Parallel, The - Chimera Lyrics

In this stream of consciousness that we call life
Tear down the sails, tear down the sails
Am I on the right path?

My words are woven in thorns
I never wanted to be anything like this
Reset the clock Chronos
Ticking by like a time bomb
I am afraid of the end
End of the fuse

Fading visions
Fading visions, synchronicity meaningless
Journey comes by chance
Waiting for death
It comes for all, living a lie

I never wanted to be anywhere else but here
I'll fade overtime and disappear
I've overstayed my welcome
My face will be gone before
Gone before their eyes

We're not what we know
Attempting not to show
How you feel fear, or how to grow
You're never far, you're never near

Chimera, the curse of life
Gift me death, a swift end to this existence

I never wanted to be anywhere else but here
I'll fade overtime and disappear
I've overstayed my welcome
My face will be gone before
Gone before their eyes

Envisioning what we know
Never changing anything
Envisioning what we know
Hold me down again

One last breath, I cheated death
I'm consumed by permafrost
Reset clocks so I can live this life again
You said that life is a gift we've been given
But maybe it's all curse?
The curse of life

I never wanted to be anywhere else but here
I'll fade overtime and disappear

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Parallel, The Chimera Comments
  1. jay hundley

    So who actually is the main vocalist for this band? I’ve seen the guitar player and drummer vocal for them thus far.

  2. hamburger cheesecurls

    Love this🤘! Found from a YouTube playlist on new metalcore bands. Glad I found it 🤘

  3. Jake C

    Love this sound! Added you to my YouTube playlist "New Metalcore bands of 2019". Feel free to check it out

  4. Mike Julian

    Fuckin love it!

  5. TheGrungeBohoQueen XOXO

    So sick ☻🙃🖤 love love LOVEEEE!

  6. Tim Starkes

    Shit.... I thought Chimera put out new music..

    Tracie West

    dont worry, this is way better than chimera

  7. Benji.Forestchild

    This masterpiece has an absurdly low amount of views, like how....

  8. David Welker

    I have an idea

    Crown The Empire x The Parallel


    Yaaa how bout no

  9. Sentanyl3

    Loving the old Afterimage-y dissonant riffs and the old school Saosin-y clean vocals. And by no means do I mean that in a negative way. I like how yall have some great influences but clearly and wholly make it your own.

  10. mfadel1012

    Is the line up still the same with Equinox ?

  11. Titletown Djentleman

    this is such a banger, whole album is a flawless masterpiece 10/10-dunkey

  12. Aimless Arrow

    sjwcore... what a cuckolds

  13. Xviper

    This song is amazing 😲❤

  14. ranknonewarrior

    Thank youu

  15. Ryan A

    Nice work lads! Reminds me of The Afterimage crossed with Invent Animate and Polaris!

  16. Skully

    I’m speechless..

  17. datguyfromhell

    These guys don't know how to make a bad song. Every single one is epic!

  18. mon

    The blast beat is so fucking nutty

  19. Zombies Fever

    Nice dude

  20. Brendan Byrnes

    I cannot stop jamming this since it came out, I'm so hype for the album to come out. I'm confident that it'll be an AOTY contender for me

  21. SteezMctweez

    This is so damn good. Been with you guys for so long now, cant wait for the album.

  22. Nik Nocturnal

    Hell yeah dudes, excited for the full album :)


    Nik Nocturnal LMAO I just tweeted at you to check this band out. I love them


    Me too 0

  23. Salvatration

    Every time in every song where he sings it fills me with such joy, it's always used in such an immaculate and perfect way.


    Kinda like Stand Alone Complex used to.

  24. Equinox

    It's like Invent Animate got some of The Afterimage's old heaviness

  25. Jordy Mertens


  26. loviarsoundz

    This drummer is LIT!

  27. Kent


  28. Alex Garibay

    Goodshit invogue


    The way this band dresses I wasnt suprised when the front man did a fry scream 😑that being said the vocalist is pretty bad ass tho

  30. Patrick Taylor

    damn you guys are just gunna keep getting better and better huh

    Brandon Kirwin

    tims-core activated

    Patrick Taylor

    hahaha miss you my pal

  31. Rudra Roy


  32. Dariø GR

    your screams are unique dont change it.. the combo of these vocals and with the instruments.. amazing.. and invogue is perfect for you.. I hope to hear and see more of you.. you just got a new fan

  33. Tobias

    I first thought you had Landon Tewers at the Guitar lol

  34. Meekotona

    Debut album? Don't they already have one Embark?


    Meekotona that's just an EP

  35. Volution Apparel

    what the fuck, holy S H I T

  36. Shane Crampton

    Getting mad Northlane/Invent Animate vibes from this and I love it.

  37. JN Perez

    This album is going to be 🔥! \m/

  38. xeqtioner 0

    This album is going to actually kill me holy fuck

  39. The Luminary

    Amazing song guys!! Can't wait for the rest

    Mark LePage

    The Luminary When are you guys dropping an album though?

  40. Max Krizan

    so dope

  41. tenesajuancruzenyb

    Vocalist's hear 💟

  42. Jan Rollinson

    Freaking awesome

  43. Mr Str

    I got an Idee :
    The Parallel / Erra / Polaris / Silent Planet - Tour


    I agree with literally everyone in the comments.. How could you forget I, A :’(

    Tracie West

    agreed on the polaris switch to invent animate.. and i love polaris lol i think id want to add Currents but thats too many bands for a regular tour :(

    hamburger cheesecurls

    I don't get why so many people dislike Polaris? Not to take away from any of the other bands that were listed, because they are all great. But is there another reason other than just musical taste that people dislike Polaris?

    Tracie West

    @hamburger cheesecurls That was in no way polaris hate, im actuallly listening to them right now lol i just like invent animate slightly more :)

    jay hundley

    cobby keith Polaris AINT what they use to be. I saw them a month ago and was expecting some good stuff like their dichotomy ep had. I was so disappointed

  44. Dantdhga Dh