Parallel, The - Monochrome Lyrics

I used to see vibrancy in all the colours
Changing seasons, now I dread every dead leaf
Wilting away like the ambition I once had
Deciduous, relinquish my intent, battered by indifference
Existential questions, no answers
Languishing in self reflection
Grey matter leads me astray to polar feelings

Leave me by the wayside
Trapped in a monochromatic dream
It's never ending
Leave me by the wayside
Trapped in a monochromatic dream
Left in a trance

If I could change one thing
I'd try to comprehend
The kind of people we've become

Fleeting passion
Dormant hearts
Ceasing perseverance
That we feel we've lost from the start

Time left me behind in a noxious gaze
What's the allure of nothingness?
A chimera in monochrome, I exist in the grey
As the flesh tone leaves my body, I am colourless
We are recollections from a hand full of moments

Now I dread every dead leaf on the ground
Wither away, wither, wither
Now I dread every dead leaf on the ground
Grey matter leads me to polar feelings

Leave me by the wayside
Trapped in a monochromatic dream
It's never ending
Leave me by the wayside
Trapped in a monochromatic dream
Left in a trance

Time left me behind
Time left me behind
Time left me behind
Time left me behind

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Parallel, The Monochrome Comments
  1. Tiffany Harmer rehmert

    If you guys need a bassist lmk!

  2. Ron Totman

    Thanks to everyone still jamming this!! <3

  3. Eagles Fan Since Super Bowl 52

    Weaver is my CD of 2018 so great job to the band. The snare drum sounds off on this song, but that's the only thing I've noticed on the whole album.


    I've been fucking waiting fuckersssss!!!!!👌😃😴

  5. John Doe

    Major Structures/Glass Cloud feels

  6. FlawlessRhythm

    Went looking for Monochrome by Novelists and found this. Not disappointed.

    Operation Luna

    FlawlessRhythm I feel it😂

  7. Skully

    I’m speechless

  8. Eric Grijalva

    Licked my eardrum dammit & you aint the band I was looking for . kick ASS. KEEP ME POSTED!!

  9. BK VJ

    Now let’s just hope Invogue doesn’t waste this bands time and they properly support these dudes. Can’t say they’ve done a great job with these types of bands in the past.


    face palm

    BK VJ

    invoguerecords Name me some successful heavier bands you’ve had? Whether I? Nope. The Illumination? Nope. Tours for bands like Convictions? Nope. For All I Am? Nope. If ANY other label had Famous last Words on there lineup they’d be out on tour year around. I could keep going for awhile, I’ve seen the shit first hand and I’ve talked to members of these bands in the shit little Lakewood type venues you like to throw them in and they agree this label is ran by a bunch of people who have zero clue how to properly support bands. I’ve been to about 5 shows at Lakewood and literally the max I’ve ever seen was 50 people show up, you know why? Because you and your label do a complete shit job of promoting and ensuring a band has the best chance to succeed. I argued with you on Facebook until you deleted me because my facts became to real for you and you and your owns bands know that you are wasting there time.

  10. jhand ill

    Brilliant....... Way better than Oceans Ate Alaska

  11. Zachary Tomlinson

    Y'all dudes fill the gap where Struc/tures used to be. Love it!

  12. StarZu

    pussycore :(

  13. The Barbacoa Show

    and the bass player?

  14. eXtremelasers

    There's like no low end in this mix, super whack

  15. Brian Guffey

    First time hearing this band sick

  16. JNS

    2:36 *smiles & nods*



  17. Recycled Threads

    fucking sickkkkk

  18. Gabriel Barbosa

    chill on the cleans

  19. TheHuricange

    Oceans Animated Alaska

    Radio Wut

    TheHuricange Oceans Animated Afterimage

  20. The Parallel

    Thank you so much for checking out our music! We hope you enjoyed it - stay tuned for our full length release coming this summer!


  21. protesttheryan

    Like between The Afterimage, The Northern and yourselves. You guys have incorporated clean vocals the best, hands down.

  22. protesttheryan

    Idk why I didn't give this song a full listen the first time. I've always loved your guy's shit. The guitarist's vocals are getting better with each song and is like actually really catchy. The drummer's clean are fucking spot on too. The Northern should take notes, I can't stand their auto tuned drummer, completely kills the vibes of their tracks. But this. This is so fucking amazing, I can't wait till the debut album! You have all have grown so perfectly over the years :') PS. Come to Vancouver so I can rage and blow all my money on your merch

  23. Alex Du Plessis

    I'm jumping on the hype train early, you guys are gooood.


    This band is so damn good


    incredible dude

  26. FeliratÓra

  27. LeeInTheTree

    What a step up since the first EP. Proud of you guys.

  28. Visualizer

    one of the best songs i heard in a while

  29. David Smith

    Please don't have anymore clean vocals than this. Seriously what the fuck.......

  30. mon

    Vocalists gotten so much better since Wanderlust!!!

  31. Patrick Parton

    2:29Leave me by the waysideTrapped in a monochromatic dreamIts neverendingLeave me by the waysideTrapped in a monochromatic dreamLeft in a trance

  32. Matthew McRae

    Nicely done

  33. Wolfysharpfang

    This reminds me so much of Invent, Animate, and I love it! Btw, your drummer has a beautiful voice.

  34. lightmusic100

    Where are you Bass

  35. James H

    This is sick


    you guys are going places

  37. Dirk Diggler

    Is that Ben English?

  38. Geekz

    You guys wanna be Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza so bad ; relax I'm kidding it's good stuff (y)

  39. Jimmy Lynch


  40. JoshintheGym


  41. The Luminary


  42. Rozi Sanz

    why these guys remind me of Polaris.
    just style not the sound, pretty good track btw.

  43. Marco Tilburg

    next level core :)

  44. JN Perez

    Amazing... can't wait for the album!

  45. Optimus Prime


  46. Volution Apparel

    1:10 BRAH

    Maryland Marini

    Rui Carneiro the drummer is smooth as shit

  47. Sehmim al haque

    oh sheittt! get em boissssssssssssssss!! love the chorus!

  48. t y

    So cool....

  49. Straw Dogs

    geek music!

  50. Daniel Sutarz

    my boisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  51. reshape reason

    Invent Animate and The Afterimage had a beautiful baby


    holy shit you thought my thoughts


    😂😂😂😂fuck yessssss

  52. ed cor


  53. tenesajuancruzenyb

    So generic

    Stephen Casey

    This is not generic.


    well it's not fresh either. Pretty much a mash up of TAI and TOTA

    Logan Kalber

    If this is generic Id love to know what bands you listen to because they must be out of this world.

    Nicholas Marshall

    Logan Kalber that’s what I’m saying 😂

  54. Nick Luciano


  55. Ludovic STEYT

    Reminds a lot of Ocean Ate Alaska.

    Yes, that means I love it.

    Nick Luciano

    Only in the guitarworks.

  56. Ludovic STEYT


  57. Paige Hopwood

    Sooooo cool