Paradise Lost - Weeping Words Lyrics

Fear this more (the more) than the hands of man's (disgrace)
It crushes forth (resenting) conquest its plan

Don't look back, will ever see your face again?

The domination (is in all) Imagination (space)
Caress endlessly (until we) inflame the soul...

Faling to return what's borrowed, devotion rights to me
I see a summer of winters merging gracefully

Don't look back, will we ever see your face again
Don't look back, will hear the weeping words again

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Paradise Lost Weeping Words Comments
  1. Sergey Efremof

    that's the best I've heard

  2. Wickedvoid96

    "Don't look back"

  3. Alexey Petkov

    I can easily imagine James Hetfield singing this song in 1993. Remember that Hetfiled right after Black Album?

  4. Vasilis Ar

    play it on 1.75 speed xd

  5. Sandro Freire

    Kings of Doom

  6. Rodrigo Silva

    Why this voice reminds me James Hetfield!? PL 4 EVER!!!


    Because you're an asshole.

  7. JM CR

    Draconian times and Icon both masterpieces from one of the best metal bands on the planet. PL fan since the 80's


    their like no other band in terms of "heavy" they are their own sound and style. I have a huge love and admiration for bands like AIC, soundgarden, the cult, new idol son, sugartooth, mindfunk, white zombie etc.. and they do not compare to paradise lost, i remember as soon as i got into them i was lost with them forever.

  8. Ikben Eenknoop

    jesus christ this song is good

  9. Aliz Horváth

    all from the lirics to the riff's is the best one from P.L.


    Please explain the lyrics to me. I'm lost in translation.

  10. drozdek

    Golden amber

  11. Martin Moravec

    Best album!!!

  12. Rozsits István Rozsits

    best riff 1:47

  13. Rami

    "nice"band????are you joking!
    the best period, no matter their style

  14. Game Moments

    God.....I had forgot how intense this is.Fantastic song on a fantastic album by a fantastic band

  15. Robert Browne

    Gothic to Draconian Times make one great playlist, because it's impossible to listen to any of these songs individually.

  16. Chris Shephardis

    i cum!!

  17. mike malice

    this is truely a masterpiece

  18. Topher Rose

    Don't look back! Don't look back! Don't look back! Don't look back!
    Will I ever see your face again?

  19. Ivica Janković

    Beauty in darkness!

  20. gglaw42

    This blew my mind when I first heard itin 1994, a timeless classic from a timeless, first rate British metal band.


    best british metal band ever next to acrimony

  21. sadboysadgirl

    Pure sadness

  22. Heavy Mota

    Best album ever.

  23. kuakers

    Yeah, one on their best songs!