh Gray

    he's wonderful in 'my heart,' as well [=

  28. hello i'm trash

    I want a studio version of this.

  29. RockinYellowlizard

    Same :(

  30. sam m

    rip cory monteith

  31. Sarah Foy

    Brb crying my eyes out


    they rock indeed !

  33. L4mt

    I hear this song... but singing by jimmy eat world._.

  34. Elaine Barangan

    paramore rocks!!!!!!!!!!!! i love PARAMORE! <3

  35. wideawake94

    josh should've also been singing in paramore songs, like franklin. his voice sounds good but he doesn't think so. he should sing for novel american :)

  36. Jack O'Meara

    I love this song! And the fact that paramore my favourite band covered it just makes it even more lovable!!!!

  37. Matt myers

    Check out our cover of this!!

  38. lostguitarplayer

    I got naked whilst i listened, now i feel cery naughty.

  39. Eoin Moore

    i love this <3

  40. NadineE

    total toll :'o

  41. flowathe

    This is amazing, it's great quality sound! Thank you for uploading this, it's awesome! (y)

    Pumudu Madde

    Great quality?

  42. Bryan Larson

    the annointed

  43. Bryan Larson

    they fucked with randy too, big time

  44. Kai Woods

    my favorite artist singing my favorite song?

  45. Kai Woods

    i love you

  46. TheDoctor

    People. This is a music video, and the comments are to compliment the video, hopefully. Take your personal arguments elsewhere. They did a fantastic job. I heard this song many years ago by Jimmy Eat World and the cover is well done.

  47. 08NoX08

    Cause it´s the original and better version

  48. Ricardo Valtierra

    Muere tu pequeña perra, obviamente se que son Paramore, lo de las anorexicas de RBD esta en los comentarios de abajo!

  49. Aketzalli Morales

    ¿Hayley Williams y compañia? JAJAJAJAJAJA. Se llaman Paramore, muerete amigo, no se de donde sacas eso de RBD.

  50. KenseyKush

    Omg this is...perfect<3

  51. Ricardo Valtierra

    Que buen cover, como existe gente que compara o no ve la diferencia entre Paramore y RBD? Obviamente, Hailey Williams y compañia, si tienen talento y no un desorden alimenticio

  52. plan7design

    May angels lead you to 9th and Ash (.net).

  53. Bryan Larson

    17 thank you

  54. Isabel Barajas

    i wish i could go to their home town just to walk the same streets they did... <3

  55. Daniel Peet

    Paramore are STILL a band!

  56. ninvelasco

    I loved the part where Hayley and Josh looked at each other. :') I miss the old paramore. I wish Josh and Zac didn't leave. :(

  57. Emily Ballard

    they did a damn good job.

  58. Rachel Russell

    Brilliant version of this song. Both are good in their own right. :)


    @ifoughtthelawnthelaw They don't Onlt like 2 songs

  60. Breno Santana

    I love Paramore ♥

  61. Gabriela Zampieri

    A roupa dela e linda!

  62. ifoughtthelawnthelaw

    do they have to cover every song of jimmy eat world ?

  63. Leslie Salas

    Bien por RBD!!!! muy buena rola y dulce maria hermosa la voz de ella <3

  64. loopylaurs1

    @absolutinteanna Chin up, sorry to hear ♥

  65. aannnagustafsson

    an old friend of mine died a couple of weeks ago, he was only 16.

    R.I.P Tim <3

  66. Ana Laura Durán

    They couldn't pick a better song to cover:)♥

  67. Lottie Moss

    This Song Brings Tears To My Eyes.
    Rest In Peace Hickstead,You Were And Amazing Horse And You May Be Gone But Never Forgotten.
    I Never Had a Chance To Say Thanks For All The Wins<3xxx

  68. Lucy Kirby

    One of my favorite songs covered by my favorite band. Perfect.

  69. Nichole Ciampa

    It almost brings tears to my eyes...

  70. Nichole Ciampa

    I wish i could hear it better

  71. Lauren Nelson

    Why is it only showing my views? o.O

  72. Brian DelGiudice

    jimmy eat world and parmaore should get married

  73. Ana Gomes

    omg. so perfect :')

  74. Mitch Lagadin

    @overlordbill thanks for the feedback, but i just so happen to be the guitarist in that video you ignorant a-hole. i agree the performance that day wasnt incredible, but we had to learn and practice for the show the day before. #noeyefortalent

  75. Raivo Raix

    @SuperAndrew411 u mad bro? people just share their oppinion

  76. Camila Astudillo

    Love haley's voice but I prefer the original !

  77. InsaneCanadian

    either version is absolutly fantastic. i love how it sounds almost exactly like the original, and haley singing this song gives it an interesting dynamic compared to when jimmy sings it.

  78. Julia Parry

    when i hear hayleys voice, i close my eyes, i listen, i smile, its the only counciling ive ever had, the only ill ever need <3

  79. Jor27Din

    Thumbs up if u first heard this song in Cinderella Story

  80. Drum x Koon

    However~Jimmy singing better than G voice

  81. Cindy Casillas

    enjoy the music, people. this is PARAMORE not Jimmy Eat World so stop comparing cause 1) Jimmy Eat World are Paramore's inspiration and 2) This is a girl singing it. the original is a guy. so stop hatin'. i love both Paramore & Jimmy Eat World & I think this was awesomeeee

  82. dojaguy



  83. Just Once

    Top comments have problems with their and they are. Lol sorry for being a grammar nazi.

  84. Bryan Larson

    "there's no one in town i know. you gave us someplace to go. i never said thank you for that. now i'll never have a chance,"

  85. CutesWhatWeAimFor

    Sorry Paramore's is bettaaaa

  86. othrockzmysockz

    Everyone knows that Jimmy rule at this song, but I also think that Paramore paid alot of respect to the song with this cover <3 They weren't trying to be better, just covering an amazing song :)

  87. Rivera Films

    I would like to hear this version recorded properly.

  88. Olivia Matta

    LOOVEEE both versions. But the original will always prevail for me. Still love Hayley though.

  89. swannlake

    Jimmy Eat World sings it better, of course, but Hayley still sings it nicely. It's a pretty simple song to cover <3 very nice tho

  90. Dan Assiran

    pretty simple song to cover

  91. overlordbill

    @dontmesswithlubis i searched for what you suggested but i'm sorry, the cover you're referring to is quite subpar at best. the guitarist ruins the whole thing by being horribly off-time(i'm not talking about the paramore cover)

  92. Mitch Lagadin

    If you want to hear a better cover of this song search "Hear you me talent show", it is the first video that comes up!

  93. leighcarnes

    i think she did a great job but like every other comment says its a jimmy eat world song and they are perfectionist at this great song:)

  94. Andrew Agnew

    FUCK why is everyone saying jimmy eat worlds is better? of course its better it is the original, but paramore is AMAZING and its a good cover, there not trying to be better than jimmy eat world, paramore did say that jimmy eat world were there inspiration afterall..

  95. V P

    I am a female singer, and I think that this song needs to be sung in a lower range (I know, 'cause I tried LOL) Some songs are just made for men's/lower voices.

  96. Albert Neumann

    Cool Cats

  97. aicfuel

    @braziliansweat both bands have christian members, so they mix in that way but not musical styles