Paradise Lost - In Truth Lyrics

I'm, I'm in a picture with you
You just seem to know
I am a liar, I am a fake
In truth
You don't need to know

I turn at the laughter
As you proceed to show
I am a dead man, I'm a mistake
It's true
Do I need to know?

In all I've shown
Cross me again, all hope defeated again

Hold on we all strive
We ascend from a world we all try

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Paradise Lost In Truth Comments
  1. Laughing Man

    How do they have so few views :(

  2. TUnit

    Super Song

  3. TUnit


  4. Sasa Milo

    заебись, ништяк


    twoja też

    Sasa Milo

    Моя круто

  5. Andrea Bv

    I love this song!!!

  6. SolAngelika89

    i like this song

  7. rhorschack

    Amazing song from one of the most inspired PL record in my opinion. Holmes lyrics are always so damn tragic and reeking of truth.

    The chorus is "depair at its finest". Leaves me speechless everytime...


    jebany polak

  8. Gina Kennedy

    This album is a great showcase of all the years of progression Paradise Lost has been...I have always loved them... this song is identifiable on many levels as well