Paradise Lost - The Rise Of Denial Lyrics

Ascending from your fallen past
Life it's the same
Attending to a loneliness
For you, never

Through channels of uncertainty
A rise of denial
This sadness is positioning
As fortunes snares lay me down

In a dream despite
The air we breathe, serenity

Grip the dead hands of the last
Detritus invades
Indefinite the consequence
For you endeavour to
Aggravate uncertainty
A rise of denial
This passion wont forgive
And ill fortune tears you down

All that's been ignites
Suppressing me, serenity

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Paradise Lost The Rise Of Denial Comments
  1. April Ragsdell

    Although FDUDUU is not my top favorite PL album, this track is one of their best pure metal songs since their early days. Plague Within and Medusa have both given this competition, however.

  2. Erika Valenzuela

    My favourite Paradise Lost...

  3. azwris

    You don't need alcohol, drugs or a specific dressing code to be gothic. You must be born gothic.

  4. Игорь игоревич

    Грегор Макинтош )) сильно играет

  5. Unholy-Soil


    Ascending from your fallen past
    Life it's the same
    Attending to a loneliness
    For you, never

    Through channels of uncertainty
    A rise of denial
    This sadness is positioning
    As Fortunes snares lay me down

    In a dream despite
    The air we breathe, serenity

    Grip the dead hands of the last
    Detritus invades
    Indefinite the consequence
    For you endeavor to

    Aggravate uncertainty
    A rise of denial
    This passion won't forgive
    And ill fortune tears you down

    All that's been ignites
    Suppressing me, serenity

    All that's been ignites
    Suppressing me, serenity

    Matt Evans

    Renan Henrique Gracias

  6. Loreto Toro

    Excelente!!! Great song!!!

  7. Salar

    2:37 is pure bliss

  8. Róbert Miklósi

    Palpatine on drums!

  9. Corpse Grind

    0:46 Rise of the Nile!

  10. Christof Land

    Есть люди, которым больше нравится Киркоров, Вакарчук, Билан или.. как его там.. о! Дорн. Да и хуй с ними, больные уебки.

  11. Joseph Port

    Anyone else playing Where's Wally with Jeff Walker

  12. Dolorosakil

    Lost Paradise, Gothic and Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us; the most underrated PL albums. Faith Divides Us is my fourth favourite (after the first two and The Plague Within). Aside from the boring and overplayed titled track, I really feel FDU-DUU is full of 5/5 tracks. Would love to hear them played live, such a great album and this song is crushing. Doom on!

  13. Игорь игоревич

    Ник холмс !!! Голос неподражаем

  14. richard5s8

    Je to nesmrtelná skladba která mě nenechá chladným ani po smrti!

  15. Emperor26

    Before Mannequin Challenge. Paradise Lost can do no wrong. Love this band.

  16. Kevin Wallace

    loved paradise lost from the start....... if they made this album after draconian time it would have been interesting!!! pisses me off how this band shouldve been bigger than what they are just now

  17. Celena Guedes

    Dia 14 terei o prazer de finalmente ir ao show dessa lenda 😈🤘

  18. Natan Billy Batera

    Esse som é extraordinário, como transmite o sentimento de indignação...maravilhoso o som dessa distorção para o solo.

  19. chuck gardner

    as someone said at aa meetings denial is not a river in egypt

    Matt Evans

    chuck gardner Lol !!! I heard some numbnut say exactly the same thing at an NA meeting, so they're all sheep 🐑 that confirms it 😅😅😅

  20. paco boggin

    singer sounds a little like the dude from celtic frost

    Matt Evans

    paco boggin He sounds NOTHING like Tom G Warrior....Smh

  21. George Giouvanakoglou


  22. Winston Ingram

    Do they do weddings ?

  23. Winston Ingram

    Taxidermist looks like Jack Bauer.........did he go into that after 24 ???

  24. Lyset

    I'm OK with Paradise Lost going "metal" again.... but I will admit my favorite two PL albums are probably Host and Symbol of Life. Weird, I suppose. But it's the same way for me with Dark Tranquillity, I love Projector and Haven.

    Mike Qwerty

    Two legendary bands! Cheers. I like all of the bands' albums (well maybe except the early extreme metal ones).

    Joel G. Gomes

    Bentram I’m not very familiar with Host, but Symbol is a pretty decent album. I won’t say it’s as good as Icon or Draconian Times (my first two from the band), because bands are supposed to change, i.e. evolve.

  25. Tauetaue Slowpoke

    Had I really saw Mike Patton on 4:17?


    Nope, it's not him ^^

  26. ObergefrieterPorta

    from 3:15 masterpiece 

  27. Dimos V.

    Φοβερό κομμάτι...

  28. Matt17O

    3:25 Jeff Walker from

    markus o

    well spotted!

    hallo melone

    Natürlich !!!

    Miroslav Kocúr

    Or carcass of Jeff Walker?

  29. sandino martínez

    este es el paraíso que me gusta oír

  30. sandino martínez

    este es el paraíso que me gusta oír

  31. KickassMelodeathHD

    Katatonia brought me here & I couldn't thank them enough ^^

  32. DARO785

    Lubię zabakać przy muzyczce wy też?

  33. memo cap

    3:24 JEFF WALKER lml

  34. aidan e34

    hello jeff...............................

  35. Guitarist170

    That goes without saying...

  36. Norbert van den Brink

    Yeah : 0:20 : drinking beeer :D

  37. richard slobodnik

    NOPE... chuck testa

  38. Иван Гулиев

    HE IS??????
    I thought he was still in One Direction..

  39. GHG13


  40. Aleksander Kwaśniewski

    to je kurwa muzyka ! a nie jakiś dżastin bimber

  41. dh3im

    can be... he surely looks like him... :)

  42. Belial Jeff Walker from Carcass?

  43. Rhiannon Thomas-Williams

    That middle part is amazing, leading right up to the last verse.

  44. Иван Гулиев


  45. Jora J

    да пашли вы все

  46. mrfool21

    You probably thought this was Metal...Nope, Chuck Testa.

  47. Frankenstella Von Katze

    i have loved these guys since i was 9, they never get old for me <3

  48. Guitarist170

    I'm willing to learn.

  49. VarnaVix

    Taxidermy is harder than it looks.

  50. Denis González

    Los esperamos en Sud America Chile

  51. Denckler Podcast

    i dont like this retro-paradise lost very much but this song kicks ass.

  52. Atu Oma

    The Unmatched Paradise Lost!!!

  53. RockBoBsteR !

    The guy at 1:24 is gonna be me at this concert tonight while they play.

  54. Eddy Ferekh

    it's since i was 13, not till i'm 13 :P but nvm u are 100% right. this band is outta this world !!!! \m/ \m/

  55. nederbassie

    This is close to gorefest like death metal

  56. DrownAway

    Actually my former physics teacher who is also my friend gave me his old cd collection and that's how I found out about this band .So yeah he grew up with listening to them . There must be something between teachers an this band :D .

  57. Tom Andre Grongstad

    my teachers love this band :D

  58. Joyful Jellyfish

    Chuck Testa?

  59. Deegun78

    Not the biggest PL Fan but this tune is great!

  60. Arkanai

    One of the few PL-songs that i have heard since Draconian Times that i kinda liked. Used to be my all time fave band in the very early 90s. (then i discovered Death ;))

  61. Boris Šikić

    who's the chick in video ?

  62. Monsieur_Quiggly

    how have i never heard of this band before?

  63. Александр Богданов

    nice ^^

  64. happyjessus

    I think their previous album was quite better..

  65. omaha82

    One of the guys looks like John Locke of Lost ^^

  66. lionchamp777

    The singer kinda looks like Graham Chapman.....

  67. MiliMiliane

    They're coming in my little town in May, I can't believe it !! And I won't give a shit if we are 2 or 200 watching as long as I can watch them onstage !

  68. Vladimir Ranisavljevic

    One of the few bands that consistently releases excellent albums.

  69. Bess

    3:15 must... headbang...

  70. Ian McLean

    @gilllie666 I was one of them, at the Adelaide show. Who gives a fuck if they aren't as popular as some other bands, I'm just glad they made it here!!

  71. DebbyPowerMetal

    im addicted to them!!!!!!!! all their songs are great! \m/

  72. gilllie666

    i watched these guys at soundwave yesterday and their was maybe 50 people watching, couldn't believe it

  73. Jerid 616

    THIS is gothic metal.

  74. El Sebo

    @hollywhenkle Haha...^^ And your comments would suck less if your fingers were broken.

  75. sweatyboi

    what a bunch of assholes talking crap, this is a great band

  76. Guitarist170

    I just discovered my future hobby after watching this video.

  77. Viktor Zawinowski

    2:49 Not bad *obama face*

  78. Melon Race

    Cameo by Jeff Walker at 3:25?

  79. Smallie S

    @NeonsOfTokyo ignorance is bliss, you are the most blessed person I know!

  80. zekejammah16

    @vaxkors95 yeah good point. I just don't like the people who feel like they have to listen to true metal to actually like metal. I don't think you have to research a genre to figure out if you like it. but i get what your saying. its mostly people that come on and say, this isn't true metal so it sucks.

  81. vaxkors95

    This video remindes me of the video of Moonspell - Opium, a band from my country... xD

  82. vaxkors95

    @zekejammah16 It's all relative, I like prog metal/rock, prog death metal, any types of prog and the most melodic death metal, but it's not the true metal, it's just the subgenres I like

  83. T Caine

    Song is shit, video is shit, nuff said.

  84. Diyana N

    Damn good video!

  85. CUNT

    @zekejammah16 couldn't agree more and just ripped a comment on another paradise lost song for being an ignorant moron

  86. bby gtbckkk

    hm i played the whole song again to see the ending and then realised it's nothing spooky:S

  87. eazybe1

    It ain't no Hallowed Land...

  88. Jacek

    popłuczyny po ghotic i icon dno totalne ,,, shit

  89. wkskfk

    @Nijlongshot oh, no... nothing sets metal apart from othe genres.. or more correct; every genre is set apart from others.. I hate this elitism that caracterizes a large part of the metal community.. metal is not good, nor bad, its just a trait.

  90. omaha82

    1:16 looks like John Locke from Lost...

  91. YouSoundButtHurt

    @Nijlongshot I think a lot of people that seem inflexible to change are mostly younger fans of metal. I find myself more tolerant the older I get. Except for Metallica... that shit is inexcusable.

  92. Terrence Fisherburn

    The singer looks like Chad Kroeger's evil twin...

  93. fockewulf6

    english steel. perfect group. paradise lost and the others.

  94. alex perales

    en el segundo minito 0:13 y en el minuto 3:25 aparece jeff walker bajista de CARCASS y de BRUJERIA!!!! genial rola!!!!!

  95. Turboprop1974

    Great f*cking music!

  96. Stahldonner

    i´m listening to this band till i´m 13, now i´m 33 and they grow like no other band i´m listening to! Great music!

  97. SwordsAndRavens

    @Nijlongshot You got it man

  98. Christopher Napier

    OK, I need to say this. Nick looks a lot like Robert Plant here. Just saying...

  99. Lukas K

    The blonde in white is hot =P