Paradise Lost - Never For The Damned Lyrics

Never saw the light against the world
Never seen a truth in all I've heard

Never for the Damned

Flawless, life just revealed as a chain of events you delay
Lawless, life the ordeal with no thread of intention retained

Heaven or denial again I learn
Heresy the truce for all who burn

Never for the Damned

Distress, throw out the dreams which you cry in defence of and pray
Only, rise if the reason determines you cling for the sake

Never there again...
Never lose pretend...
Ascend and fall for me...

We are foe
Self esteems low
Set me free...

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Paradise Lost Never For The Damned Comments
  1. R-TEX

    In requiem is my fav PL album.🤘

  2. FRI 3

    Greg's solo... it's something unreal ! album is one of the best.

  3. Aris Tourp

    this album is really nice

  4. Lobo Sagrado

    Isso é bom demais.