Paradise Lost - Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us Lyrics

Refrain from the way we were
Slain the invincible
Changed are the the ways of man
Fortitude to face the path

Vanquish the pain don't want to see it fail
Faith divides us death unites us
Vanquish the pain don't want to seek despair
Faith divides us death unites us

Tears for a hopeless case
Outside is still so vague
Frayed the landscapes of old
Cleared the indelible


Cannot sleep through darkened skies
Cannot dream until it's over
Cannot sleep through darkened skies
Cannot dream until it's over


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Paradise Lost Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us Comments
  1. Andrei Ivanov

    Жестко, эмоции зашкаливают!

  2. gerin1978

    Невероятно мощно!
    Супер клип, про звук молчу, там давно всё на высшем!

  3. Diabolicalamity

    The most intense sing-a-long music video ever.

  4. Karl Herzog

    *gasp* that's not a professional hair salon! I hope that poor woman get her money back, that's the worse haircut ever!

  5. Anderson

    It's a beautiful song.

  6. KiLL DoZeR

    cool song dumb video

  7. Neil Fletcher

    She played that spot on good actress good sounds love paradise lost keep rolling

  8. George G

    10 years since it was released...still a Masterpiece!

  9. Nemósine AV Ocio


  10. Solange Dias

    I've been following these guys for almost 2 decades, the amount of great songs they made are amazing. This song for example is a classic but it's not even in my top 10.btw my number 1 is true belief

  11. Вячеслав Тишук

    По ощущениям самое страшное что я видел из клипов, а сама тема-просто башню сносит! Большой фан Парадайза, на концертах был дважды

  12. КоТоБоРмОт ТВ

    Ебучий музон!!!

  13. André Tavares

    Beautiful band this is hail paradise lost

  14. İlker Rem

    The womans performance was truly beyond fantastic. Such a great video to an amazing song.

  15. Impending Doom

    Never seen someone so upset about a haircut, geez. Reminds me of the little YouTube girl that cut her own bangs and freaked...

  16. валентин миняковский


  17. E.S.P. Studios

    Strong music video. It made me drop some tears!! FANTASTIC!!!!

  18. Александр Сизоненко

    I absolutely adore this album in its entirety

  19. Jamila Andersson

    The Song Is A Phenomenal Masterpiece I Love It!
    I Love Everything With Best Ever PARADISE LOST
    Great Amazing Cool Video...And Nick's Awesome Talent Vocals. ...

  20. Jack Bower

    Looks like saw!

  21. glion69

    Oscar for the lady please..

  22. Ian Davies

    She reminds me of this girl i knew named ami

    Dannie Anonymous

    what about kn particular remindst you of her?

  23. Luh Kawaii

    Muito bom

  24. abigllama

    This is one of the most disturbing music videos ever. Not a complaint just holy shit this well done.

  25. Juraj Belina

    I can feel her sense of fear and helplessness when you watch the video and listen to the lyrics. Whoever directed it, it is truly awesome.

  26. Jim Stolzenbach

    The thing that gets me the most about this brilliant video is that there's no happy ending. It's just....there...

  27. Rodin

    Masterpiece from start to finish. Music and video.

  28. Luis dias

    This music and this video clip they stayed well interesting band PARADISE LOST!

  29. Ramsés Amadeus

    This one hits too clo se to home...

    No pun intended

  30. Wrythil Valice

    The symbolic loss of power is really funnily enough powerful

  31. Mr. Enam

    how this is in pop music suggestion?

  32. Maud

    this is wel made good music video with a clear message .. so 100 thumbs up from me :)

    Dalle Smalhals

    Hmm, so what is thé message, Maud? Ved du det?

  33. Maud

    those thumbs down I don't understand ….

  34. Maud

    great video

  35. Miss Katness

    I'll remember this when I hear a Card B song next time.

  36. Karl Herzog

    Wow....every time I see this I keep thinking this lady really doesn't want a hair cut. But the other guy's just really enthusiastic and he's thinking "I'm going to give you a that's outdated. I'm going to give you the style cut!"

  37. lee coleman

    Amazing band, seen them live countless times and as long as they keep going so will I.

  38. Steve Jolos

    Quelle merde⚡⚡⚡⚡

  39. Jack Bower

    Child abductor by Joe Biden.

  40. Shannon meisch

    Amazing MTV video awards can overlook a video as powerful as this, yet give an award to the garbage they do every year.

  41. M.L. Crow

    Such a simple video but so effective.

  42. Erik Ciel

    this video is so words needed about whats goin on

  43. Dark Rocker

    Kaga ada orang Indo nih?

  44. Гелий Изюмов

    Вот такая вот хуйня, малыши.

    That's the way it goes.

  45. Paradise Lost

    Я охуел

  46. brainsurfer 444

    this spot is not music spot, this is short horror story/movie

  47. Maud

    this should get a reward for best video and lyrics

  48. Mariano P

    Wchy dont. se Sharp blade i n tchis hands

  49. UberNoodleX

    That's one of the most powerful music videos I've ever seen.

  50. José Augusto dos Santos


  51. Genivasmetal

    Paradise nutela

  52. Stefano 1970

    Che figata sto pezzo porca troia.

  53. B K

    Когда стрижешся у парикмахера

  54. Herminio Martins


  55. Игорь Рыбаков

    Ощущение от песен такое, будто кота за яйца тянут!

  56. Mama Mama

    Ο productor ειναι ελληνας... Ελα μουνι στον τοπο σου

  57. Сергей Юмшанов

    ....а смысл в чем, есть тут религиозная составляющая, Югославия, протестанты-православные-мусульмане - нет страны

    Mr. Gordy

    нихуя се, там прям про Югославию текст есть?

  58. Jon Runnels

  59. Ronaldo Rivers

    This looks like a clip from the movie Glass.

  60. саша гревцев

    мать вашу круто же

  61. Miguel angel alonso

    Discover this band a few years ago when I was searching for "Paradise Lost" by Symphony X...Not Disapointed

  62. ladushky scholoniepher

    This guy cut his nails too short, why?

  63. Аид 88


  64. Cristiano S.Pires


  65. Evan Garlock

    Worst. Haircut. Ever. 1/10 never using this barber again

  66. Ivan Zwetkov


  67. Davi Stanesco

    Still gives me shivers. Saw them last week. Great band.

  68. Le Vanane

    Son of a...How dares he cut her brushing !

  69. Paul Stadnyk

    This has to be the most powerful video I have ever seen . Good job. That actress is amazing!

  70. Муслим Баркин

    Нет слов, шедевр!!! Все вместе, клип и музыка созданы идеально. Исполнение на высочайшем уровне.

  71. Lifeless Clayman

    If he cut off all the hair, does it mean that he will never come back and leave she to die? Or will kill her in the case of she's uselessness? Her hair is a symbolic hourglass that count last moments of life..



  73. TrephineArtist

    Paradise Lost = one of the finest bands of all time, consistently brilliant across the last three decades.

  74. Bernd Schulz

    Great Song!!!

  75. A Dark Gothic Forest

    whos the girl actor?

    lucrash Lucas

    Gabriela montaraz

  76. Angelo De Boni

    JESUS! when you sing from your soul

  77. slayer

    Это один из лучших клипов, которые я видел!

  78. Arthur G

    I like this barber shop, like this approach for each individual customer!

  79. Gerald Galeas

    Paradise Lost is a UltraSuperGreatMega Band
    Greetings from Chile

  80. Nikolay

    Обожаю эту музыку и группу!

  81. Аббат Жуковски

    Песня норм. Клип тупой. Думал, жёсткая бытовуха сейчас буде. Ай..
    Давай по-новой, Миша. Всё хуйня

  82. Vester Outdoor

    Sturm und Drangzeit hat mein Vater immer gesagt :)

  83. Konstantinos Chatzakis

    That riff... echoes of mortality

  84. Bernd Schulz

    paradise lovely!

  85. Cubo

    I love this. <3

  86. Роман Киряхно

    Old good Paradise lost.

  87. Isis Huerta

    This always brake my heart.

  88. NastTheMetalhead

    Εναμισης χρονος περασε...Και ακομη ακουω αυτο το τραγούδι καθε μερα....

  89. Mikahl Lawless

    Surprised the Femnazi's haven't shit on this yet lol KILLER BAND!!🤘🤣🤘

  90. Pelado

    Like si estas aca por un tarea para el liceo 2

  91. Bodach Tv

    This is just beautiful...I buried my best friend today. Thank you for helping me through guys...I’m an old fan from the Gothic days.i first seen you guys in Edinburgh Venue with Bolt Thrower.... thank u for this....

  92. Victor Corradi

    A sad haircut.

  93. DT B

    Refrain from the way we were
    Slain the invincible
    Changed are the the ways of man
    Fortitude to face the path

    Vanquish the pain
    Don't want to see it fail
    (Faith divides us - death unites us)
    Vanquish the pain
    Don't want to seek despair
    (Faith divides us - death unites us)

    Tears for a hopeless case
    Outside is still, so vague
    Frayed the landscapes of old
    Cleared the indelible

    Cannot sleep through darkened skies
    Cannot dream until it's over

  94. mario antagonist

    so monumental \m/ hail Paradise Lost!

  95. Matt Wittmer

    i wounder how much she got paid to fuck up her hair for the video prolly a wig but if not damn bitch you ugly

  96. vonclod123

    This is some heavy shit

  97. Javier Morera Sanz

    Video y musicaza eternoos!!!!