Papoose - Menace To Society Part 2 Lyrics

Then Hurry Up And Buy.
Just Pay And Leave.
Ay Man I Said Imma Pay You, Why Dont You Calm Your Motherfuckin Nerves?!Damn!
Hurry Up And Go.
Why Dont You Give To My Homeboy His Change?
I Dont Want Any Trouble, Just Get Out.
Its A Damn Job.
I Feel Sorry For Your Mother.
What Did You Say About My Momma?You Feelin Sorry For Who?!Ha?!
I Dont Want Any Trouble, Just Get Out!
What The Fuck You Said About My Momma?!
I Dont Want Any Trouble, Just Get Out!
You Talkin Shit, Everytime I Come To This Motherfucker You Got Something To Say!
[Gun Shots]
Yeah Yeah
Ay Where's Motherfuckin Video Tape? Gimme The Motherfucking Video Tape, Bring The Motherfucking Video Tape Right Now!
Ay Nigga, Ay Clean The Cash Register!

This Is Menace 2 Society Part Two
Imma Menace 2 Society The Streets Is Mine
You Crap Rappers Admire Me
I Wrothe Manace Part Two, Ya'll Cant Move Me
I Graduated From Rhytm And Rhymes, Dont Try In Movies
Sucka, Without The Ass Whooping From Pac
Me Is Slaving To 2006 Hughes Brothas
I Got You Open Nigga
Roll Up Your Weed. Pour Some Liqour
And Yeah, Get You Pop Corn Ready Motion Picture
Ou Dog Still Locked Up In Jail
Im Going To See Him Some Times, And Sending Some Mail
That Fagget Nigga Chunsy He Decided To Tell
He Gaved Tape To The Cops,He [?] In Hell
Cain Wanted To Be Like My Father Parnell
I Know You Remember Me,I Served You Memory Well
I Was Riot My Big Will, Im The Reason You Fell
He Tryed To Protect Me When They Bustin Them Shell's

[Movie Cut's]

You Really Fuckd Up Nigga
Get Your Ass Out Of Car Nigga
Get The Fuck Out.Break Your Self Nigga, Break Your Self!
Son Of The Bitch!
Get You Motherfucking Ass Out Of Car!
Allright Nigga, Chill
Cain You Gotta Out Of Car Man.
Nigga Dont Make Me Rush You, Get Your Ass Out Of The Car, Get Out Of Car
Get Out!
Allright Nigga,Im Commin
I Got Your Life, Get Your Motherfuckin Ass Out Of Car Now!
Bitch Move!
Shoot That Nigga Do You?!
Fuck You [Gun Shots]
Awww Shit...
Ou Shit Thats Cain,Ay They've Been Jack'd Common
Shit Thats Cain And Harold

Im Tellin Niggaz 'brase Your Self
Ya'll Know The Slain
Im Jacking These Fools, Just Like Them Do Jack Cain
Remember When He Thought Me How To Hole That Thing
Now Im Holing For My Self, Shit Dont Change
I Gotta Vengance Steff, Im Streight Thugin
Imma Twistas Cap, When I Catch Arlinas Cousin
See Them Niggaz Over There, They Scheamin To Rob You
When ? No Body Gonna Harm You
But Yo, Imma Bout To Leave, I Cant Control It For You
Gimme Your Chain And Your Watch, Imma Hold It For You
Gimme Your Ring Too, Yeah Im Giving It Back
Stupid Niggaz Fall For Some Shit Like That
You Aint Even Got Stick Or Swee Like That
You Can Talk? Juewls He Is Bitch Like That!
Thats Why Give It To Him, Give It To Him, No Hesitation
You Are Coward I Push Shit Back Like Cost Of Pation!

[Movie Cut's]

Look Aight, Not Me Allright, Im Not Killing Kids
You Know What Nigga? You Acting Like Lil Bitch Right Now!
You Act Real Paranoid And Shit
These Mothercukers Smoked Your Goddamn Cousin In Front Of You Nigga!
Blow His Head Off, In Front Of Your Face, And You Aint Go Do Shit?!
You Acting Like Lil Bitch Right Now Nigga.
Man Fuck That, I Aint Letting That Shit Ride!
We Gonna Smoke All These Motherfuckers, I Dont Care Who The Fuck Out There!
God Damn It, Is You Down Nigga?!
Man, Both Of You Shut The Fuck Up!
Now Niggaz Hurry Up, Go In There And Bump Them Niggaz And Get The Fuck Out
Dont Be Playin, Dog, Cain You Hear What Im Sayin, Kill Them Niggaz And Get The Fuck Back
So We Can Stab By, Imma Be Chillin Right Here
Ay Nigga I Wanna Now Are You Ready To Do The Shit? Is You Ready To Do The Shit Or What Motherfucker?!

This Low Niggaz Came To My Hood, Cops? Had A Tatoo On His Arm And Red Arlina
He Said He Was His Moms, I Started To Feel Eager
I Tap My Man, Like Yo?
That Cain Got Pregnent, Yo You Got Your Nina?
He Said No, I Said Damn Cuz I Aint Have My Fever
I Put My Head Down, Like I Was Looking Down My Snickers
We Pumped Nigga Out So Bad, He Cought Amnesia!

[Movie Cut's]

Hey, Witch One Of Ya'll Is You Cain?
Who Is This Fool Man?I Dont Know
A Friend Homie
Aww Homie, I Think That You Dont Know Me.
Check This Out, Im Arlinas Cousin Partner, She Dont Like You Dogin Her, And I Dont Either!
We Suppose To Fight For Bitch?
I Think You Should Watch Who To Call Bitch Partner.
Yeah,And I Think You Should Watch Who You Fuck Too!
[Fightnig] Aww Shit, Rush Him Nigga Rush Him!
Caide! Caide!!!

All I Ever Wanted To Do Is Ride Like Cain
Bailin Like Ou Dog, Drive By Like Cain
Laid Back Like Vax, Life In The Fast Lane
I Never Realized That I Will Die Like Cain
To All Of You Movie Thugz, I Hope You Get The Message
Name One Movie, That Gangsta Lives In The Endin
Never Tryed To Beat Next Man, Thats How You Parish
When This Movie Go Off, Man Make Sure That You Read The Credits

[Movie Cut's]

Yo, Whats Up Now Partner?
[Gun Shots]
After Starting Arlinas Cousin Like That,I Knew I Will Have To Deal With That Fool Some Day
Damn I Never Thought He Will Come Back Like This, Blastin!
Like I Said,It Was Funny Like That In Hood Sometimes
But You'll Never Knew Whats Gonna Happen Or When.
Ive Done To Much To Turn Back, And Im Done To Much To Go On
I Guess In The End, All Catch's Up With You
My Grandpa Askd Me One Time, What Care, Live Or Die?Yeah I Do
Now Its To Late.

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Papoose Menace To Society Part 2 Comments
  1. Maurice Fleming

    Slept on emcee for real fuk wit dis dude!!!

  2. HD Productions

    They need to shoot this movie pap got the script 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. shawn dryden

    he's tellin this from the little boy point of view, jus realized that, this is legit

  4. mrmrallday13

    @HurriCKane the actors

  5. ACE330

    @HurriCKane he was saying it like make sure you get the message or the moral i

  6. Alcatrazzdeathangel

    This is simply lyrical excellence right here!!

  7. GreengangVideos

    @Manniac187 jayz can i live

    Elvin S

    GreengangVideos more like walk on by Isaac Hayes

  8. Ido Rambaldo

    bitch ars video (old shit)

  9. Butterflycradle1

    Menace II Society went hard as fuck
    That movie was sooooo serious
    Larenz Tate killed tht Movie Foreel
    and this song go hard az fuck too. DAMN

  10. GBaby08uk

    @xfan412 bcus since the 1st day he released his music,he has been a repetitive fuck,,ihave lots of his mixtapes,,and all r pretty weak apart from his1st 2 or 3 maybe

  11. GBaby08uk

    @krayz1e0ne the films were 2 complete different hood movies,,menace 2 society was an all out i dont give a fuck movie,,where as boyz n the hood,was bout couple of young men caught up in the bullshit,and most didnt want to be apart of that,,
    u cant compare the 2 films..but both r classic fims

  12. prince112233

    wats da beat

  13. slorr420

    yea but cuba wasnt a G in that movie lol. I know cube died at the end, man I hate it everytime i watch that scene where ricky gets lit up

  14. Pines Media Group

    Papoose = USED TO BE nobody in my eyes.


  15. Abu Isma'il of the Dhulbahante:

    menac II society best movie ever

  16. slorr420

    one movie where the gangster lives in the ending, well ice cube kinda did in boyz n the hood but not really lol.

  17. Chillonahill

    Menace 2 sobiety great movie. Papoose kills that beat . big up!

  18. scarredface95

    they didnt make a 2nd one did they?

  19. Blaise Shakur

    I just finish watching this movie and papoose is a beast for making this tune.

    I like the old pap, the new pap dont have that street knowledge on him no more.

  20. muhammad abdul

    this shit was hard!

  21. Wv141

    this is pap at hes best

  22. ecripps

    no shit

  23. Josh Leone

    this song is so sick fresh movie n dope ass lines

  24. Motti Lo

    oh ok i get it pappose is anthony u no the lil kid that caine protected listen to the lyrics

  25. tarae morton

    papoose got that fiyah son!!

  26. ecripps

    but in another song he said "i dont snitch but i roll with the boys in blue" or sum shit like that................i doubt he's blood or crip tho, i bet he's just from sum new york thug set

  27. Zach G

    he is freinds wit bloods he always there is a song call "Raised With Them Gangstas" that has Jadakiss Graph and some other artists where they say they aint gang members but they know gang members Papoose says he aint a blood but he knows Bloods

  28. mr_4ston

    papoose best song

  29. seboose

    papoose is a blood u stupid kid

  30. B Smith

    Thats Real talk this dude know what he talking about

  31. BakedGoodz72

    I never relized i would die like kain - The Truth

  32. DonV310

    I'll push ya shit back like constipation. Dat nigga Papoose is a monster!