Paradise Lost - The Glorious End Lyrics

Faithless unrest, only the end we can see
Fading distress all innocence we conceive
Faithless martyrs now at the end we only pretend we can see
Fading darker now at the end the death you intended will be
Haze at sunset
On this surrendered frontier
Frayed and unblessed
Only a yearning through tears
Fading numbers knowing the chance throws light on this endless ordeal
Taking from us now at the end
A depth of repentance revealed
Faithless father now at the end pretend I can see
For a glory ascends, surrounds us
For a glory ascends, devours us
For the glorious end
Predatory intent devours us
Pretend I can see

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Paradise Lost The Glorious End Comments
  1. 死Grigo

    Diana aq xar?

  2. Johan Nilsson

    Whats this song about really? Atheism?

    Sony Xperia Fan Channel

    Well as an Existentialist myself, you will find that most of their tracks are Nihilistic in nature. Not the same as Existentialism, however they share many traits-except one. Existentialists think that there is NO universal meaning to existence, as in any weak-willed religion. However by becoming our OWN higher power and being responsible for our own actions then WE ourselves give meaning to existence . Nihilists think there is no meaning to life nor can we give existence meaning.

    Aleks Sason

    Satanism obviously.

    George Sebastian

    @Aleks Sason I'm getting more of an ex-Catholic vibe. Satanists don't really believe in any Gods, (other than themselves), although they often pretend to believe in and worship Devils, because manipulating others through trickery is part of the doctrine, in some of the schools of the faith, at least.

  3. Christian Mele

    I think that this album has one of the best ending song of all the times. Epic as Fuck
    I miss this sound of the band

  4. Metal Power


  5. Metal Power


  6. Litorne

    I love so much this diamond!

  7. Peter Turner

    Greg Mackintosh is the British Kirk Hammet!

    Johan Nilsson

    Except that Grag still got it, Kirk not so much anymore.

  8. Jamila Andersson

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  9. Ragnar Lodbrok

    Que banda del bien lml

  10. Kanasubigi Omortag

    John Milton would be proud... Masterpiece after masterpiece....

  11. Robert Silentmay

    I sure that, this album their highlight in this decad. Pure Love and Sadness, masterpiece.

  12. Enrico Pallazzo

    literally it's a glorious end for this album

  13. Marcelo de Oliveira Martins

    Greg Mackintosh is the guy !! A hug from Brazil !!

  14. Despina Deftereou

    A glorious song. 

  15. cristopher andrade hernandez

    que temazo!)

  16. Jihad Jared

    The last three tracks of this album just finish it off nicely. It fits together well for an ending like this song thats just fucking epic.

    It doesnt come close to Strapping Young Lad's The New Black though. The last 3 tracks of that album raped my ears. But seriously, this song just fucking works. I love it.

    I wanna see them live again :P

  17. ekskremit

    It's the first PL album i've bought since Draconian times!!! .. i think it's "cool"

  18. Andreea L

    I've been searching for this song on Youtube and I didn't find it at all, so I thought I should upload it. I'm glad you like it! :)