Paradise Lost - Walk Away Lyrics

And in the summer when the clouds show through
I might go the same way too if
You and I could talk together
Well what am I supposed to do with
You and I would walk together
Then with always close around and
Now you gaze toward the doorway
When the weather comes falling down

And when the rain comes down
Would you choose to walk or stay
Would you choose to walk
Would you choose to stay
Would you
Walk walk walk walk walk away

Though when the day is nearly
Through I might see the same way too if
You would name the things
That bring you down on me so I could say it's
Not quite true if you don't really
Know or understand the circumstance
Behind then I might clear your
Mind and you won't have to go so

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Paradise Lost Walk Away Comments
  1. Ossian Wright


  2. Mateus Pedroza


  3. NastTheMetalhead

    Κρυμμενο κοβερακιιιιιι!! Τελειο!!

  4. Bass King

    "The" Sisters

  5. D. Moonspell Rites Productions.

    Stupid me ... thought I didn't had this song, but appears on Draconian Times Tour edition, and the EP boxset :P Happy I found it back ...

  6. Jamila Andersson

    Amazing Awesome Cover From Best Paradise Lost Yehhhh

    Sou Aquele Que Tudo Vê Então Tome Cuidado

    Jamila Andersson
    Do You From...E.U.A?

  7. wagsouza

    TRASH !!!


    You're the only trash here.

    Jesús Rodríguez

    Ass sucker .I.


    @Philosupermum"The last time" is a cd single from 1995. "Walk away" is a b-side cover of a Sisters Of Mercy song

  9. Philosupremum

    What is "The last time"? I've made some research and this album doesn't appear in the group's discography

    Marcus Kohlrusch

    There is no Album with this Title. It´s just a song /single from the ´Draconian Times-Album

  10. Neto Uchiha

    isn't remix, is a cover

  11. Philosupremum

    What an awesome remix!