Paradise Lost - First Light Lyrics

There's no mistake
Plea denied, lying remains
Fear so restrained
Plea denied, lying insane
Pray for the day
Your sentence awaits
Inside your senses awake

Cold harsh first light
Face the trial failed in life
Hold on, first light
Face the trial, fade then die

Free from regret
Redefine darkened intent
Blood drawn and drained
Weakened I'm worthless in chains
Tears from the brave
Your senses awake
The final elegy waits

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Paradise Lost First Light Comments
  1. rock schnakenberg

    I like the diversity of sound across their albums. great music from great artists. it may be goth, but it's goth-METAL. 🤘😎🤘

  2. DerSnoeziewoezie

    Your daily serving of awesomesauce!