Paradise Lost - Frailty Lyrics

I've never shown so much redemption
I've never shown

Crawl through the mist to the masses
Born through sadness
Endeavoured far too long with this
I'm past this now

Your reach is far too long

Drawn to the freedom of action
Sworn compassion
Been severed far too long from this
I'm past this now

I've never shown so much intention
I've never known

Scorn a resist that surpasses
Fortunes absence
Been severed far too long from this
It's fractured now

And all I've got is frailty to release
time waits for no one

Your show won't save me from the past
Dissolved dreaming it could last

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Paradise Lost Frailty Comments
  1. Infected Mushroom754

    seven people enjoyed this so much and were nodding their head so hard they accidently hit the dislike button.

  2. 00 00

    Time waits for no one.

  3. Jerzy Dziś

    thrash/ groove metal


    you should really learn about metal before posting stuff like this

    00 00

    country and western.

    Trexpelia Helvetios

    No, it's doomish pornogrind with a little bit of experimental and sludge

  4. kim

    Killer song !!!!!!!

  5. Devitole Gevolat

    if u write masterpiece in google translation it will lead u to " Paradise Lost - Frailty "

  6. Dolorosakil

    Bar the title track, this album was so good. Best once since "Gothic" imo. Still is...

  7. movieguy731

    never mind

  8. movieguy731

    why is it mute?!

  9. S0mewhereintime

    So many changes in the music..such an epic song and band...this is art people..

  10. Κωνσταντίνος Τσιούμας

    Apla Gamato!

  11. BeyondthoughtSs

    ePIc album, epic ever

  12. xwing1977

    Awesome tune! Paradise Lost showing their true pedigree as a class metal act! Must admit that the newer "metal core" stuff attempts to be emotional and fails miserably. This track has emotion - but doesn't lose its raw power....and what a chorus!!!! Only PL can play so heavy but still retain that deep melancholy - both in the vocals AND guitars....never tire of them - definately my ALL TIME favorite band! :)

  13. Maximalus

    so sad when people cant find the like button :/

  14. Michel de Montaigne

    My favorite on the album I think.

  15. Tinhosorj

    Epic , Classic , Awesomeness!!!

  16. For Sure

    isnt this the fastest paradise lost ever?

  17. tsnado

    @quagavenger546 booyahz =D music choice ftw

  18. quagavenger546

    @tsnado You're not the only one my friend !!!! =D

  19. quagavenger546

    That song is the fucking shit !!!!!!!

  20. tsnado

    seems im not the only one who listen to music choice to find good songs =D

  21. ChristinaDarkRose

    This album is very nice,not their best,but it's way good,the more I listen to it the more I like it.I like the fact that it is even heavier!

  22. JaCkRaBiTs99


  23. Denckler Podcast

    man, this noisy guitars make my head ache...

  24. Gabriel Juca

    Christ, this is devastating! One of their best songs ever!

  25. Gina Kennedy

    This song and AS HORIZONS END, and Last Regret...make this album...thanks for posting

    Dan Rooney

    Gina Kennedy And 'Living with scars' and 'The rise of denial' !!!

    kenny desmet

    actually every song makes this album,it's their best release ever in my opinion

  26. pepemordor

    Paradise Lost are back into Metal!

  27. METLMayhem

    Weird...just heard this on MC too and had to check it out

  28. Diamante Parrish

    love this, lol i heard it on music choice too ha

  29. Karen Hasbun

    yes! i heard it on music choice n feelll in luv with it :D