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How can I decide what's right
When you're clouding up my mind?
I can't win your losing fight all the time
How can I ever own what's mine
When you're always taking sides
But you won't take away my pride
No not this time
Not this time

How did we get here?
Well, I used to know you so well
How did we get here?
Well, I think I know

The truth is hiding in your eyes
And it's hanging on your tongue
Just boiling in my blood
But you think that I can't see
What kind of man that you are
If you're a man at all
Well, I will figure this one out
On my own
(I'm screaming, "I love you so!")
On my own
(My thoughts you can't decode)

How did we get here?
Well, I used to know you so well, yeah
How did we get here?
Well, I think I know

Do you see what we've done?
We've gone and made such fools of ourselves
Do you see what we've done?
We've gone and made such fools of ourselves


How did we get here?
Well, I used to know you so well, yeah, yeah
How did we get here?
[Album version:] Well, I used to know you so well
[Acoustic version:] Why won't you show yourself?

I think I know
I think I know

Ooh, there is something
I see in you
It might kill me
I want it to be true

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Paramore Decode Comments
  1. SoEarth Drift Pattaya


  2. marjorie paulme

    I got sad when Hayley Williams left Paramore😭😭😭

    marjorie paulme

    Its been, i was born in 2009
    Her voice is still the same

  3. Christopher Wisniewski

    This is the first time I have ever looked this song up and I can't even count how many times I've heard it on the radio, and man this chick is beautiful.

  4. diana

    why do vampire movies/series always have the best soundtracks...

  5. Angie Sanchez

    Who is actually sad right now and is hearing this song to feel more relax that we aren’t the only ones going through relationships problems as well.

  6. david sachteli


  7. MR anonymous

    12 fucking years! Damn

  8. Canal Rafa Tube

    who's watching in 2020?

  9. Canal Rafa Tube

    who's watching in 2020?

  10. Dream Singer


  11. Mirelly Miranda

    say what you want about twilight, but you can’t deny they had the best soundtrack ever

  12. Daniel Frazier

    This shit still fireeeee how in 2020

  13. ambrezzie 190199

    Twilight movies were my whole life😂😂😂😂 and still have a part of it😅

  14. scott prince

    2020 song still bangs vibes

  15. Alejandro Os

    This is better than the whole saga

  16. Lexi rogers

    why is this song not on spotify 😭😭😭

  17. joan

    2020 is the best year to hear this

  18. John Guale Rivera


  19. enxvictoria

    Just realised I’ve misheard the lyrics my whole life. Damn!

  20. Victor Hernández

    not a fan of Twilight, but damn I've always liked this song. still in 2020.

  21. Yona Granger

    I wasn't a major fan of twilight...but this song makes me nostalgic

  22. Rosana Gomes

    Twilight 🦋

  23. stephon spencer

    Thanks twilight and paramore best combo ever 💗💗💗

  24. Andy_since1991


  25. Rock' N Roll

    Bu grubun tek sevdiğim şarkısı bu, kaç yıldır eskimiyor

  26. Raíssa Nascimento

    Mateus Asato tocando essa musica seria o início do fim da vida útil do meu coração.

  27. Hinata Akayama

    De mis favoritas durante la secundaria je

  28. franco tad

    Con esta canción doteaba rico🤙🏼❤️🎉

  29. instagifs 2.0

    Jamming in 2020! Showing my 7 year old daughter how awesome music use to be

  30. ismailarivin 96

    I played repeatedly

  31. Nayanne Wellen

    Miss those times

  32. Gabriele Monteiro

    A música q eu amo😍😍😍❤

  33. Jesica Trieb

    Todos hablan de la peli de vampiros, yo solo se que me dedique este tema luego de amar mucho y sentir una gran traicion.

  34. Hannah Beatriz


  35. Erika Jane Empalmado


  36. Babyface Assassin

    nice song its just that movie was so gay

  37. Baylithe

    Love her hair like this

  38. Semeki Izuio

    It's a shame Twilight didnt even use this song in their movie in a meaning scene lol

  39. shigureidiot

    Sad that you can't get this song on spotify, so now I just listen here when I have a craving XD

  40. Doooy

    Who's here before 300m views?

  41. Владимир Антонович Канов


  42. The Beyond

    My soul identifies with her so well

  43. Bruno Rodrigues

    Nostálgico, love😜😜😜

  44. The Starman

    So good song

  45. RuiNunes18

    I miss this days

  46. Aline Marquês

    Saori canta Por seu amado Seiya de pegasus

  47. żenney ღ

    no matter what year you are listening to this piece of art. uwu

  48. Reginald Trinidad

    Hayley's got the Steph Curry gap but fuck it, she's cute as hell.

  49. Dalimar Acevedo

    This song is still fire in 2020

  50. Story Maker Shadow

    I used to listen to this when i was like 6-8

    I didnt even know it was Twilight

  51. RaveGaming Channel

    - how did you stop the car???
    - because I'm BATMAN!

  52. cory gary

    Paramore was a great band and could have lent their music to a much better franchise than this piece of shit!

  53. RoninTXBR549

    This song sounds a lot like early Flyleaf music.

  54. Edson Dias

    Único comentário em português kkkk 2020 alguém? Brasil

    Nayanne Wellen

    Amo ♥️

  55. Rovelyn Taghap

    2020 and I'm still here. :)

  56. Shelby Price

    Only those who went thru and extreme goth or emo faze in school are FOREVER PARAMORE FANS!!

  57. Gabriel Silva

    Paramore my immortal

  58. ForzaRacer

    Watching middle school music in 2020....


  59. Syam Alfarizky

    Bisa dibilang oldskull ga si ini?

  60. Visxi AMVer

    Anyone can recommend me song like this?

  61. Rexine

    Hey, please listen our "Ain't Fun" cover from Paramore! Your support means a lot to us! Thanks!

  62. ElliethePixieBrain

    Twilight didn't deserve a song as beautiful as this to be wrote for it.

  63. Rafael Augusto Fonseca


  64. abiogenes


  65. daniel faizal

    In 2020

    Me: how'd I get here ?????

    Oh god please reverse the time

  66. Rafael Ponce

    Oh yes this same nostalgia will be my suicicde

  67. Alejandro Hernandez

    Me siento joven cuando escucho está buena música que nostalgia

  68. Boh Lee

    It was like compulsive melody many jamm studio i was visited long time ago. NOSTALGIC!

  69. Sunny Sun

    Dang her hair... is.... 2012

  70. Karen Lee

    es 2020 y aún me siento así :"v

  71. pat christian

    Nobody likes this band anymore

  72. Bay K.

    Videoyu yanlışlıkla açtım ama beğenerek izliyorum şu an, başarılı, beğendim.

  73. Daniel Soriano

    cook Farro makes a good salad adition! and music composer too!

  74. Ashley Collazo

    Feb 2020?

  75. Noel Bravo

    2020 like

  76. Jason Simmonds

    This song was literally the reason why I watched the first movie.

    The Gaming Impact

    same here

  77. Brian Idk

    Can anyone help me? So there’s a song that uses the same instrumental as this and I been trying to find it for so long, has anyone heard another song with the same instrumental? Idk if it’s a cover or a remix but but any help would be appreciated

    yeetteey 172

    Brian Idk Justin Bieber-Baby?


    Hard to believe this song is 12 years old

  79. Aquarius Locs

    Still in love with this song 2020

  80. Mathew Williams

    Ewww twilight

  81. Gustavo Santos

    Tô velho mesmo kkkkkkkkkk

  82. Jorge David Erazo

    2.020 Nostalgia 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  83. Evandro Sousa

    Meu primeiro amor ...

  84. Evandro Sousa

    Lembro da minha ex quando escuto essa musica

  85. Mel Euphoria

    Let’s get it to 300 mill ✨

  86. DanielleMcNulty

    3:41 just Carlisle’s turn of his head was always my favorite part of the video for some reason. I’ll never be ashamed to say I love twilight. Take me back. ❤️

  87. Camille Consulta

    this and i caught myself still slaps 😌✨

  88. Kenneth Noriega


  89. Shelby

    2020 we’re still HERE

  90. Fiqa Feminine Hijabi

    I watched twilight because of this song.

  91. Nicko's World

    Whew 😅 Finally My homies ain’t around I can listen to my white people music in peace 😌 Paramore is a great band !!!


    I hear ya , i only listen to stuff like wu tang and rage against the machine but this old paramore is something really really special and talented !!

    Carlos Martinez

    Jajajja nunca pensé leer esto ..!😅😅😅

    Mikey Stapleton

    Nicko's World on soul🤣


    funny how WP can love all types of music, but we are restricted to liking only rap or r&b, if we listen to gaga, paramore, fall out boy or florence + machine ( to name a few ) its white people music.

    anyway this song still slaps just as hard as the first time i heard it. goose bumps and all. -chef kisses- good stuff

    party poison

    beautiful bro lol!

  92. Pao Roliaz

    Why did they go so hard on this song lmao