Paradise Lost - Theories From Another World Lyrics

Erased by the words, consuming desolate
In death in remorse, in this we celebrate
Theories from another world, from another failure
We don't adhere to fascination
Weary, fall on mother earth, call your other saviour
We don't adhere to fascination
Drained by the voice in which we tolerate
Rejection restores resistance provocates
Theories from another world, from another failure
We don't adhere to fascination
Weary, fall on mother earth, call your other saviour
We don't adhere to fascination

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Paradise Lost Theories From Another World Comments

    duuuuuuuuuuuuude, this is some high quality stuff, good job men

  2. Aleks Sason

    huempolbu !!! ))))

  3. Guillaume Neveu

    The beauty of this song and video is... *otherworldly* .

  4. Jamila Andersson

    1. WOW Amazing
    2. Awesome Track
    3. Great Cool Video
    4. Love You PL
    5. Awesome Work
    And Sharing ♥

  5. Khogn TM

    I have all their albums. Strangely enough, this has to be their very best song. Even before Embers Fire, Forever Failure or One Second. It is so fucking perfect.

  6. Артем Слюсар

    Интересное название канала.

  7. georgepanathas2009

    I think their best doom Gothic songs are sweetness this one and true belief

  8. Alexander Sommers

    So, did 28 days later pay for this riff?

  9. Guillaume Neveu

    Awesome video, awesome song.

  10. Piotr Synoiše

    where I can find this primary video clip for that song ( animation with animals - it was alsome! )

  11. István Rozsits

    Love the leaves falling, at the end..

  12. Myke D

    Six Justin Bieber fans don't like this

  13. Łukasz Pleban

    Strasznie podobne do Samael In Gold We Trust, nawet ,,teledysk" :D

  14. Domenico Galati

    the best fan video ever, I'm glad you offered your skill to Samael video as well :)
    great work!

  15. Barış ARICAN

    perfectlty done,who makes this awesome with PL,DIE WITH PL!!!

  16. antoniusmetal

    Samael's "In Gold We Trust" video is very similar to this. I wonder if the people who made that video were inspired by this, or viceversa, or if in both cases they took something else as reference.


    I made "In gold we trust" for Samael. Btw you can see all official stuff I made in this playlist


    Great works. Congrats.

  17. Adam Wojnar

    This is brilliant, amazing, magnetic video and so excellent music,...theirs best album fantastic . Grettings from polish fan

  18. Adrian Lake

    Spelt which wrong (wich) but otherwise the perfect video for this song. And I'm not trying to be picky, this is a superb video!

  19. Robny Briceño Gómez

    love this video i can see it everyday, good job!!!

  20. Adrian Lake

    Cool video. Nice work! One of my favourite PL tracks too.

  21. Younes BAYOU

    when lyrics become art

  22. Luothwig San Her

    Wow, this is great!!!!!!

  23. ReddishKorppi

    Great graphs!!!!! nice job man

  24. ParadiseLostandMe

    BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. René

    Very nice video did a very good job!
    I'm going to see PL live this Saturday ;-)

  26. Alessio Axioma

    Good Work Man!!!

  27. Krzysztof Kardaś

    Cudnie koleś to zrobił.Secesja animowany plus najostrzejszy utwór PL od czasu "Icon"

  28. Christoph Schild

    Respect!! A really great work!

  29. Bumbling Fool

    Honestly, the best fan-made music video I've ever seen, great job.

  30. Antonio Ferreira


  31. Anna Groo

    /watch?v=5zi0UwYXB38 - cover of this song

  32. Netremitedon

    Great work with the art cover from the album ! Well done !

  33. William Lane

    amazing & awesome & one of the most underrated bands ever

  34. MrHuempolbu

    Illustrator and After Effects

  35. MrHuempolbu

    when I created this it was the most difficult video for me. Now I think it's one of the simplest vids I did. And I didn't know English as well)) Learn everyday and learn hard, knowledge is a very great thing.

  36. Marco Mastroddi - il recensore Lo-Fi

    ...How the hell did you do this?
    i wanna do it me too!!(sorry for my bad english)

  37. Laetitia Evalia

    Love your work ! Great song ^^

  38. Supreme Commander

    I agree Vanludyck ! Thast me yurai haha

  39. VanLudyck

    WOOOW!!! Truly amazing, a truly august visual counterpart to this unearthly song!!! Being P.L. I'd make the video THE official one!-)

  40. Mauricio T. P.

    This is absolutely amazing, dude. Congrats on the amazing work!!

  41. frankb3lmont

    good video congrats!!!

  42. idrogeno75

    great work!

  43. Radha Kanta

    yes, indeed

  44. vitor constantino

    This is amazing one of the best videos i ever seen , i wonder if the guys from PL have seen this video before i m shure they would be very impressed with your work \m/ .

  45. headbanger24

    coolest fan video ever. nice work man!


    ehy bro...i love this sort of videos...can you say to me what software i need to start to create similar things?!

  47. Rodrigo Guerrero

    amazing video...!!!!

  48. Ivica Atanasovski

    I can't find a picture of this blue angel anywhere on the net.
    Anybody?! ...

  49. MrHuempolbu

    I love my nickname too))

  50. Gaelginzu

    Huge work. To me it was an official video, thinking i had not seen any lyric vid taking the album design that far, i tought it was made by valnoir, then i saw it was fan made! PL should hire you.

  51. Theantarex

    Awesome video, great job!!!

  52. Ivica Atanasovski

    Amazing, this should be their official video.
    Best thing i'v seen on you tube in a long time!!!

  53. Ni Ls

    28 weeks later! i knew it!

  54. Ni Ls

    Reminds me of a movie soundtrack - maybe resident evil? or another song with a similar riff?? :/

  55. Grzegorz Hibner

    RESPECT!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

  56. MrHuempolbu

    2 weeks. Maybe 2.5, I don't remember

  57. Kristof Fekete

    This video is awesome!!!!!! Thank you!

  58. Kristof Fekete

    What time did you make this video?

  59. Meester Val

    I've never commented on a video for a song quite like this, but: I can't put words together to accurately describe how transfixed I am with this visual. Absolutely fantastic!

  60. Felipe T. F.

    3 people are not able to recognize genius when they see (or hear) it.
    I pity them.

  61. CRYP77

    Just logged in to say THANK YOU for this video! I love Paradise Lost and i love this Video

  62. MrHuempolbu

    why not) [email protected]

  63. Thomas Wüthrich Witt

    I would hire you to do the same for my band (The Invidian). Interested?

  64. Diego Perez

    Paradise Lost would be pride of this work!

  65. 9Dill

    huempolbu (actually "huem po lbu") in Russian means to smash a dick into somebody's forehead LOL!!!

  66. Carlos Alberto Arduz Mercado


  67. kostas wolf

    Perfect video...perfect song!

  68. ConnbineHarvester

    Super cool work, I was very very impressed! :)

  69. NirvanaChanx

    wow very nice video!

  70. deusredeemer

    nice work m8

  71. MrHuempolbu

    3:17 black frame and I know it

  72. Radha Kanta

    3:47 total darkness

  73. Dolorosakil

    And this video is excellent too, well done \m/

  74. Dolorosakil

    This is the best song on the album ! One of the best songs by the band, period. Love it. My inner Lost Paradise fanatic appreciates this very much! Greg still rules.

  75. xXDartzeXx

    Why a dislike?

  76. Elias S

    great great work! need more views!



  78. MrHuempolbu

    adobe after effects. and Illustrator with Photosop to make footages)

  79. Miguelfungus

    Sublime... mis sinceras felicitaciones por lograr transmitir en imágenes ciertos conceptos, sentimientos y figuras que sólo Paradise Lost sabe crear... un abrazo, Miguel

  80. Icanplaydrums

    Amazing work. And you should probably know that Paradise Lost shared this themselves, so they love it too.

  81. Jason Webster

    Wow... Just, wow!

  82. thegrimner

    truly, trully well done. Kudos

  83. Emilio .FloresRodríguez

    EXCELLENT; !!!!!!!!!!!

  84. hideous82


  85. Massimo Monti

    Fucking awesome video!!!

  86. Kain Lust

    Probably the best Fan video ever, song and scenes, both fucking amazing

  87. Smallie S

    You, Sir, you own the internet. Thanks for sharing and for creating this, a pleasure to watch!


    Truly Amazing! One of the Best Fan Video's I've seen as a Paradise Lost Fan myself Congratulations & thanx for sharing your Masterpiece... \m/ />_<\ \m/

  89. dt8118

    LOVE Paradise lost, this song and your video. Wonderful job. Absolutely on my favourites list.

  90. dt8118

    LOVE Paradise lost, this song and your video. Wonderful job. Absolutely on my favourites list.

  91. illdisposedfr

    Big respect and congratulations for this fantastic work !! Paradise Lost until the end

  92. Frejyer

    awesome job!

  93. Right To Censor

    very good video however "wich" is spelt wrong.. it should be "in which we tolerate"

  94. SnowWhiteTerrorist

    You have just captured the awesomeness of Paradise Lost. Respects to you and to the art-desinger!

  95. Feusiepen

    Absolutely brilliant!

  96. exinexi

    great work!

  97. Joanne Connors

    Amazing vid for an amazing song. Thanks for sharing \m/


    PERFECT XXV x AVE !! !! !!

  99. pancufer

    great! everything fits just perfect !!