Paradise Lost - As Horizons End Lyrics

To remain pessimistic found, in this hour of distress
Till decayed, derelict down
In this shower of pretence

Desire profane
You never see again

As horizons end
Ever to descend
As horizons end
Ever to descend

You retain a desolated frown
In this hour of distress
You invade the decadent crowd
In a shadow of pretence

Desire profane
You never see again
The light of day it seems to be enslaved

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Paradise Lost As Horizons End Comments
  1. Илья Масленников


  2. WSH666

    What's the intro sample (angelic choir?) It was used also in Colin Edwin 2019 album... Memories.

    Gothic/Doom Metal Fan

    WSH666 The album is called memories? It’s not on Spotify. Whe can I find it?


    @Gothic/Doom Metal Fan Sorry, it is on the "Twinscapes Vol.2" album from 2018, the track is entitled "Severing Sons"; ~1min30. Any idea what is the choir?


    You can find it on Spotify (Colin Edwin)

  3. richard5s8

    geniální píseň, genialní skupina ..

  4. Melvin Lee

    Who needs weed when you have metal 🤘

    Barend M Janse van Rensburg

    Why not have both?


    how you are going to enjoy good music without good marijuana?

  5. Chad Smith

    This is just pure excellence! My new favorite band for sure!

  6. Mohamed Maslouh

    That Solooooooo is amazing

  7. richard5s8

    nejlepší song  a solo co kdy byla mohou být..!!

  8. Colt Smith

    This song is badass

  9. B K

    Нельзя просто так взять и перестать любить парадайзов 👌

  10. Marcia

    After a lot of time, I decided to listen to this song yesterday and I realize why I liked Paradise lost so much.
    My favorite new "band" nowadays is Ghost, it fell to fixed because this song was one of my favorites.

    Much love involved

  11. Sascha Gantenbein

    Doom as its best! \m/

  12. Mendeswithans

    AS HORIZONS FUCKING END. I love this entire album!

  13. alexander fernandes valu

    I have just bought this album. Since the very beginning of the first track, i liked the sound of this whole album. Guitar,drum,vocal,... Such a nice production. Nice job!

  14. martin846

    zajebiste !

  15. Kain Lust

    In my top 3 of guitar solos


    Listen ''As I am - Dream theater '' u will love there also the solo guitar , maybe that will be your fav then this one :P and yes i love this solo guitar also .

  16. Samira Faria

    '' ...Você mantém um olhar severo e desolado
    Nesse momento de angústia
    Você penetra à multidão decadente
    Numa falsa pretensão... ''

  17. Phillip H George

    Well Done Bravo! 

  18. sorinaco

    Love drumming on this album, specially on this track. 


    +sorinaco Was just a session drummer essentially, Peter Damin, but he did an incredible job!


    He's one of my favourite drummers. Absolute legend.

  19. Marcelo de Oliveira Martins

    Greg Mackintosh é o cara !!

  20. Bruno Ferreira

    Galera nao tenho palavras pra explicar o q essa musica causa!

  21. Bruno Ferreira


  22. Bruno Ferreira

    Simply awesomeness

  23. Tiffany

    To remain pessimistic found, in this hour of distress
    Till decayed, derelict down
    In this shower of pretence

  24. Iv St

    Another masterpiece by the doom-gothic masters and a comeback to the Paradise Lost origins and initial style!

  25. sorinaco

    Great song. Great drum sound & line. Strong track.

  26. John Mortimer

    Awesome song - I really love the vocal.

  27. ByrnePerfection


  28. Ernest and Me

    Incredible band.I am so happy I have discovered them again after almost 20 years.They still producing epic staff;)

  29. Marek

    Drums on this song are fantastic.

  30. Tamás Oláh

    a very good team, and the album is very good. Gothic Metal music is very good.

  31. StratusRhyon

    Give it a name and the door will used. Leave it unnamed and the masses will fear it as they fear the unknown.

  32. Mark Loriente


  33. TheDinosdinaras

    tha fuq is this

  34. WeWatchYouWatchTV

    Incredible. Enough said.

  35. basilis kirlis

    masterpiece nothing else best from faith divides us death unite us!

  36. buttonsin chains

    pure brillance

  37. Jozias Klittermann

    Uhm... no. It is quite a standard melody that I am sure you can find in many classical works, also the chord progression is entirely different.

  38. Chaz Phill Newton

    this album is a genuine masterpiece...its brilliant, AS HORIZONS END!!!

  39. Silvio

    One of the best band in the world!


    No.Paradise Lost is The Best!

  40. trashmancrashman

    *****Just a perfect composition/sound***** .... There is no price or compensation for this song ... EMI is too small, tiny.

  41. buttonsin chains

    Have been a fan of P.L ,since their demo days ,they did go a bit shite for a while but this song in particular is true genious and a welcome return to what they are all about,the riffs and the lead is pure brillance.

  42. Federico Monti

    Epica quanto un dramma del teatro classico.

  43. Alberto Loredo

    Best song in this album by far

  44. Winny Chen

    @freakingbonnetli Mindblowing indeed! \m/

  45. Christian Vestergaard Hornshøj

    Best Paradise Lost album in a long time.

  46. MrJordang73

    Thanks, I appreciate it

  47. Adam Gardo

    zajebiste nie da się tego opisać a ci co próbują wydają się żałośni

  48. MrJordang73

    The more I listen to this album the more I feel Paradise Lost Opened a door in the realm of music that many years still have to pass so we can understand what these men have done. I think they really pushed the horizons beyond the infinite

  49. d4vy

    no dislikes, how it should be :)

  50. callishka

    Omg. So great.

  51. Rex Feral


  52. UFO7000

    Reminds me the Icon in some way.
    Good song.

  53. Kirschgrün

    His voice is giving me goosebumps.

  54. gomo lastixas

    Oh my god this guitar seems to be crying...

  55. rezaur666

    Great Return!